Red Eye - ALL cute cameras will produce some degree of red eye if you use flash.

White Spots (sometimes called ghost orbs) are caused by dust particles floating near the lens when the flash goes off.
ALL digital cameras can produce this problem.

Bad pictures in Low Light - ALL cute cameras do poorly in low light.


A solution that solves all your problems.
Buy a camera that works well in low light and never use the flash.

But that brings up another problem....such a camera will be big, heavy, ugly and expensive ($900).


Another solution:
Buy the best low light small camera available.
It won't be as good as the $900 camera but better than the one you have now.

The Fujifilm F30, F31fd or F20

Cute to some people ....... like a Jeep is cute.

Here is a look at all three cameras:

The green link right under the picture of the F30 will take you to a full review of the F30 camera.