Need to know what's available

In my home office I have my PC with monitor on the desk and a couple of feet away I have a 26 inch TV with ALL the inputs, RF, HDMI, RGB/PC , component and base band. I have that size of TV because it sits inside a cupboard and I can only use a 28.5 wide TV cabinet, along with cable box, stereo receiver DVD player recorder and some other toys and can close the 2 cupboard doors for esthetic reasons.

My Toshiba LCD just died and need to find another similar size BUT with all the same inputs as before. I am finding with the big-box stores that few manufacturers install RF ports on TVs anymore. What about those of us that use OTA systems and PC inputs? I tend to double what's on my monitor to the TV as well, Just switch to PC input
I'm not fussy on what brand because most brand names are all good

28.5 inches wide and all the inputs is my criteria.
If anyone here can recommend and brand and more specifically a model number I can do my own search for a retailer.

(What? No RF inputs? what's this world coming to? Holy Moly)

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Clarification Request
The usual 32inch HDTV looks to be about 30 inches

Your best bet is to head to the usual Best Buy with a tape measure to look at 32inch and smaller models. Then check inputs.

These are usually 720p which is good for this size for TV/video work and under 200 bucks around here.
But for PC use I'd want 1080p. All my current PCs have HDMI output so maybe the ? but it pushes the width at 28.98 inches.

OK, that pushes us to look at smaller models.!493964%2Cn%3A1266092011%2Cn%3A172659%2Cp_n_size_browse-bin%3A1232879011%2Cp_n_feature_nine_browse-bin%3A10650190011%2Cp_n_feature_keywords_three_browse-bin%3A7688789011&bbn=172659&ie=UTF8&qid=1445538876&rnid=7688787011 finds only 2 sub 32 inch 1080p models.

Only one was a brand I've seen and then... has HDMI, VGA, RF (tuner) and appears to be at Walmart and other outlets.
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Ok, don't know much about Silo but...
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Yes, everything about that TV matches what I need, THANKS.
Problem is: It's a 32 inch and typically a 32 inch is wider than 28.5 inches, which is the max interior width of the cabinet.

One could say I should buy a bigger cabinet but a bigger cabinet won't fit in the space available.

Awesome find. Thanks for the info so far

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It's only 720p

Most folk would be unhappy with that for PC use. Movies OK.

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consider this

It's a small TV to begin with. It's a home office. I never expected much with respect to screen performance. In my home office I also run my ham radio station. I also have a fully functional OTA system. I also have two UPS system and 6 large gelcel batteries.
It's not so much about how great the picture is. It's about having functionality in all the worlds of RF.
You know yourself there are too many people leaving the scene of the hobbyist and expect the best of the best for picture quality. Yes, when you get into the BIGGER screen TVs I agree with you. Our big 60" down stairs in the rec-room is just what you suggested but my contention is just to be able to capture what I can in the home office. Quality is secondary. The capture is primary.
Plus, I'm retired and on a budget the word cheap comes to mind Cry
Besides the quality coming off the PC isn't so bad, YouTube videos some online movies and the screen saver family photo when company comes for a visit. The home office screen can be seen from the kitchen so it's a win, win, win.

You guys have been fantastic helping me so far. I'm close to nailing it (so close yet so far)

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A little follow-up

I've been weighing certain aspects of this TV purchase and not to belabor this issue.

I have really been considering the VIZIO brand. Mainly because the smaller size that they offer has all the features I want and at the correct size (because of that silly cabinet width)

Aside from any corporate biases and those reviews we see online, ...some are fabricated by competitors; are there any major reasons why I should NOT consider VIZIO? Until a couple of weeks ago I never really heard of them but then saw them at BestBuy.

Should I stay away from VIZIO or consider VIZIO?. Our main 25" TV in the rec-room is an LG and is awesome. I don't require a high quality but I do want something that could last more than 6 months or a year? Years ago it was all about SONY. We all know they're not the go-to brand anymore. One young kid in Best Buy said that VIZIO is almost second in the market place for quality and popularity.

Few of us buy new TVs everyday and we know the quality and technology changes minute to minute Sad so really it's hard to keep up on what's what.

Any help or advice is appreciated

The fact of the matter is I don't have much choice given the parameters

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