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Mystery problem gateway nv52 laptop

Aug 29, 2010 2:51PM PDT

Before i start with the problem i will give some specs. If anymore are needed just ask.

Gateway nv52
Running windows 7
320gb hd
amd athlon 64 x2
ATI card

To make it simple its basically bone stock gateway nv52 laptop out of the box besides the windows 7 upgrade i received free for buying it.

I closed the lid one night before bed, as normal, with it plugged into the wall.
I didn't touch it for a day, day and a half maybe, and when i went to use it again, I opened the lid, pressed the power button and nothing happened...

I noticed the battery was cold and usually when its plugged in it stays semi warm.

I looked online and tried a few suggestions
such as the tilting the screen all the way back then hitting the power button, or as i open the lid continuously press the button to find a 'sweet spot' should the connectors have broken that tell the laptop if the lid is closed or open, no luck with either method.

I took apart the casing around the power button the ensure the connection from the power button board to the pc was tight, it was.

Took the battery out and plugged it in, nothing.
When the battery is in, and its plugged in the battery light shows a 'blue' light. telling me the ac cord wouldnt be bad, its getting power from the outlet, or why would the light come on?

I basically cannot figure out what happened. Its hard to determine givin i wasnt near the computer at the time.

i was hoping someone here may have an answer...

I am not interested in sending it to gateway to have it looked at, nor am i interested in giving it to a shop. Both would cost money i cannot spare at the moment.
and NO i do not have any type of insurance on it and the warranty may or may not still be good (most likely not considering i took it apart).

Any thoughts??

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Reporting: Mystery problem gateway nv52 laptop
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Try the generic reset noted at the top of this forum.
Aug 30, 2010 4:30AM PDT

After that we usually are looking at replacing boards.

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No luck with reset method
Aug 30, 2010 7:36AM PDT

Tried the suggested reset method. Nothing.

I wanted to check the pins/connection method that tells the computer if the lid is open or shut, but when i removed the shell i could not locate it/them.

I am just wondering if something broke or became interrupted and the computer wont turn on because it thinks the lid is still shut...

Just a thought i had, but i do not know the method in which this computer does this or where it located.

Anyone know were/what it is on this laptop model?

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Aug 30, 2010 9:23AM PDT

I've found all good machines to turn on in spite of the laptop lid switch so I consider that a dead end and proof there is a board fault. The problem is that board repairs exceed that of board replacements which chafes some. I'd ask how much for a new board.

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how do you reset?
Aug 31, 2010 5:36PM PDT

hi, how do you do reset? I'm having exact the same problem with my gateway nv52. thnx

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Re: resetting
Aug 31, 2010 5:46PM PDT
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Bad power button
Oct 28, 2010 1:30PM PDT

My fianc? brought home a class mate's NV52 tonight with similar symptoms. I've narrowed it down to the power button itself. To test this on your laptop, Lift the keyboard assembly (SLOWLY! There is a very short ribbon cable connecting it to the laptop) and locate the small connector near the upper right hand side of the keyboard. You will see a white connector with only two pins coming off the back. Take a jewlers screw driver and with a steady hand, short across those two pins that are soldered to the motherboard. If it fires up, the power button is your problem.

Now I need to narrow it down in the power button itself, see whether it's the cable, spring, contacts, etc and go from there...

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Power button cable looks to be the culprit...
Oct 28, 2010 11:15PM PDT

Looks like I've gotten it narrowed down to the black wire in the 2 wire harness that connects the power button to the mother board. Shorting out the contacts on the back of the power button's PCB does not turn on the laptop. Under very close inspection, with the power button end of the cable bent, you can see the black wire bend sharply at 90 degrees flattening the insulation indicating there is a break in the cable. The red wire when bent at the same place and same angle created an arc that is a consistent radius and wire thickness. If I cant get a factory replacement for it, I will probably end up building a replacement wiring harness out of some better quality wire (however I will likely have to solder it to the power button PCB and mother board unless I can very carefully open/re-crimp the gold contacts for the proprietary little black connectors they use)

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For anyone with a similar problem
Oct 28, 2010 11:42PM PDT

I spoke with Gateway support who initially told me a replacement was not available and that I would need to contact a local service technician. I asked him to provide the name of the local authorized service person to which he replied "you can contact any local technician near by your area. We do not have any authorized local technician." So I asked him straight out "So that technician will also be told this part isn't available then correct?" This finally got him to give up their supplier. The power button cable is available from their distributor Skyline Engineering. The exact replacement part number 50.WBM01.002 can be found at:

The replacement cable is $30 bucks... for a 7 inch cable..... Since the break in this one is an 1/8th inch back from the connector, I'm going to try and salvage it before I make her buy a way over priced cable... Or like I said before, maybe I'll make a new one out of better quality wire to ensure it won't break again.... For those without the tools or skills to build a new wiring harness, if you follow my instructions for testing the power button assembly and find your cable is also broken(very likely since it is bent twice each time you open/close the screen on the laptop) the above part number will get your laptop fully functional again. Hope this helps someone, and shame on Gateway for building a very weak wiring assembly that almost looks designed to fail.

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Power Button/Cable
Dec 29, 2010 6:11AM PST

Well guess it was my lucky day today finding this thread
You are correct in your assessment My laptop Gateway NV5214U
Died today. After tearing it apart you can clearly see where the wires are pinching/binding with the opening and closing of the hinge(lovely setup)
If I keep mine in sleep mode it will start right up just don't shut it off.It does not look to bad to use the replacement cable but just wondering on the power end how you took out the actual switch to connect the wire any ideas Does this just slip on the end I cant really tell.
Thanks in advance

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Bad Power Button/Cable - Intervex & M_Boice are 100% correct
Jan 3, 2011 2:42PM PST

Exact same problem as above. First took the power button assembly apart as aptly described below by M_Boice (a hinge is a shi**y place for a power button), shorted across the soldered contacts where wiring harness attaches to power button and it fired up! Problem solved, it has to be a bad power button. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!! I had ordered a new power button and had removed the plastic power button and the spring as i knew i must to install the new power button when it arrived. While waiting for the new button i would short across the power button contacts. I noticed that this did not always work to start it, and sometimes i had to mess around with it quite a bit to get it to start. The new button came today, i installed it - It did not start. rrrrrrrrrrrrr

OK, I am a little pissed, as the POS will not start at all. i re-read the above post and decided to take out the keyboard and short across the contacts under the keyboard (this youtube vid was helpful to take off keyboard ) I carefully took off the keyboard shorted across the contacts under the keyboard, and the bi**h fired up!! So i think my problem is a break in one of the wires at the power button assembly, where the red and black wires make a 90 degree bend come out of the sheathing, will verify after i am sure. I like Intervex, feel insulted to pay $30.00 - even $20.00 for a 7" piece of wire with connectors on it that is made in asia for less than a cent. If i did buy a replacement wiring harness, i feel that it will be only a matter of time before it fails again.

I haven't done so yet, but at the power button end i am going to cut back the black sheath(where the wires make that flipping 90 degree turn) protecting the black and red wires, then cut(yes cut) the red and the black wires about 1/4" inside the sheath. If the opening and shutting the lid at the 90 degree bend did make a break in one of the wires, and this is truly the problem, i should be able to touch these two wires together which should effectively do the same thing as shorting underneath the keyboard. if this works i will solder a little larger piece of wire in its place, and put some sheathing on the 90 degree to protect the wires. will let you know how this turns out. thanks to all Gateway should have recalled this flawed design.

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Didn't mean to mislead you
Jan 12, 2011 11:24AM PST

My power button board didn't resolve it either. The cable fixed my issue as well. IT IS DEFINATELY THE CABLE. (for any new thread readers) glad you got it working. And definitely a thanks to everyones posts for cheaper cables!

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Update (Albeit extremely late)
Sep 3, 2011 4:39AM PDT

Yes my problem was the cable going from the power button to the mother board. I was going to repair the existing cable, but it is extremely tight quarters in there with no tolerance. when i saw the one for under $15 i begrudgingly went ahead and purchased it. I installed and it worked.

Also although it was over 9 mos ago, but a couple of things:

1. do be careful when removing the keyboard as the cable connecting it to the board is very short.

2. I remember having a little trouble getting the keyboard properly re-installed. if i remember right, the black plastic trim piece around the keyboard kind of locks the keyboard into place. what i think i did was to get the keyboard locked under the black trim piece on the bottom and sides of the keyboard (but not the top), then fully installed the black plastic trim all the way around the keyboard. I then pushed gently on the top of the keyboard and it snapped into place.

it has been over 9 months and it is still operating fine. One observation that i have is that the cable plugging into the button really does not "bend" at the power button when the laptop lid is opened and closed. i feel that the stress cause by the extreme 90 degree bend going into the button is the cause of failure. i would not be surprised if i had to replace this cable again.

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Would the fan run briefly?
Jun 12, 2012 7:50AM PDT

Did the system fan turn on briefly and then hang? I have an NV52 that I can't get on. Thanks

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RE: Would the fan run briefly?
Sep 2, 2012 1:24AM PDT

Did you ever find a solution to this? My MV52 just started with this as well. The fan briefly powers on then nothing. Since there is some activity, I am reluctant to believe it's the power button, as with most of the other situations on this thread... anyway, hoping you finally found a solution.

Thanks for the advice!

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My fix for this same issue
Nov 26, 2010 12:18PM PST

For me it seems to be the power button board. fix is below.

That's the link for the replacement part I bought. It isn't here yet, but I am almost certain it's the cause of my power problem. The one where pressing power does nothing, but my battery light is on when ac adaptor is plugged in. We know it's not the battery or ac adaptor if the battery light is on and goes red to blue when charging.

Ok to get your POS NV52 on:

With screen closed down:
Unscrew the 2 silver (theyre silver on mine) screws on the round backside of the screen where the hindges are.

With the screen open or up:
Pull off the 4 circular rubber bumpers in each corner of your screen. Unscrew the screw behind each one. Carefully remove the plastic monitor face plate: you may need a small flathead screwdriver to get it started.

Once that is off: on the right side of the laptop where the power button is you will see a spring and a circular microchip board. On the board you will see 2 silver sods. Use the small flathead to connect the 2 sods (just lay the head flat over both). With the screwdriver in place press in the power button and then once the power light comes on remove the screwdriver and let go of the power button. Mine booted. Still replacing the board and you may want to also. This should get you booted for now and it is fairly quick to preform.

If this fix does not work, you may want to do the screwdriver on the sods under the keyboard at the end of the power cable to the board. That might mean it's the cable.

Good luck and F Gateway!!!!
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You saved me $$$ with this !!
Dec 25, 2010 12:25PM PST


So glad I found this thread.!!! Take heart people with this issue !
I bought 3 refurb NV52s (Gateway model 5214u) last Xmas for my children. They all love the machines. However 2 weeks ago my daughter came back to her machine having left it for 4-5 hours with lid closed. It would not boot up and looked totally dead, though one LED did light when the power adaptor was plugged in. Power reset (per Gateway web site), swapping power adaptors, removing battery etc etc did not work. Of course it's out of warranty and an online chat session with a service tech at a repair vendor advised me not to bother repairing it as it was "probably a very costly repair". I had lost hope....

I was looking at paying for a replacement motherboard. Incidentally I live in OC, California and if you do really have MB issues there is place in Santa Ana that says they will repair Gateway MBs for $98. This will save you at least $150 over buying a replacement

However having read this thread although its Xmas day I could not resist trying one last I did as advised above and shorted out the 2 copper pins on the side of the white connector behind the keyboard and....IT BOOTED UP. Right on the screen my daughter had up 2 weeks ago...! I'm so pleased... Happy

So I guess I have the cable or button issue which is only going to cost me $, not $$$$

Thanks again and GOOD LUCK everyone with this irritating issue on an otherwise great and value-for-money machine !

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more...Gateway parts
Dec 26, 2010 1:02PM PST
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This thread fixed my problem!!
Jan 7, 2011 3:19AM PST

Thank you to eveyone who contributed. I had the same problem and bought a new cable at for $15.99 including shipping. I watched the youtube video at I also watched another youtube video at which clued me into removing the black rubber pads on the screen corners. This allowed me to remove the screen bezel and gain access to the power button and the cable connector. It looked like Gateway installed the button upside down which forced the cable exiting the connector to make a sharp 180 degree bend. I installed the button right-side up so the cable did not make any bend at all. Problem solved!! Thanks!!

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Thank You
Nov 28, 2011 8:03AM PST

Same problem, same result - after taking the whole laptop apart I stumbled on this post and removed the screen cover used a screw driver like it said above to connect the two sods and after a month being down the laptop powered up......

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Still need help
Feb 4, 2013 3:04PM PST

I've followed all of these steps including shorting the sods under the keyboard. But, still no luck. The laptop fan starts up and the led indicator lights come on, but after about 3 seconds everything (except the lights) just stops. This happens whether I push the on/off button or short the sods.

Does this mean it definitely is the cable? Or is it something worse?

Truthfully, I just want to get it running long enough to run a final backup and grab all of my files before replacing the computer.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Thanks! Still having trouble though.
Jul 5, 2013 3:14AM PDT

Not sure if anyone monitors this anymore, but I am fixing a friends NV series laptop and it powers on ok most of the time if I tweak the wires on the board just right. Problem is i get nothing on the display at all. Its like the lid switch is depressed but I have no idea where to find the lid switch. I don't see a mechanical switch. Is it all related to the button? I didn't disconnect any cables at all. All I did was pop the button out, play with it a little and put it back in.

Now, it won't power on unless the wires are pulled tight, which is weird.

One time, the video came back on mysteriously, but left just as quickly.

Any thoughts? I am about to order a new button and board to see if maybe the board and lid switch are someone integrated?

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if I tweak the wires on the board just right.
Jul 5, 2013 4:47AM PDT

That's your clue to replace that cable and hope that's it.

Once in a while you find a would be tech that can't replace suspect parts. They usually end up at a service counter.

PS. This thread is more than 1040 days old. And is now retired.

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laptop nv52 wont start
Jan 16, 2011 2:47AM PST

I had exactly the same problem. I took apart my laptop following the video from utube. I found where the wire had broken. shorted the pins on the mother board where the wire for the power button connects. And the laptop started right up. I have ordered the cable between the button and the board from ebay.

I just wanted to say thank you all for the help!!!!!!!!

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Same exact issue, thank god for this thread.
Feb 3, 2011 7:45AM PST

I have had this issue almost since owning this laptop. I did all the tricks and took the battery out and got it to work for a couple of months. 2 weeks ago it died and refused to turn on, I finally got it on and found this thread, I just order the cable for $10 and will post my results after the install and repair.

Again, thank you all for this info, just saved me from mailing it back to Gateway.

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Feb 7, 2011 10:33AM PST

Well I took apart my NV52 and adjusted the cable as best as I could and shorted the board to get it started when I could and well the issue is now it starts every time but shuts off every 15 seconds on the dot. Can't even load windows. I tried booting from my Windows 7 disk just to do a clean install and even than it refuses to work. I am at a loss right now, help?

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Same exact issue.
Feb 20, 2011 5:30AM PST

I have already replaced the power button connector cable, purchased through skyline.
But same issue it will boot, go from 15-30 secs max and then shuts down. No reason, Even if I boot to Bios and let it sit, will shutdown.
Now I could see if it's an overheat issue but you would at least think the thermal shutdown type message would show up on screen but nothing.

Seriously if I wasn't trying to fix this for a friend, I'd drop it in the nearest recycle bin with a please do not fix note attached.

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Faulty power button or bad/misaligned spring?
Feb 20, 2011 9:47AM PST

Perhaps you have a bad button or return spring?

It sounds like it's doing a standard atx shutdown as if the button was being depressed for x number of seconds.

Try the same process with the cable going to the button completely disconnected at the system board side, then try shorting out those pins again. Since a power button is nothing more than a momentary contact closure, having the button completely disconnected shouldn't pose an issue for testing purposes.

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Same exact issue
Feb 20, 2011 11:13AM PST

I took the spring out of the picture, just pushing the button board itself not attached to the spring power button. Same result.
I have not shorted the pins since I have already replaced the cable, I guess it could be the button board but does the board just go out like that? I would think if the button board was bad it would just not work at all.

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Faulty power cable AND Faulty Multimedia Ribbon Cable - FIX
Mar 20, 2011 4:00PM PDT

After following all of the above steps and successfully shorting the power button to start, my happiness was short lived as it began turning off every 15 seconds. I then worked my way backwards from the things that were plugged into the mother board. I found the large white flat cable that powers the alert center and found it to be kinked in several places. I disconnected it from the alert center and shorted out the computer again and Voila! the computer stays on and boots entirely. I am purchasing both cables and hopefully this will solve the problem.
Here is the link for the replacement

Will update future progress.

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Thanks for the help
Mar 21, 2011 12:09AM PDT

I am replacing both cables to make sure. This is the first computer I have had that has had this kind of issue. This should be recalled by Gateway. I will never buy another...Only had it about a year.

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