If your plan is to import VHS into your computer to edit, then burn DVDs, then you have two main choices: First, buy and Analog-to-Digital converter (I personally use Canopus, which is strictly hardware based and im my opinion is the best). This converter allows you to input your analog-out from your VHS player, then it converts the signal to DV, which imports into your computer via Firewire. To make this work, you will need to install a Firewire card in your computer (cheap), then get software like WinDV (I think this is the software) or the basic version of Sony Vegas. The other option eliminates the analog-to-digital converter, but requires that you use a camcorder that has a "pass-through" option, where you can plug the VHS-out into the camcorder (using the RCA plugs) then use the Firewire-out from the camcorder to the computer. Only some camcorders have this option.