I bought the 5080 online for the same price about 2 weeks ago. While I didn't have the "floor model" option that you have, I'll offer this as an opinion. First, you've made a great decision in deciding upon the 5080. It is an awesome HDTV. Regarding your dilemma, I would not purchase a set that has been operating all day long, seven days a week for the same price, additonal warranty or not. I wouldn't do it even if the price was substantially less. The sets that you see in the big box stores have their settings calibrated for such an environment in order to optimize the picture. This will not be the environment in which you will view the TV. It was suggested by all the experts that I adjust the settings as soon as began watching and get them off of the factory default settings.( lower the contrast, brightness, etc,etc, etc.) A break in period of 150-200 hours is necessary with plasmas and the floor model has been on the incorrect settings for 800 hours "longer" than that already. You can actually get suggested settings on this (CNET.com) site for the 5080. Go to tips and tricks. You can also go to avsforum.com and work your way to the 5080 break in settings. Re: purchasing an extended warranty, I found more users/experts recommending it than not. I paid $350 for an additional 5 years. ( BestBuyPlasma.com). Free shipping,as well.