Netflix app not loading on Samsung Smart TV

I was able to watch Netflix on my Samsung Smart TV until about a few days ago.

Now, when selecting the Netflix app from SmartHub, my screen goes blank and nothing ever happens. It is as if the app is not being loaded.

All other apps in SmartHub work just fine (including HuluPlus, Amazon, Pandora, etc.).

And I can use Netflix on my iPhone so I know it is not the wireless network.

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Reporting: Netflix app not loading on Samsung Smart TV
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Clarification Request
Please add a reply with the full model number, firmware rev

Hopefully you can add detail in a reply to your post. I'll remove this later.

Always call it in. It helps send the message when it fails. And remember that Samsung's Netflix works hand in hand with Smart Hub so it's not entirely true that if it works on the iPhone/PC it should on the TV. That is, I've lost count of such claims then we make a change such as the date/time on the TV or the DNS and the TV starts working.

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Netflix was called

I called Netflix. They worked with me to try a few things (unplug TV, wait a few minutes, plug back in); Nothing helped.

The wanted me to reset my UVerse router but I was in the middle of taping a show and did not want to interrupt that. Not sure if that is a real solution.

I did go ahead and upgrade my TV to the latest software update. That did not help. In fact it introduced yet another problem. My sound periodically goes out and I have to turn the TV off and then on again.

Netflix then told me I had to take it up with Samsung.
That will be my next call.

Incidentally, my TV is the UN46F6350 (from Costco). It is less than a year old.

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After updates there are reports of

Having to do resets, the KONAMI and more. As to the router reset, since we know about the Samsung DNS issues, that's a real issue. I'm not writing it's a big bug but the ATT fiasco that repeated many times that was cured by changing DNS is proof for me that ATT may have an ax to grind with Samsung.

That is, why did the ATT (uverse) folk post so much about this and why changing the DNS fix it unless ATT was playing with the network? It's not like ATT competes with Samsung or Netflix? (oh yes they do!)

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Wireless router reset did not help

Not sure what else to do, except call Samsung.
I would not be surprised if they told me it is a Netflix app problem.
When I select that app, my screen goes black.
I never get a "loading....." message like I do for every other app.

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I dropped other ideas.

Most are already in the CNET Networking forum. Again, the number or reports of resetting the TV to factory setup is legend. I can't tell if you expect to avoid the usual routines such as date/time check, change the DNS, the usual reset as well as the more bizarre reset where we change the country to something else and then change back but the call to Samsung before Netflix is what I would do.

Hopefully they'll walk you through the usual.

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Lots of Time; No change

Still on phone with Samsung.
They have had me try everything under the sun.
Lots of secret codes and handshakes, special button sequences.
Resetting country several times.
No change.
Now being patched through to "Remote Management" team.

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Should be interesting to see what it is this time.

There are cases where they change boards or the entire TV.

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Well, this one resulted in being hooked up with the remote management team.
They took control of the TV and did a "hard" reset of the hardware.
Supposedly this can only be done by Samsung technical support (and maybe possibly only by the remote management team).
That did clear it all up and everything is once again working.
It took the remote management team all of 5 minutes.

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Thanks for sharing the story. It's a mystery why this is required and maybe it's better than having a tech come out.

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Same problem

I'm having the same problem. A reset of the TV suggested by Samsung did not clear up the problem. I guess I'll try the remote management route even though I'm not crazy about recalibrating the TV again and again and again. Thanks for your posts.

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RE: Samsung Remote Management

I have done this 5 times. It works great, the then next time I try to launch Netflix, Blank Screen.

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smart samsung tv

regarding the feb 17 post can i have the best number to call to get it fixed like u did above please? thanks

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The big 3.
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appreciate that so guess what i did unplug all from wall and yes now i am finally able to sign in again yayy

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Fixed by reloading Netflix app

I called for support. They remoted in. Checked things out. Reloaded Netflix app. All fixed. Took about 15 minutes

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LG same issue

Well I just had the same issue with my LG smart TV glad you already went through this.. I am calling LG tomorrow.. Thnks

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LG tv issue

I have just experienced this issue last few days and am trying to work through it. Did you end up calling LG and were they helpful? I am very techno challenged!

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Samsung / Netflix

My 65" Samsung Smart TV also has Netflix problems. At first it worked, then goes to a blank screen when I try to connect Netflix. I have called or been online with Samsung a total of 6 times. They try things, then it works until the next time I try it. I have called Netflix also. Each blame the other. It is very frustrating. Netflix says that Samsung has a glitch in their ap. Samsung blames Netflix. The bottom line is, I can't access Netflix on this TV.

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Open from Apps and press the open button and keep pressing

I had the same black screen problem.

Tried reinstalling to no avail.
Tried opening from apps - no effect.

Then I tried pressing Open again using the button near the top of the screen and held it down keeping my finger on the button - it forced Netflix to open. Worth a try.

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How to resolve black screen in Netflix, plus sound issues

I had same problems, as well as sound going off while watching certain Netflix shows. First: sound issues. I found that when watching certain shows, I could watch a few minutes, then sound would go off. To resolve this, while playing the show, I hit the DOWN arrow so that it highlights the AUDIO AND SUBTITLES button..., then I see that ENGLISH (5.1) is selected, and then I select the one above it that just says ENGLISH, that episode will start again and the sound should work FINE!
OK, black screen. After 3 hours of trying to get netflix to resolve it, factory resetting, doing all sorts of things etc., I called Samsung - was on hold for 40 minutes after someone told me to wait a minute while she found someone - then I was disconnected. I called back, pretty frustrated - vented on the poor guy who then answered, and he remotely dialled in to my tv and fixed it within a minute. This is what he did.
1. Hit the smart hub button, so that all the apps pop on the screen (there are different ways of doing it - choose the way you normally do it, and make sure all the apps are on the screen)
3. hit TOOLS
4. scroll down to reinstall and select reinstall. it will say "installing" on top right hand side

once done, NETFLIX SHOULD WORK!!!!
If not, DO try calling Samsung and ask for someone who can remotely go into your TV - they WANT it to work for you and will talk you through how to do it.


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Thank you!!

I am far & beyond a tech savvy person & after endless reading on this, I tried your directions & it worked... just like that!!! Within 1 minute, it was back up & running. I've now signed up for CNET lol! Thank you again

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Thank you from my whole family!!

Bless you! Netflix stopped working a few days ago and I finally got around to googling a solution. Tried a couple of other things with no luck then I found your post and it worked like a charm. You have made a family with four teens very happy. Happy Thank you so much for taking the time to post!

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Where can I find tools???

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I found it...

Hit KEYPAD... then TOOLS should come up...
I couldn't then find RE-INSTALL...

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Thank You Re-Install is the simpliest fix that works

Re-installing the app is the simplest and usually the most effective way to fix problems with apps. It is too bad that Samsung doesn't have this solution posted in the FAQ sections for problem solving with apps in general.

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Thank You!!! It worked!!!

PROPS to chewedpup! I called Samsung twice and the reps could not resolve. Once they checked sw was current rev and reset tv (uugh), they told me to call back when the dept that could remote into tv was available. INEXCUSABLE that they could not have me do what chewedpup did in a couple really simple steps. Thanks again!

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reinstall not an option ???

Hi there,
"reinstall" isn't an option once I click on tools?

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Hover over netflix

Using your remote, hover over Netflix ... The option to reinstall should appear.

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Same issue

I'm having the same issue. Did you ever resolve this on your TV?

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It appears that some did resolve it.

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