Need help adding network printer in Windows XP

I can notmy networkprinter in windows xp pro. I have an HP 2100M connected to a FIOS network via ethernet cable. I see the orinter name an IP address in the router and can ping it When I click "add a printer" option in pronters and faxes, it does not find my network printer. also, all variations of my printer name & IP address are rejexted.
Oddly enough, I have no problem adding this printer in windows 7.
I need to connect in windows XP. Can u help???

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Reporting: Need help adding network printer in Windows XP
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Clarification Request
Is there a firewall in the router?

Also, I rarely see XP Pro anymore. XP Pro SP3 maybe but I have one last diehard XP client. They won't install patches and live in darkness.

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can't add network printer to windows xp pro SP3

Yes, router has a firewall but remember I can connect as is to this network printer with windows 7 & 8.

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Then it's likely XP.

As you didn't correct me that your machine was up to date it's likely it's the usual. Remember it's the owner's choice on this but it may not work well.

I have to get that out of the way before we chat about drivers.

Also, if there is a firewall in the router, and the client won't turn it off for a test, I instruct the tech to thank them for their time and close the file.

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To connect to a printer on a network
Open Printers and Faxes
Under Printer Tasks, click Add a printer to open the Add Printer Wizard, and then click Next.
Click A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer, and then click Next.
Connect to the desired printer using one of the following three methods. Click a method for instructions.
Search for it in Active Directory.
This method is available if you are logged on to a Windows domain running Active Directory.
Click Find a printer in the directory, and then click Next.
Click the Browse button to the right of Location, click the printer location, and then click OK.
Click Find Now.
Click the printer you want to connect to, and then click OK.
Type the printer name or browse for it.
Click Connect to this printer.
Do one of the following:

Type the printer name using the following format:

Browse for it on the network. Click Next, click the printer in Shared printers.
Click Next.
Connect to an Internet or intranet printer.
Using a printers URL allows you to connect to a printer across the Internet, provided you have permission to use that printer. If you cannot connect to the printer using the general URL format below, please see your printer's documentation or contact your network administrator.
Click Connect to a printer on the Internet or on your intranet.
Type the URL to the printer using the following format:
Follow the instructions on the screen to finish connecting to the network printer.

To open Printers and Faxes, click Start, click Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Printers and Faxes.

You can also connect to a printer by dragging the printer from the Printers folder on the print server and dropping it into your Printers folder, or by right-clicking the icon and then clicking Connect.

Another way to add a printer is to double-click Add Printer. This option is available only if folders are set to the Windows XP classic folder look, and if a printer is not currently selected.

After you have connected to a shared printer on the network, you can use it as if it were attached to your computer.

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Did you create the port?

You'll need to create the ethernet port. My best advice is to give the printer a static address and plug that address into the port setup screen. From recollection, you start by calling it a local printer. It will ask what port to use and one option is to create it. Give that a shot.

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Can't Add Network Printer to Windows XP Pro

I have all updates on my PC
I tried all those suggestions.

Here's where I amhungup...need specific example on what
I use for the printer name below.. Specic, please. Thanks
Type the printer name using the following format:

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That's not a proper name if it's on the network.

That would be used if the printer was on a PC and the PC was sharing it. Since it's not on a PC but is an LPR or TCP/IP Printer you have use HP's instructions and drivers for network printing.

I'll assume this has not been installed.

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OK, XP up to date.

But is the HP Universal Printer Driver installed? I can't tell.

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HP Writes how to setup.

As you have this on your LAN, you need those utilities and along the way (first link) you read:

" Select the model of printer that you have and click Next .
Click OK .
Select Easy Setup and click Next .
Select TCP/IP printer in the Protocol box.
Select TCP/IP Address: in the "Printer selection criteria" box.
Enter the IP address listed on the HP Jetdirect Configuration Page and click Finish.
Click OK .
Follow the prompts on the screen to finish installing the printer driver.
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can't add network printer to XP Pro

where do I get this cd-rom?
why did I not have to do this for windows 7? I just downloaded the drivers for
a local printer same as I did for XP. I used those same drivers to connect
to this network printer on windows 7.

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Probably because the printer mfg date after XP

XP is a 12 year old OS. It is rapidly becoming obsolete and unsupported, but Bob has given you the directions to go to the HP web site and get what you need. Have you been there yet? It is likely that your model printer didn't exist at the time XP came out in late 2001 so XP wouldn't have had any way to include that driver like Windows 7 does. If you're going to run obsolete versions of Windows, you're going to see more and more things like this. In the future you may not be able to find the support you'll need.

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If you read it you see the title they used and then you find it on their site. XP's support is pretty hard to find but the doc I gave supplied the software title you want to find next.

I'm sorry but it sounds like you want others to do all the searching. If so, just ask and see if a member will pitch in.

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cant add network printer to XP

Hey Bob
I am trying to follow your Jetadmin directions, but so far having problems with download. will keep u posted. You are only one with positive feedback.
As for letting others do the work, I have spent many many hours trying to get this to work including soliciting help from Verizon, HP and goole before turning to this forum.
Slso, XP does support my HP 2100M as a network printer , Others that I know running it don't remember how they set it up, unfortunately. this printer came out in 1998 or so.
So Bob, thanks for your support and I will update all with my progress. Stay tuned.

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I had HP network printers before and never found XP to natively print to them. Sadly I see above (not me) some reference to connecting to a Windows Printer Share \\hostpc\\sharename but that's not how an IP printer works. In HP's case I'm always going back to finding the software HP supplied and away I go. seems to show the last Jet download.

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Can't add network printer to XP Pro

Hi All,
I have a solution!!
-pr`inters & faxes
-ad a printer
-add the network printer on FIOS Network as a Local Printer
-Create new port, slect Std TCP/IP Port, enter IP_theIP address in both windows, finish
-select print drivers
It works perfectly
Thanks to all, especially Bob

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