Just my opinion here...

Which EXACT programs are you thinking of? McAfee makes different products, so does Symantec. As an example, I use McAfee almost exclusively, but there are some of the products I wouldn't recommend for most users.

There are a number of good antivirus programs available and some of them are free. Get opinions about all of them and see what you like. If you happen to have a friend or relative that's using one, check it out. Although I use McAfee, I wouldn't suggest that you buy the combination Internet Security Suite package for that brand, or any other "all in one" security suite. Personally, I prefer to use separate programs for each purpose. I test an antivirus on my machine and if it runs well, I leave it there. Each machine AND user has their preferences for certain programs. I then test a firewall and if it runs well, I leave it there.

The problem being...There are a large number of "extra" programs installed with the "all in one" packages that simply aren't necessary. They drag down resources and if one part of the security suite has an issue, it becomes extremely difficult to repair it individually.

Hope this helps.