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Need help with Pinnacle PCTV on Windows Vista

Dec 5, 2007 11:40PM PST

I just bought Pinnacle PCTV USB 2.0 55e/150e. I actually bought it for my laptop which is running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. The drivers which came with the package contain windows XP drivers only. So I tried it on my Desktop which is runs Windows XP Professional SP2. But still I had problems. I installed the software as indicated in the quick start guide. After the Pinnacle Media Center 4.0 was installed I restarted my computer and tried to scan for channels. (I used my Cable TV cord for input). But it always scanned and found no channels (this same Cable TV works well with my TV). Then when I tried to access TV from the Media Center there came an error message : No TV Device found. I reconnected and checked all the connections. Everything was Ok. Then I searched for drivers online the ones I got on were on the Pinnacle Windows Vista Pledge. They said to download Pinnacle Media Center patch 4.7. But the size of the file is 251 MB. I use a slow dial-up connection. It will take me 15 to 20 hours downloading such a file even while using a download manager.

I need help with this. Is there any way I can download only the drivers without the Pinnacle Media Center? So that I can use my TV Tuner Device with Windows Media Center (on Windows Vista). This will reduce the file size I will have to download and also I'm not very comfortable with Pinnacle Media Center, as I am with Windows Media Center. Also is there any way I can do the same with my desktop (Windows XP) which does not have a Windows Media Center even.

Thank you in advance. Its very frustrating that I cant use my device.

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"So that I can use my TV Tuner Device with Windows Media Cen
Dec 5, 2007 11:50PM PST

"So that I can use my TV Tuner Device with Windows Media Center"

Only Pinnacle can do this. I see they have some player software up for Vista but it's unclear if they integrate it with WMC.


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Large files
Dec 6, 2007 2:28AM PST

Beleieve me, I understand the dail-up issue for large files. When I need such large files, I use a friend's or co. system to d/l and burn to CD or flash drive and take home. Its frustating, but I found no other way.

As for the required Vista drivers or s/w, then only the maker/vendor can supply that. Pinnacle is definetly your only source, so query them or see what they have. Since, you've been there you know what's "currently" available. Again, query them, but the box/manual should explain what the product does and I'm sure it didn't have "Vista" logo supported as well. If you can, return the item ASAP for full refund before that causes a problem if nothing works.

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I just bought a PCTV Hybrid Tuner Kit for Windows Vista ...
Dec 8, 2007 11:57PM PST

Last Friday I bought a Pinnacle PCTV Hybrid Tuner Kit for Windows Vista ...
The box says "Experience the full power of Windows Media Center".

I have installed the PCTV installer for Windows Media Center version 3.1 from the included Pinnacle cdrom and also checked for recent Pinnacle drivers but this is the latest version available.

But Windows MCE does not recognize this USB stick at all !!!
However the PCTV driver is available in Vista device manager and a freeware tool (free for 30 days) can use the PCTV USB stick for watching TV and also the A/V input works with my digital Sony camera.

I am running everything on a brand new ACER laptop AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 with 2048 MB of RAM and have all Vista updates installed since yesterday.

Because there is no TV application included I am really disappointed with this Pinnacle package.

By the way it has the "certified for Windows Vista" logo on the box, what a shame !!!

So I need help with this very urgent because I can return the package to the shop and receive a refund within 8 days.

Is there anybody who has already a working combination of a Pinnacle PCTV card/USB with Windows Media Center in Vista ?


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Which Vista?
Dec 9, 2007 12:57AM PST

There are 5 versions so which do you have?

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Vista Home Premium
Dec 9, 2007 4:55AM PST

Vista Home Premium
Vista Version:6.0.6000.16551(vista_gdr.070828-1515)
with Windows Media Center technologies

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You're right. There is no TV app.
Dec 9, 2007 5:35AM PST
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the IR blaster does not help I tried everything
Oct 7, 2008 10:27AM PDT

Seriously I did, on a new system with Vista Ultimate, new tuners, cable cards inserted. About 30 calls to Sony. HDTV on a PC with TV tuners simply does not work.

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You're right.
Oct 7, 2008 10:29AM PDT

But this discussion is about PINNACLE and not the fiasco about cable cards and HDTV.