I can tell, you have a website. On your website you have your email address. The spambots get your email address and presto, You've got SPAM!

I would keep this email address, just for the website. I would change the PayPal and other parts of the business to another email address. Clicking on an unsubscribe url in an email just verifies to the spammer that you have a current email address. They will then pass this email address to their other spamming companies and presto, You really got SPAM!

You one special account for the website only. Still check periodically.

You another account to do your transactions. Check periodically.

If you use a isp that has a SPAM filter, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Gmail, you can control the SPAM by sending the ones in question to the junk mail folder. In your case, do NOT have them deleted. One might be a contact you need that got there by accident.

Remember, you receiving SPAM is a part of having a business online.

Former webkeeper of Kozee Kandles, ETC...