Netflix app on Samsung Smart TV audio dropping out

Hello Everyone,
I noticed that there has been a recent update to the netflix app on the Samsung smart tv. Since this time, shows will start off playing audio just fine, however the audio either drops off intermittently or completely at some point. If I pause/rewind, the audio tends to come back, at least for a bit of time. I do not have audio drop-out issues with hulu or amazon video or when watching a blu-ray, so I believe this is a problem with the Netflix app exclusively. However I was wondering if others may have found a solution.

Thank you.

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Reporting: Netflix app on Samsung Smart TV audio dropping out
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Clarification Request
This old thread is closing.

It's been years so top post (make a new post) and always call Samsung and Netflix when their product fails. Otherwise they won't know it's busted.

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Always call it in.

In parting, always try setting Netflix to simpler audio such as stereo.

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5.1 maybe the cause.

I also have this problem. Just using the latest Netflix app from Samsung Smart Hub.

I even tried feeding the audio to my receiver and the problem is still there.

I believe it is a problem with 5.1 audio. I haven't seen the problem appear with 2.0.

My PS3 and WDTV live both don't suffer this problem either 5.1 works fine on both of them.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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Simple Solution!

I ran into the same issues.

To fix it, when you begin a program, you'll see a little block pop up on the bottom that says Audio & Subtitles.
Click on it and change the audio from 5.1 to stereo!

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temp fix

That's a nice temp fix. But I'd rather have a permanent one. Also switching to Stereo every time manually is annoying. PS3 and WDTV don't have this issue. It's something wrong with the TV or the Netflix app. Samsung needs to update its app or something.

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The Netflix app is not by Samsung.

It's a surprise to many that many apps are not from Samsung.

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Simple but a pain

This works, but if you are binging a TV show (c'mon, we're talking about Netflix, right?) you have to do it for every episode. I am just going to switch to a Roku (and not buy a Samsung TV next time).

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We are seeing more and more Smart TV app fails.

Not just Samsung. Sony has started ending apps on older sets.

I guess I should write a perspective on this. It was pretty clear in 2010 that this was unsustainable as each year you have new models so over time how to keep programming staff to keep up when, and this is the killer, you don't have recurring revenue from the TV sets. Netflix may but even they have to cut models adrift since once you see a handful of users on an old model, that's the end as you would need those sets to test your new version of the app.

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Maybe Roku is the problem?

Came here to try to figure out why Netflix keeps freezing and losing audio while watching episodes of a TV series. I already have Roku, and up until now (nine months after purchasing Samsung TV and Roku) everything has worked fine.

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I wish this was a new post.

But be sure you are on a wired connection and the date/time is correct on the Roku. Be sure the Roku device and apps are up to date too.

I may not find your post again as it's buried here but do try all that and post as a new post with Roku and network details.

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Have it too

I also have had the same problem since the latest Netflix update however video playback has been much smoother and reliable. My Netflix app on my TV use to cause me all kinds of heartache... at this point I will take the occasional sound issue. I watch a lot of Netflix and almost no live TV and it happens rarely.

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still have this issue

i just bought a new samsung t.v. with smarthub...... i have a samsung soundbar hooked up with optic cable... i am having this issue with the sound also, video plays back great but the sound will cut out every couple of minutes for just 1 or 2 seconds yet video continues smoothley ..... i have tried from both the t.v. and soundbar speakers with same results...

i set the audio to stereo and have the same results, does not fix it for me.

i also have a roku 3 that i watch netflix through and it has no issues with sound..... sure i could continue watching through the roku, but if i have smart hub on the t.v. obviously i would like to drop the roku out if possible.

anyone have any ideas on this sound issue? has this been brought up to either netflix or samsung?

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Remember it's been beat up before.
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samsung smart TV sound issue

We just got a new Samsung TV, and 3 days after setup, the sound started cutting out about every 10-15 minutes...only with cable, and not when playing DVDs. Did LOTS of research on this, and tried this, which helped: go to sound settings on TV menu, go to audio delay setting. Mine was either factory set @ 100 or the Best Buy Tech did it, and I reset it down to 80... You can reset in increments of 10. That seemed to fix it for about 45 minutes, but not always. You could also go +100 and above. Hope that may help.

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Solution Found

I have the same set up--samsung smart tv with samsung sound bar connected via optical cable, and was experiencing the same problem. You do not have to change your audio settings on Netflix. Using your TV remote, press:

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my very very long journey on this

I've had similar.
Got nowhere with Samsung ( usual yada yada - upgrade reset new smart hub etc - NB there was new firmware on dec 23rd if you have auto update on - but that doesnt help )
Then also go nowhere with John Lewis ( sad as Id hoped they would be more helpful instead of pushing me through the same hoops )
Anyway for me - this is what I figured out in the end.
Not only does it not cut out for me. But also ...
Now I get full proper dolby 5.1 ( not DTS neo nor pcm as others have struggled with over various forums ) and no cut outs - ie all my Christmas' come at once as I know loads of people have had 5.1 issues and end up using DTS neo or stereo as some advice etc etc
first when I could see the problem.
Using smarthub Netflix going through internal speakers or external speakers
What my end state is to fix for me ...
Change internet connection to point to US netflix server ( when its auto getting the internet connection on the tv you can cut into it and specify which dns servers to use - ie not manual setup ; auto setup - I dont recall the exact keys to press but its there and look up "netflixer dns" to get the dns codes .. contrary to what some people say these have been working ok for me for months ). Also note that this is local to the TV - ie none of this unblock US you get charged for etc - this is 100% free.
Next - start a film in netflix that says its 5.1 output ( even if it says its 5.1 it doesn't automatically send in 5.1 - in the UK it only appears to send in stereo )
press the 'pause' button and navigate down to the "audio subtitles" option and, on there choose the dolby digital 5.1 option. If its not there - check you are definitely looking at the US servers.

next press menu ; sound ;' speaker settings and choose receiver
then menu ; sound ; additional settings ; audio format and choose Dolby Digital

My reciever is set up to automatically detect that im getting proper 5.1 but you may need to change yours depending on the model/type

from that I get full 5.1 working without a hitch no cut outs etc etc
I use a roku on the side to get netflix UK which, from that external source doesnt cut out neither ( but then id miss 5.1 ! )
Hope this helps people out there - I know there have been loads of simialr threads ( ive probably read them 500 times trying to fix my own issue ).
Just to be clear .. for me this stops the sound cutting out and gives me full and proper 5.1 through my music system - not dts neo - not stereo etc ... full and proper working and has been for around 2 weeks without any cut outs ( when I used to get them approx once every minute on any film I watched on netflix ).

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Samsung TV Firmware

This problem is caused by an error in the firmware of some Samsung Televisions. To fix it, turn on the TV and select MENU from the Remote. Then go down to SUPPORT. Then select Software Update.

If your TV is hooked up to the Internet then tell the system to update by the Internet. It will download the update and then ask you if you want to install it. Once it's installed the TV will turn off and then back on again. My particular TV shipped with Firmware 2003 and an update to Firmware 2004 was available. I've not had any more trouble with Audio 5.1 dropping out since doing this update.

Hope this helps......

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I wish I could say upgrading to firmware 2004 worked, but it's still cutting the audio out during Netflix shows.

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I'll share a common thing.

Set the audio stream/setting to stereo, PCM. And if still failing, call the bugs in. While Samsung doesn't write the app, they are the gatekeeper to updates.

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TV bought a month ago

I am going to try this, but I would think that since I bought this one about a month ago, I would think it is up-to-date. I will let you guys know.

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Netflix audio cut-offs on Samsung Smart player and HDTV's.

Yes same happens on my Samsung but not on my PC. Could it have to do with built-in protections like Cinavia? Who knows but very annoying. Maybe some types of politics.

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