Need help. Computer Crashes all the time

Hey there I need help (obviously)
first off I'm not very tech savy.
Now the issue: my computer keeps crashing after a couple minutes after I open a game (any game) and sometimes when I'm just watching netflix or roaming on the net. I noticed I get a lot of different error codes. I'd like to get it fixed but the tech guy tried different things in the past and never got a fix. Any help please? How can I provide relevent logs?

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Reporting: Need help. Computer Crashes all the time
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Clarification Request
Power supply

I do not know about the error codes but I do know that sometimes not enough power is the cause for random shutdowns or it could be overheating. Could you tell me how many watts is your power supply and your cpu fan make and model if u can.

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Where can I get those information

As the title says, how can I find the information on power supply and fan?

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From the side of the PSU.
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Psu info
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First, Tell Us More About The Computer

Let us know the make, model, operating system, and some of the EXACT errors you're seeing and when you're seeing them. The more information you give us, the better informed our answers will be.
To get started though, please click on the link below and follow the steps exactly. It will provide a second opinion whether you have a malware problem:

“Expand” the post titled: "Please try this" at the link below:

In addition, since similar crashes can be related to overheating. Open the computer case and use compressed air to blow out the dust from around the processor, the heatsink, the power supply, and all vents and fans.

Hope this helps.


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additional info

ok ran through all the tasks and tried again, error/crashes still occur.

Computer: 2012 Cyberpower i7-3630QM 2.40 Ghz, 16GB ram, intel HD graphics 4000/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M. Runs on Windows 8.

There are multiple error messages that I get mostly shortly (2-10mins) after starting up video games (any), but sometimes happen on Netflix or other random internet roaming. Coming back home right now the three I got were (in order of appearance): SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, WDF_VIOLATION, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

Could not spot any trend other than what I mentioned.
Thank you for the download by the way, gained some execution speed back after cleaning up the dust and malwares.

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high power CPU

and it crashes under heavy load. This sounds like a heat problem. You need to chedk the fan on the CPU/Heatsink. If it's running OK, then you need to replace the compound between the heatsink and the processor.

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AHA! This is one of those ALL IN ONE MODELS?

I see you didn't share the make and model of the PC but that power supply is typical of your ALL IN ONE PC.

Given the errors it's usually hardware or software. let's go down both paths for now.

1. Scan the PC and get all cleaned up with Grif's help.

2. CANNED AIR time. I find many of these need cleaning. Use canned air on the vents daily for a week. Here's an example and since all in ones are like laptops, read

No need to open it up yet, just get the vents for now.

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Did I forget to mention it's a laptop? My bad if I did. Cyberpower ms-1762.

Also I already wenr through those steps yesterday as instructed by Griff!

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Then start cleaning.

I usually find this was never done. So without opening it we start with the vents daily for a week then see if it got better.

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ok. so I actually opened it yesterday and today to do the physical clean-up. Should I also do the whole Griff Process everyday for about a week and then get back to you?

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Now I have to write no.

Since cleanup with canned air and Grif didn't fix it, then you move to hardware issues.

These gaming laptops usually give out after a few years so check the fans are working and research what I do next. Ready?

I think it's time to pull the CPU and GPU heatsinks to replace the heatsink compound. NO. This will only help if the hardware is good. If the GPU or another part is failing/failed then this is what it is.

I have a good recovery rate but the older the gaming laptop the more likely it needs new parts (fans, motherboards, etc.)

Heatsink compound is cheap cheap. About 10 bucks. While I'm in there we install a new CMOS battery because it's just too cheap to not replace.

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So find parts and switch them

So what's left to do is find the right heatsinks and put them in myself?

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read components instead of compound for some reason. So get that and CMOS battery, if that doesn't help, its a case of CPU or GPU failure

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The compound and cmos battery is the cheapest thing it can be. Once in a while a client will demand it be fixed. For them, we quote out a new motherboard, battery and charger to cover all possible failures.

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Thank you!

I'll try to fix and change it tomorrow or soon and I'll give you some feedback after! Thank you!!!

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Restore point
Try uninstalling all recent installed applications and games then reboot computer..
Else do a system restore to an anterior point.

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