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Need Iomega Atapi zip drive to work!!

Why wont it work?

Data needs to be transferred between PC and vintage digital sampler, sampler only has zip drive or SCSI connection (no USB no sata) digital sampler ancient vintage technology.

No option to fit PC with SCSI, opt for fitting zip drive in PC planning to use physical zip disks to transfer data between the two machines (only option).

Atapi internal Zip drive fitted using IDE, set jumpers on drive as master, Bios recognises drive correctly, shows as: Master Iomega zip 250. . . . Windows XP64 loads. . . . .

No drive. . . . . Drive has power green light went on. . . . Check device manager. . device manager says drive is there! says is SCSI drive. . . ?

Install Iomega XP64 software (Not Iomegaware) Iomegaware does not support XP64, Iomega zip disk software does support XP 64, Iomega software says there's no zip drive, Software sees only SCSI not zip, will not work with SCSI only Zip. . . Software wants zip. . . . Software needs to see Zip not SCSI!!

Un install Iomega software drive appears!! even says zip!! says "Zip drive F" try transfer files to zip disk in "Zip drive F" whrrr sound from zip drive, files finished writing, new disk in, click zip Icon still see old files there, strange. . . . deleted old files, windows error mesg "Write fail", insert original disc, files not on disk any more. . . . XP thinks zip drive is hard drive!! cant understand disk being removed.

Switch machine on/off, now drive has disappeared, can't get drive to re appear now. software installed/un installed again, drive still shows only as as SCSI drive in hardware manager nowhere else, disabled drive enabled drive, still nothing.

No drive. . . . no point to life any more.

Girlfriend angry! why buy so many zip disks and drives!! Digital sampler needs data, cant provide data. . . without data sampler will die Sad

Difficult technology.

Gigabyte motherboard.

XP Pro 64.

Internal Atapi IDE 250 zip drive.

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Reporting: Need Iomega Atapi zip drive to work!!
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A thought or two

You said the drive is seen in device manager. Does it show with a yellow exclamation point or does it show as functioning properly? When you said "no drive" do you mean it doesn't show in explorer? Have you tried to put a disk in and see if you can browse it? I'm thinking that, when I had an atapi Zip drive long ago, no special XP drivers were needed. I might also suggest using an 80 conductor cable and setting the jumper to CS (cable select) if you can. You didn't mention the service pack level of XP either. Shall we presume you're at SP3?

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The drive does not show in explorer, it's listed with a yellow exclamation mark in the device manager but only after hardware scan not on start up, the device manager says it's an SCSI drive though, not a zip drive, then the exclamation mark disappears.

Disk management (under computer management in control panel) says it's an "Unknown drive - unreadable"

The motherboard sees the drive correctly, the Bios reports it as being present, it looks like an error in XP64 or a driver problem, Iomega drivers were installed with the Zip disk software but the software doesn't see the zip drive.

Will check for cable select option and try different jumpers.

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On the iomega site I found both atapi and scsi drivers

for xp64 but in an installation package. However, when I browse to the driver download area, it appears that they may be identical but I cannot be sure. I do know that even atapi zips were seen as scsi devices by some OSs including versions of NT. I have to wonder if one or the other ideas here might work. Did you try the scsi installation package for xp64? As well, I need to wonder if the problem isn't with the installer and not with the driver. If the installer package uncompresses to some location first, you might be able to use the "have disk" option rather than rely on the installer. This would mean locating the and navigating to that driver yourself.

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The scsi and Atapi X64 software downloads at Iomega are indeed both identical, I realise Iomega software may be faulty but that shouldn't stop windows, or rather explorer from being able to see the drive in the first place, apparently x64 should still be able to access the drive without the Iomega software installed, but it can't it reports it as "Unreadable".

I think I'll buy another drive just to rule out whether this drive is faulty.


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I asked this before and hate to be redundant but

did you put a disk into the drive anyway? It will be unreadable without a disk in it. Zip drives have been known to cause some strange problems with XP including messing with drive letters during installation of the OS.

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Good call

Correct, explorer cant see drive without disc inserted.

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Seems easy to fix.

Install XP 32 bit and then you'll be in the supported land.

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The whole system is built around XP 64, Running 12 gig of ram and many many audio/video apps a reinstall is out of the question because of the ram limitations of 32 bit OS. However this is the third time I have run in to compatibility issue's with hardware.

Virus TI Polar (Not supported)

Alesis multimix 16 (not supported)

Now this zip drive as well, it's something to consider certainly.

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Then use another 32-bit machine for this.

Any PC from 2003 or so is practically free. And it will copy data from USB-stick to zip-drive fast enough for your purpose.

I can't see any requirement to do all your work on one PC, if that isn't suitable for the job.


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Still easy to solve.

Any old box with a 32 bit XP could stand in for the transfers. Being in an unsupported system only causes folk grief.

There is one other idea. Boot up a current Linux distro like Ubuntu when you need to do a transfer from the Zip media.

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Hello everyone

Have partial success now.


1: Drive does not display in explorer until > Control panel > Administrative tools > Disc management has been opened. (seems to refresh after this procedure) files present on disc / writing to disc is working.

Have to repeat this procedure for every disc, frustrating, another problem, files from all discs remain visible on drive, explorer wont refresh drive. this is disappointing, to make this method of data transfer usable it needs to update the discs, lots of files need to be transferred back and forth efficiently during use of sampler.

Only barely possible to work like this, old format, old technology cant perform properly but only option.

Girlfriend happy, no new drive necessary. Happy

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About the refresh drive. Did you try F5?

There are two old tricks to refresh the drive contents.

1. In explorer, tap f5.

2. Open a command window and change to the zip drive letter. Type control+C and then type dir.

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