Need your help with forum bug <span id="INSERTION_MARKER">

Hi folks,

As many of you probably already notice, many random posts are cropping up with the text <span id="INSERTION_MARKER"> in the body of peoples' post. And unfortunately, we've been having a very hard time trying to figure out why this is occurring.

I personally haven't been able to reproduce this issue and there has been no rhyme or reason, when it occurs. So I'm asking for your help.

If you've encountered this in your post where "<span id="INSERTION_MARKER">" text has been inserted into your post, if you can recollect the steps you took to post that specific message, and post them within this thread, it would help us out tremendously to figure this pesky bug! The more details you can provide the better!

Thanks for you help! We really appreciate it!

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Reporting: Need your help with forum bug <span id="INSERTION_MARKER">
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This works for me

I start typing normally, without changing anything in the text space.
I then insert a link or something into the post:(I pasted text here)

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A picture of the above, as it appeared BEFORE I posted it
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(NT) Thanks Peter! Gonna fiddle around with it. Thanks again!
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I'm beginning to wonder if this is a safari issue.

Are seeing this happening more often than not, in the Mac forums?

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Indeed it is...

I just downloaded Safari for Windows and anytime you copy and paste a link into the text editor, it inserts "span id="INSERTION_MARKER"

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yes it did!

Copy and pasting anything using Safari, does all sort of weird stuff...

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But not only Safari

It happened to me, (once), using Firefox.


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I think we might have to disable the text editor for safari.

Would you object to this?

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This like it is also a chrome issue

pasting text from chrome here: <span id="INSERTION_MARKER">

and a URL here: <span id="INSERTION_MARKER">

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A great idea

and if you could consider disabling it in Firefox as well, even better.


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No objections here,

although it does seem that the more standards compliant the browser is, the worse the problem gets.

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Lee, it's a cross-browser issue...

It's affecting Firefox 4 and IE9 as well. In fact, it almost got me a few minutes ago...

I was posting this response in the new How To forum:

I had copied-and-pasted the entire text from one Firefox 4 window to another. I saw it strip the formatting (another bug), so I hit Ctrl + Z and then disabled the rich text editor to paste again. The text field should have been completely empty, but here's what I got:

I erased that text, pasted in my own, and switched back to the rich text editor. It then insisted on appending <span id="INSERTION_MARKER"> (this time without the ) to the very end of my post, no matter how many times I removed it. It persisted for as long as I used the rich text editor until I refreshed the page and started over, pasting in my text again w/o the rich text editor being enabled.

I have also reproduced it:
1.) Without copying-and-pasting text - I just typed in the rich text editor normally and used Ctrl + Z.
2.) Without using any shortcut keys - I used the right-click menu to "undo" instead.

If you follow the following steps, you can reproduce it every time in multiple browsers.
1.) Copy-and-paste text into the body field with the rich text editor enabled.
2.) Undo the paste operation.
3.) Disable the rich text editor.

Hopefully that makes it a little easier for the developers to reproduce it for testing/debugging purposes.

1.) I have not seen this issue yet without using "undo" in some way. Has anyone else considered their usage of "undo" in reproducing this issue?
2.) The insertion marker is visible after posting, when previewing, and after disabling the rich text editor.
3.) While using the rich text editor, you can see when this happens - an extra space is added that you never typed. It represents this "insertion marker."
4.) Since this can happen in any browser, you'd need to disable the rich text editor entirely - there's gotta be a better way / a permanent solution.


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Never use the "undo" function

but I will admit to making mistakes, sometimes.

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