It's either a PC/server running the show, or some sort of media streamer device with a big hard drive attached, etc. If neither of those, you are sort of looking for a unicorn Wink Any BD player attempting this (really, 'claiming' it can do this) will be buggy or not as feature driven as you need. As you have discovered already, any sort of software solution from Sammy simply stinks, to put it mildly.

For more flexibility and customization options, you still might want to consider a separate dedicated HTPC which could potentially be using less power than your current desktop. Some entry level info for you to wade through-

Although it has not been perfected yet, the Roku folks are reportedly now enjoying Plex on their devices- it's just not completely baked as a final product working with local files. I would keep an eye on this solution as potentially viable so you won't have to keep your desktop turned on all day...