I've used the SCH 870 for a few days and was very happy with the phone, not so happy with Verizon service but that's a different story. It's a great basic phone that's fairly sturdy, has no slowdown, and a great keypad. It isn't bulky either. If you're looking for a basic phone, this one is a great choice, also, the samsung U340 is pretty nice too (my friend works for Verizon and I get to try out a bunch of phones, nothing too high end though, I can't walk around with a different ENV every day or something) The RAZR is pure garbage, stay away from it. From my experience with LG Phones, you get them for two reasons: slimness, and shininess/style. Unfortunately, the LG's offered by Verizon are really bulky and ugly, even the chocolate, and yes, that includes the new one as well. You know a phone isn't good when a salesman tells you "it's not a bad phone."

Stick with the Samsung's for the basic good phones, they have excellent battery life, and a speedy menu with great keypads, however, they're usually lacking in the style/features department, which isn't what you're looking for anyway.