Such a printer that can copy and scan also, is called an all-in-one printer. And I think all HP ones have 2 cartridges, so that leaves only presence of the option to resize the copy as a possible criterion to choose. says that the Envy 5544 can do that, but I assume most or all can.

What I would do: first select a few printers you like (for the price or the size or the print quality or other factors you read about in the reviews), then download the use manuals and see if they can resize the copy and you're done.

Options I like in a printer are (1) automatic two side printing, and (2) option to print 2 normal pages with 67% size on one sheet in portrait mode, and (3) draft option to save ink. I know the printer driver of my Canon printer offers the last 2 and the model I chose offers the first.
But you might have your own preferences. That's where the reviews and user manual help to select what you need.