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Need help!!!!! Slow Computer and cant download XP

Hey well i have a Dell inspirion 1525 windows vista and my comuter has gotten slow because i play Computer games ALOT!!!I have a Windows XP professional Including service pack disk that we use wen we Wipe our comps but its not working cuz it says i have a newer version of windows but its says that i can but cant get my stuff back and i dont know how to take off my version of windows and i dont want to mess anything up so PLZZZZZZZZZZ HLP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Reporting: Need help!!!!! Slow Computer and cant download XP
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Just my 2 cents...

1. Playing games a lot does not, by itself, slow down a computer.
2. You do not have to lose staff which you don't want to lose.
3. XP is not necessarily "better" than Vista.
4. Installling an OS can be easy and straight forward, but can also give you a nightmare. Those who know, know how to overcome or prevent the problems.
5. "Wiping" or "Reformating" should be seen as a last resort to solve computer performace problems... there are other tools out there available...and within the OS itself.

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Re: XP

My advice: don't try to install XP. It's tricky.

Things to do:
1. Save all your files (your own data like documents, pictures, music) to external disk and burn to DVD. Include useful things like favorites. Make notes of settings (like your email-accounts and passwords for websites) that you can't backup.
2. Back to factory settings via your System Recovery DVD or whatever means came with your computer. Your PC is like new then (and just as fast).
3. Install all programs you need or want to install. Redo your settings.
4. Get your data back from your backup in #1. You're ready to go again.


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Let's start again shall we?

Hi Sven. Let's see if we can give you some help here. I don't know much about laptops because, although I have just recently got myself one, I am a PC man myself. But anyway, I will help as much as I can.

I have to say that I agree with Kees' post above wholeheartedly. Trying to install XP is no easy matter. But below are some of the things you will need to consider.

I may be asking questions within this post. Hopefully you can answer them for me.

You have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop with Windows Vista installed, and you play a lot of games. Did this laptop arrive with Vista already installed?

If so, did it also arrive with the Vista installation CD or DVDs, or is there a Recovery partition that allows you to re-install Vista to it's factory condition, or did Dell's paperwork recommend you create Recovery CDs straight away?

If it did not have Vista pre-installed, what was on it before?

Sorry for all the questions there.

You say the computer is getting slow and you want to install XP Professional onto this laptop without losing all your stuff.

This is difficult. We can help with the system getting slow, but installing XP may be a problem, and especially so without losing all your files.

Downgrading from Vista to XP may not be possible because not all computers nowadays are compatible with XP. The problem is that hardware may not work with the older Operating System, (OS), and finding drivers, special files that hardware and some software needs to run on an OS, for XP may be impossible.

Since this is a Dell you will have a "Service Tag" number that came with the system, and if you visit Dell's web site and enter that service tag number, you may be able to find out if Dell supports downgrading this laptop to XP Pro. If they don't, then you are on your own I'm afraid and you must check all the hardware yourself for compatibility, and for all the drivers you will need. This is no simple task and you are not guaranteed to succeed.

You cannot use the XP Pro CD to change Vista to XP Pro because this is not an upgrade. What you could do is to use the XP CD to delete the Vista partition, reformat it, and then install XP as a fresh install. But that will wipe everything from the hard disk and you will lose all those files.

Make sure you have a plan to re-load Vista if this downgrade to XP fails. if you do not have a plan, then you may be left with a laptop case and no OS installed.

One of the main problems that users came across when installing XP was SATA hard drives. XP did not recognise SATA hard drives during the installation process and the drivers for those type of drives had to be installed from a floppy disk during the install. Since your Dell does not have a floppy disk drive, if may be possible to place those SATA drive drivers onto some USB stick and install those during the XP installation procedure. Without those SATA drivers, the hard disk will not be recognised. It may be that the laptop's BIOS will be able to accept SATA drives, but only you can check the BIOS to see whether that option is there.

If you decide to install XP Pro on this system, be sure to backup all of those files you can't afford to lose beforehand. The install process will delete those files.

I hope that helps. As you can see, the problems are not easy to overcome, but I wish you good fortune.


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And so like I said

And so like I said in the posts you removed... The guy should either pay someone else to do it or live with what he has, because all of that is waaaaay beyond his demonstrated level of skill. If you're calling installing an OS "downloading" you aren't likely going to stand a chance.

The guy clearly has no interest in doing any of the requisite legwork himself, he just wants to be spoonfed the answer, and when he figures out how much work it will be, he'll throw a little fit and give up.

I've run into people like this countless times. If he were willing to go to any moderate amount of effort on this, he would have spent 10 minutes with Google researching the subject. Or at least acted with a little humility when it was pointed out. You're wasting your time rehashing a subject that if it were the proverbial dead horse, would be a very fine glue by now from all the beating it's taken.

I know you think you're helping, but you're really just enabling. You have to make people work for things or they never learn. Assistance is fine, but someone who gives up the instant they run into a roadblock isn't the sort of person who wants assistance. They want things done for them.

I will never be a great athlete, I'll never be a world famous male model, I will never be a lot of things. However, I am quite good with computers and doing quick profiles that are often surprisingly accurate for the amount of time I've known a person. Case in point is the reaction I got in the removed posts. You don't get that level of reaction without hitting on a raw nerve or two. You'd think that you might want to take a moment to learn from my profiling skill. You don't have to poke people with a stick like I do, but if I identify a lazy sod, you could just opt not to respond. Force the little ****** to do a little legwork of their own.

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(NT) He's a young lad, seeking help.
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The lad needs some encouragement and support.... let us supply them.... Afterall, he did ask for help.

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And another hurdle to overcome.

Your XP professional CD might be an OEM (non-Dell) version. That might refuse to install, or refuse to activate, or refuse to work, and then you must buy a retail license for some USD 150.


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