Netflix app not loading on Samsung Smart TV

I was able to watch Netflix on my Samsung Smart TV until about a few days ago.

Now, when selecting the Netflix app from SmartHub, my screen goes blank and nothing ever happens. It is as if the app is not being loaded.

All other apps in SmartHub work just fine (including HuluPlus, Amazon, Pandora, etc.).

And I can use Netflix on my iPhone so I know it is not the wireless network.

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Reporting: Netflix app not loading on Samsung Smart TV
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Worked perfectly--thank you, peach_b0mb!

I followed peach_b0mb's instructions to the T. Everything worked perfectly. Just remember to click "All providers" when asked for a German and UK zip code.

That being said, how will we know when it's ok to update our Netflix app to the US version? Is there a site or forum that tracks this information?

Thanks again, peach_b0mb!!!

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This method worked, but now lost Hulu App

So, this method worked to fix the Netflix problem, which was great. But now I don't have the Hulu app. And I can enable automatic updates.

Any suggestions?

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Please avoid old discussions.

But in your case, MAKE THE CALL and they may guide you to reset the country or do another reset which they only can do.

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Thanks for sharing this fix. I just bought a 2014 UN60HU8500 FXZA, and this workaround worked perfectly for me.

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A fix ...

Try disabling "Samsung Instant On".
1. Find it in the Settings > General.
2. Power the TV off and on.
3. Launch Netflix
(Leave "Samsung Instant" off.

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Solution that worked for me!

Here's the solution that worked perfectly for me:

I was having the same exact issue with my Samsung UN60H7150. All was fine until today, when the apps starting acting weird. The tv is only two months old. I tried everything from updating to the latest software to the Smart Hub reset, changing the DNS server, etc. Nothing helped.

Do the following, worked for me:

- Unplug the TV from the outlet
- If you have the small cursor button on back of the TV, press it once, and then again. This time hold it in for about 10 seconds
- Leave it unplugged for at least 10 mins and then plug it all back in. Give it a few mins to do it's thing and that should fix the app issues! (well at least it did for me)

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Samsung 2014 UN55H7150 netflix freeze at statup

Here's what I did and Netflix now works and my wife is happy again.

Turned off auto update
Turned off TV
Unplugged power cable from back of TV
Pressed center button( mini joystick) once. Pressed same button and held for 10 seconds then released.
Waited another 10 seconds and plugged power cord back into TV.
TV booted back up and now Netflix works.

Just like a computer if your having problems try to reboot first. Apparently when you turn your TV off it's not off all the way. By unplugging and pressing the joystick it makes your TV do a hard reset similar to an Iphone.

Hulu seems to be deleted after the latest updated that ruined Netflix functionality.

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100 % fix

This works and is very easy. Go to Smart Hub. Press fast forward,289,rewind. Countries list will come up. Select Afghanistan. Let it update. When done repeat fast forward, 289, rewind. Select UK and let update. When finished repeat again: fast forward,289,rewind. Select US, let update and Netflix will now work.

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samsung tv

Blank screen not letting Netflix load what's going on

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Please avoid old discussions

If the advice here isn't working then my advice is a new post with details after you called Netflix and Samsung.

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netflix problems

Unfortunately on my 2014 65hu model samsung tv I periodically have problems with netflix and only netflix. Sometimes it locks up other times it just goes to a black screen and nothing. The only solve I found is to unplug the tv for 30 seconds. I don't lose any info and netflix works fine again. I have requested answers from netflx and samsung but no one seems to have an answer on why this seems to happen every couple of weeks. but the unplug system seems to work and I lose no information in the process. just a pain. but so far has reset fine everytime.

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"We're having trouble playing this title right now...."

“We’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title”

Do you have a Samsung Smart TV?
Do you like to watch Netflix?
Are you seeing this message??
Is it driving you crazy??
Have you tried everything, including restarting your modem, TV, and even the Netflix application? Did you even try that weird suggestion to push the up and down arrows in a specific order (up, up, down, down, left, right…. etc)?

I tried all of that stuff too, and none of it worked. I have found a very simple solution that worked for me, and I hope it will work for you too. It took me about 60 seconds, and I didn’t have to unplug anything or re-enter any passwords etc.

I hate when people give advice without being very clear, so this may sound overly simple, and explicit, but here it is:
(In short, we are going to “turn-off” 3 things from the Samsung “system” section).

Turn on the TV.
Turn off Netflix (if you still have it on). Just have the TV set to any cable channel.
Press the “MENU” button on the Samsung remote control.
Scroll down to the “System” section, and click to the right.
Select “Smart Security” and then click on it - and turn it “OFF”.
Now scroll down to and select the “General” tab,
then scroll down and select “Samsung Instant On” - and turn it “OFF”.
Finally, scroll down to the line that says: “Anynet + (HDMI-CEC)” - and turn it “OFF”.

Now, press the menu button again (to exit the setup screen), and then turn off your TV and wait 15 seconds.
That’s it!
All you need to do now is turn your TV back on, press the Smart button and fire up Netflix. At least for me, everything works great, and I don’t get that annoying message anymore!

Good Luck!


PS: I really wish that I had only selected one of the 3 things that I turned off at a time, since I am sure that it is probably only one of them that actually solves the problem. Strangely, I have turned each of the 3 things back on, (one at a time), and the Netflix is still working? So you don’t need to leave those things off forever (I don’t know what they do anyway, but mine are back on now). If I start getting that weird message again, I will try the above, but using only one of the steps at a time, to see which one actually fixes the issue and let you all know, but for now, I’m just glad that it’s working!!

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Only Post that worked for me

This worked immediately! Thank you!

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Deactivating samsung NETFLIX app to reload.

Easy peazy fix. Open the app. It fails. At that moment do this :
Press arrows in this succession. Up up down down left right left right up up up up. Boom! Deactivate and go back to the app and sign in.
Sounds stupid? Absolutely! Does it work? Absolutely!!! Good luck!

No credit for me please, I got this from another web guru.


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Reinstall Netflix is all

All I did was highlight Netflix hit tools click reinstall. Works fine now

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netflix not working for months

i have been having this issue for months. it's not a netflix issue. it's samsung's version of the app. i spent more than an hour on the phone with them trying everything. still doesn't work. SUPER frustrated with the issue & the customer service i received around the issue.

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The fix

Easy fix. I called Samsung Customer Service at (800)726-7864 and explained the problem. They asked for model# from back of tv, had me pull power plug from back of TV for 30 seconds, plug back in and go to SmartHub and then Netflix app and immediately started working. Samsung did a quick reset after I followed their instructions. Easy. Good luck!

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Finally worked after help from samsung remote support

Tried everything from netflix to samsung to internet including changing proxy. Nothing worked. Tech helped me hold enter button on remote for 5 seconds and it popped up a hidden menu. he deleted and reinstalled all apps which took 5 minutes. Netflix now works. Hope this helps all of you.

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Samsung should still be ashamed...

Glad you got yours fixed but Samsung continues to either not tell their tech support they have a known glitch or you end up spending an hour on the phone to eventually get high enough up the food chain to find someone who can do more than read you the list of fixes (and who has been told the software problem is Samsungs ....the last time this happened to me the first tech clown told me I needed a new main board!!!).

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The industry is, well, this bad.

Ever ask a PC maker for support? It can be same or worse.

Now, ever wonder why I learned so much about electronics and programming?

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Finally found a simple fix

I, too, experienced the Netflix "black screen" glitch after an update came out in early 2014. It seemed silly to have to try connecting through the UK as some users were reportedly successfully doing and factory resets and firmware updates didn't do it. So I waited, checking every few weeks and then months to see if the problem had been resolved. After a year and a half, I couldn't believe that between Netflix and Samsung this problem wasn't being successfully addressed. I could still watch Netflix through an old blue ray player, but the Netflix app for Samsung Smart TVs looked and functioned better, so I missed it.

A couple of weeks ago, Samsung pushed out updates for a number of apps, and I saw that the Netflix app was updating on my TV. I assumed that a new update would certainly fix the problem, so it was really disappointing when I hit the Netflix icon in the Smart Hub menu and.....nothing. Just a black screen.

At peak moments of frustration, I would search the internet to see if anyone had found a simple, common sense solution to this problem. And after the last update failed to provide a fix, I searched again. And found it.

A person identifying as a 26 year old female cut through all the noise and said the following worked for her:

Navigate to the Netflix icon on the Smart Hub screen and hit the Tools button on your remote. Scroll down to Reinstall and hit enter.

That's it. It worked.

Maybe the latest update fixed the problem, but the glitch in the previous update prevented the app from reinstalling. Who knows. But this worked for me so I wanted to share it. If it works for you, please share it too!

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This worked for me on January 31 2016

Was getting the black screen on one Samsung Smart TV (2013) when trying to connect to Netflix. I knew my network was working and my smarthub was working for other apps. Netflix was working on my network on a different Samsung TV but not this one.

Unplug your device from power for at least 1 minute.
While the device is unplugged, press the power button on the device to discharge it.
Plug your device back in.
Turn your device on with the power button.
Press smart hub button
Position over netflix, select Tools on remote control, Select reinstall

It reinstalled Netflix and after that it was working.

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Made cnet acct just for this post, unplugged and plugged back in, like a charm, house of cards now being enjoyed

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Samsung UN65JU7100F

I started having this same problem a couple of months ago immediately after Samsung downloaded an update. Keeping my fingers crossed, I think the problem was just resolved. On my laptop, I logged-in to Netflix and deactivated all devices. I then tried to open the Netflix app on the TV and was required to enter my Netflix sign-on and password, as if I was using Netflix for the 1st time on the TV. The problem appears to have been resolved!!

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i like

i like this Love

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Netflix app not loading Samsung Smart TV FIX

I have the same problem. This is what I did to solve the problem. Remove the Netflix app and then reload it. I did this by changing the country code. By selecting a country that does not have/allow Netflix, it will delete the Netflix app. Then changing the country code back to United States of America, it will reload the apps allowed in the USA. To change the country code open the smart hub. Once open push fast forward button then 2 8 9 followed by rewind button. That should open a screen to select a country. Choose Syria then agree twice (don't worry it will not change language on you tv) once that is done tv will delete certain apps including Netflix. Now, repeat changing country to Uinted States of America. Tv will reload Netflix app plus others it deleted. My (your) problem fixed.

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Netflix app just spinning

Okay what I did was went to settings and refresh my wifi setting on my tv menu Settings. I then went to SmartHub and selected another app other than Netflix that I never opened up before. Then I went to Netflix and it finally opened up.

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(NT) Netflix not working
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I have a 55" 8 series... and I couldn't get the tools menu to come up on the Netflix app in SmartHub so I did the following which resolved this extremely annoying issue:

1. Find the power button on your TV... DO NOT USE YOUR REMOTE.

2. with the power on, unplug your tv (I did this from the female part going into the tv, not into the wall)

3. Immediately press the TV power button (again, DO NOT USE YOUR REMOTE)

4. LEAVE THIS UNPLUGGED FOR 2 MINUTES (when you hit the power button, you will hear a couple of internal clicks.

5. Plug the power back in, the smartHub logo will flash on the set and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.

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Fixed Netflix on SUHD!

Netflix stopped working on our new SUHD after about 2 weeks. Here's how I FINALLY fixed it. Make the apps reload at TVpower up.

On samsund tv remote
Select home button
On bottom of screen, scroll all the way to left, choose 'Settings' (gear symbol)
On settings menu scroll down to 'System'
Choose 'Expert Settings'
Turn the 4th one down OFF 'Autorun Last App'
Back out of the menu
Turn TV off
Wait a minute
Turn TV back on
Netflix wil start from scratch and Work!

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