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I have a new 55 inch Roku TCL 4k HDR TV that is wired directly via ethernet. My isp is Comcast and I have 175mbps down and 11mbps up speeds at 10 miliseconds. A direct speed test at the point my ethernet cable enters the port on the TV is 175mbps +. However I canceled my Netflix 4k programming because I was still only receiving 1080 p.

I have updated my tv software, reset the tv, set Netflix streaming to " High"...My "secret menu" TCL internet speeds are set to automatic. I have even reinstalled the Netflix app. All Netflix connection tests consistently return varied results from 14 to 18 mbps and are usually accompanied by varied "nw" codes. I have spent over an hour with Netflix CS doing all the little silly things they read off of the little index cards in front of them. They have not been able to help in any way.
Speed test results from my other apps ( Amazon etc ) all reflect 150 to 170mbps results and the 4k programming is stunning while of course Netflix is terrible. Comcast has verified my speeds and has indicated that the Netflix servers are the problem... Again, Netflix does not have a clue.. I suspect that Netflix 4k is nothing more than a scam in which they hope the 4k upconverting feature of our tvs will pass for 4k.. Can anyone offer any insight as to this problem ? I am at a loss...even my laptop wireless speeds are breaking 160mbps..... direct or wireless seems to make no difference what so ever...


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Clarification Request
Did you upgrade your netflix subscription?

A lot of folks with new 4k HDTVs forget about this step. Only the ‘premium’ level can receive 4K.

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Yes I upgraded a while back :)

Yes I did a while back Happy But thanks for is certainly an easy thing to overlook.. I have since canceled now that I have discovered Comcast (at least in my area ) funnels all Netflix requests through a separate tunnel and severely limits connection rate. A speed test at my line into tv is around 178 mbps.. A speed test I performed directly to Netflix servers has verified around 79 mbps at their server connection.. So yeah this is not a Netflix is indeed the bully Comcast that is limiting my speed to 18mbps at Netflix.. Ive considered using a VPN but why bother.. I just use my other available 4k services which are amazing quality ( at least until Comast figures that out as well and cuts me off )

Thank you for your reply Happy

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Oh, Comcast appears to have removed this from their site.

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Do you receive cable tv via comcast too?


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Let's be honest here.

Comcast and Netflix are battling each other in court and other places. It will be tough to figure out if this is a but in the TCL Netflix app or just another instance of Comcast deception (that is, no, we don't speed limit Netflix or interfere.)

To figure this out you would have to try another ISP, another player and that's asking too much.

I'd sit back and play 1080p for now.

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Great idea...

Interestingly enough Comcast now has the Netflix app available and listed directly in its app section.. I would have thought they have worked things out..I may still try a VPN to see if Comcast is indeed funneling all Netflix requests through a fixed band limit port.. I still have my Amazon 4k which although selections are quite limited is amazing.. Outside of renting 4k movies I guess it is going to be 1080p as you say Happy

Thanks for reading and the reply Happy

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And we have to broach net neutrality here. Sorry.

When you get the app from Comcast they get a cut and you know what happens next.

Good idea to test the VPN route. There are articles on the web about Comcast and other ISPs claiming they don't and yet proof they did. There's a lot at stake for these companies (read money to be made) so they do write and say one thing yet you find they actually do something else.

When caught the most common excuse was "we were testing features."

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So you *do* have a comcast cable box?

If so, you need to upgrade your box to an XG1v4- those are the boxes capable of sending out 4k content, including via the comcast netflix app. You will have to call comcast to order one if it is available in your area.

25mbps is really where you need to be. Some areas just get throttled. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the zip code where you need service?

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Just ordered one (finally)

Will be a self service upgrade at my home in 3-5 days. Took them about 25 minutes via phone to figure out they had to ship one to me and could not get me one at their closest retail store LOL

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