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Netflix, Vudu, Pandora Hell

I've reset Smart Hub and reset to factory setting on the TV more times than I can count.

I even set up a SmartHub account.

But the problems persist...

Netflix: It now requires me to log-in with my email and password each time I click the app. Moreover, I, like many people, have to click a video 5-6 times before it finally starts

VUDU: It now requires me to log-in with my email and password each time I click the app. Moreover, I get two emails each time I do this, one indicating that I have deactivated my account on my Samsung TV, and another indicating I have reactived it

Pandora: Every time I click the app, I have to go online and type in the code that is presented in order to access the app

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of this (crap), and I'd like a refund. My TV is only 7 months old, and none of this (crap) was happening when I first bought it.

I'm still a Samsung fan. My wife and I bought a non-Smart TV for the basement and access all the apps through a PS3. No problems whatsoever. But the Smart TV, and Smart Hub, is an unmitigated disaster...

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Reporting: Netflix, Vudu, Pandora Hell
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Re: Netflix, Vudu, Pandora Problems

Hi EthanRector,

I got your email, and I've passed it along. Thanks for the info that you've provided.

HD Tech

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Netflix Hell - confirmed!

We have had these issues as well. The click a video 5-6 times before it starts has happened since Feb 1, 2013. The log-in issue started approx March 1. I would like a refund as well as we bought a smart TV specifically and only to use Netflix. Unfortunately we owned the TV for 2 months before the problems started happening.

As I understand it, Samsung writes the app and hooks into the Netflix API. Samsung servers store login credentials & pass off the request to netflix API. For the videos the request only gets passed off to Netflix after you click the video, so all those 5-6 times you click it's the samsung server we are dealing with.

Support has been absolutely useless and I have tried to escalate it with no success (ticket 2117484743). It felt to me like they had no escalation path other than hardware repairs. Seems weird that you can't escalate smart hub requests.

Here's all the things I've tried (and Samsung support makes me do some of them every single time I call before they'll talk to me further):

Manually set date & time - ensure accurate!
"turned off firewall" - did this by plugging TV directly into the internet cable modem (no router/firewall or switches); note, normal architecture is: Cable Modem->Dlink router->gigabit switch->TV (all wired)
Checked for netflix outage as reported on homepage or twitter (
Power cycled TV.
Upgrade TV firmware (many times)
Deactivate/reactivate Netflix (many times)
Power cycling Shaw modem, router, switches & TV
Reset Samsung TV settings to default (main TV)
Reset Samsung SmartHub to defaults (deletes Netflix app - tools -> settings->Reset)
Hard Reset SmartHub (Open smart hub > Logout of Smart Hub account > Press FF (>>), 1, 8, 2, RW (<<)) and Power cycle TV)
Re-installed SmartHub (forces SmartHub checks for updates) - this also re-installs netflix (while on samsung app select tools -> reinstall)
Shaw - check online account for account issues or data usage issues. Usage is approx 2.5GB download/day which is consistent with approx 8 hours of usage at "good quality" (or low) which is 0.3 GB/hr.
Using PC with netflix and outputting to TV using HDMI works fine. (PC & TV are on same wired switch)
DHCP reservation in router & setting TV to QoS setting to priority 1 for the TV (D-link DIR-628 router)
plugged directly to internet (Shaw cable box) - no change in the issue
Set DNS to google DNS

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Re: Netflix, Vudu, Pandora Problems
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Re: Netflix, Vudu, Pandora Problems
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I lived for years in Vancouver.

The shenanigans the ISPs were playing there were nothing short of amazing. At some point the cable co was stating that the internet was not for delivering video, etc. That is, why should that be since we have that on our cable system?

Rogers was in my area and did the gestapo thing where they arrive unannounced and want to check your home's connections. Later we hear they were looking for illegal decoder boxes or extra TVs you weren't paying for.

I'm unsure if they got better since I left but talking to my friends there assures me they are still up to their old games.
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Netflix Hell - confirmed! - RESOLVED

Hi all,

Because I care that no one else should have to go through this, here's what happened:

Samsung Canada Support - utterly failed and I had to open a BBB ticket. 3 and half months & 40+ hours of our time transpired between first issue and resolution.

The consistent response from Samsung was "If the other applications work and it's only Netflix then it's a Netflix issue." THIS IS FALSE!

After opening a BBB ticket, it took approximately a month with BBB to finally have someone at Samsung that actually worked with us to resolve the issue.

The ESN was corrupt. The ESN is a database identifier for your TV that is stored on the Samsung servers and apparently it gets corrupted occasionally. The ESN is used to identify your TV to Netflix and presumably allows Samsung to store usage statistics on you. The Netflix app is written by Samsung to access the Netflix API. So it works like this:
User clicks on App -> request to Samsung Servers with ESN -> accesses cached login credentials on Samsung Servers -> records what you clicked on in Samsung database -> submit request to Netflix via Netflix API for the title you requested.

This is a software issue.

Samsung's way of resolving this is to change the ESN by swapping the TV mainboard. The TV mainboard then goes back to Samsung who completely reloads all the software and ships it back out. What I know from technicians is this happens many times a month for Samsung TVs. So, it's a rare occurrence based on total TVs, but still happens regularly!

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