I think what you may be seeing are programs that were installed by the OEM (Dell, in this case) that they did not want the end user to remove, possibly because they are integral to certain features of the laptop, or to their support plan. Most if not all of the entries appear to be for troubleshooting and configuring an Intel wireless adapter and drivers (does the laptop have an integrated wireless adapter?).
Removing the items may well be "shooting yourself in the foot" if the applications are needed for the functioning of your wireless adapter. I would *not* remove any of them for that reason. Have you asked Dell support personnel about them?

The most likely reason they all have an "m" at the front of their names is that one method to hide an item in the Registry's uninstall keys is to use the "ApplicationDisplayName" string to identify the items to be hidden. The OEM may have used a script to hide all entries in the Uninstall key whose DisplayName began with "m" at the time the system was built (before you got it and installed more

I would be wary of wiping them from the system as you may find items such as the integrated wireless adapter no longer work, unless you can download and install the drivers and configuration apps from Dell.....in which case you'd likely be back where you began, but with the items perhaps no longer hidden. That assumes that Dell has those apps available for download.

I would seek a clearer opinion from Dell regarding the files and their removal.