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Need hook up help....

Before TV and everything else goes over!

I don't have cable and have a ton of tapes that grandkids love to watch.

After about 100 attempts and no luck...trying every combination possible I still can not get picture. I have sound.

I have to connect the TV, the Digital Converter box, the indoor antenna and the VCR. I have switched these cable back and forth more times than I can count.

Any help would be appreciated very much. Hopefully this is the correct forum. Thanks.

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Reporting: Need hook up help....
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Little More Info please

With that info it will be mostly guessing, if you can provide the connections you are using or trying to use that moght help, sort of like this:

Antenna ----> Digital Converter ----> TV

Do you need to hook the antenna in on your TV or does the TV have other inputs, like Video/Audio in (they would typically be RCA connectors, Yellow(Vid) and Red/White (Audio)

VCR RF (Channel 3/4) ----> TV?\
VCR RCA Composite Video(Yellow)/Stereo ----> TV

No matter which it is, the first thing to try is just the VCR, seeing as that is the one that is not working. Pull everything else off, and hook the VCR directly to the TV. If you are coming in on the Antenna input on the TV then you need to TV to be on Channel 3 or 4 usually.

If you can get a picture and sound then you know the VCR is working and it is the rest that is an issue.

If it is all on Coax (antenna wire), then you likely need something like this:

Antenna ---> Digital Converter (RF Out) ---> Ant In VCR RF Out----> Ant in TV on Channel 3 or 4.

In this case the VCR would also be on Channel 3/4 to record.

If you can give brand and model numbers of the TV, VCR, and Digital converters the manuals may be available on-line and I can take a look and tell you for sure how to hook them together.

If you know the types of connections that would do it also, so that is the type of in and out connections on the VCR. There are mostly likely only two types you will have, or both, that is RF that is one cable with a screw on end, or RCA which on the set side look like a small button with a hole in the middle and usually color coded Red, Black, White, and Yellow.

The conections of most interest are on the back of the TV and VCR.

As I said though, if you want to give it a quick test try your VCR to the TV and no other stuff hooked and make sure your TV is on Channel 3 or 4. (On the back of the VCP it should have a switch for lecting ch 3 or 4 to output on.

Good Luck!

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Set up...

Hope this makes sense....

TV IN is connected by Coaxical to RF (Modulator) OUT

RF IN is connected to the VCR OUT

VCR IN is connected to TV OUT on the Converter Box

The antenna is connected to Antenna IN.

RCA cables are connected as follows:

Yellow connected in Video on RF Modulator to VCR Video.

Red and White connected to VCR Audio on VCR R -- L

VCR and TV are both on Channel 4.

TV is RCA 20F542T 20-inch TV
VCR is Toshiba VC-624
Converter Box is Venturer STB7766G1

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One more thing

What I did forget to mention...when the video plays the VCR is set to VCR and the TV to Video but the video will only play on Channel 4 (with no picture just sound)which is the channel the converter box and VCR are set to.

I just tried a different setup suggested by someone else and got the same thing. They suggested ...

Antenna go to Ant IN on converter box
TV OUT on converter box go to Antenna Input on the VCR
ANT Output on the VCR go to the TV.

That gave me the same results.

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Getting there...

Here is a link to your manual so we are on the same page, literally.

I could not find your VCR manual for free anywhere, so will wing it.

You already have the L/R Audio from the VCR to the TV with RCA connections thus the sound is working. You need one more rca cable, you may have one around with Yellow ends, if not we can "borrow" the left audio RCA wire and use that for this test.

On you VCR somewhere near the L/R Audio Out you have connected to the TV, there should be at least one more RCA connector on the back that is Yellow if it is color coded, it will be labeled, Video Out or Composite Video Out.

Now looking at page 6 or 7 of the manual in the link above you will see the connections on the back of your TV, you want to run the 3rd RCA cable from the VCR Video/Composite Out to the Video In on your TV. (if you don't have a cable laying around, then disconnect the Left Audio from the VCR and the TV, and then use it to connect from the VCR Video Out to the TV video In as I described)

Once you have done that, turn the VCR on and the TV On, and start a tape playing.
Then On your TV remote press the "Input" button once, it is on the left side right under the "7" button.

When you press input, pick "Video"

Let me know if you have sound and picture. All we have done if that works is prove your VCR is working and then we can string in the rest.

Let me know and then we'll go for making it all work together. (This stuff can get confusing in a hurry, so the little steps at a time make things clearer but take a little longer to finish.

I will look tomorrow to see how this worked out.

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Need some quick info from you.

I can't seem to get anything about the vcr online either. What connectors does it have? Do you use it for recording TV programs?

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L/R Audio at minimum

The OP said that there was L/R audio out from the VCR to Audio In on the TV, so I am betting there is at least a composite video RCR jack on it also. This gets a lot easier if there is.

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If so, I see there's composite input one the side TV panel,

at least this should make the grandchildren happy. Personally I have not work with converter box before. Is the RF modulator still necessary or does it even work with the box?

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Legacy Perhaps?

Given the the RF Modulator sounds like it is in this like VCR--->RF Mod--->TV it maybe that the prior TV did not have any inputs but Antenna In and the modulator was required, or someone was keeping the set-up basic, hard to say, it sure does not seem to need to be in the mix but we'll see as we go though the rest.

I would do:

Ant-->Dig Conv-->VCR Ant In / VCR Compsite+LR Out --> TV Composite In + LR and
VCR-->RF Out-->TV Ant In. Then TV would be on Input TV and the VCR on Video.

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I played with each set up and no luck. Not sure what is going on with the VCR but I know it's working but tired of playing with it. So I got another out and hooked it up as follows and have picture and sound. Yeah!

Antenna go to Ant IN on converter box
TV OUT on converter box go to Antenna Input on the VCR
ANT Output on the VCR go to the TV.

Not sure why but it plays with set up on VCR and TV set to Channel 4 and not Video but it plays and we have sound. As stated above I have pressed key 7 (input) and that did not work.

Thank you everybody that took the time to help...will have happy grandkids that will now fall asleep without a battle. Wait...maybe I'll be the happy one. lol!

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You may not want to change anything...

since it's working, hehe. But if you want to use the video selections on the TV, you need to connect the red, white, and yellow, RCA cables from the vcr to the TV (connections are on the side panel of the TV). There maybe other connection as well, but we won't go into that right now, since we don't have much info on the vcr.

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VCR long as it's working. I'm happy.

I should have included the model of the VCR. It's Emerson EV598.

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That Connection series it fine

How you are wired now is just fine, there are other ways but not worth messing with if you have it working now.

Glad to hear it are up and running.

You balcony comment is what caught my eye, when I was a budding programmer I used the threaten my computer with the same fate when chasing bugs, it never went over the rail either Happy

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