Mysterious bios reset/pc stuck in reboot cycle, please help

Greetings people of Cnet!

Yesterday ive decided its time to change the thermal paste on my cpu. Everything went smooth as i removed the old paste from both cpu and heatsink, i then took the cpu out of the socket to clean it all from the sides of it aswell (took my gpu out too to have more workspace in the case) after i was done, i put everything back in place and turned the system on. It posted with a message "bios settings were set to default" what could have caused this? i doubt that i somehow accidentaly managed to reset the cmos.

Today the system shut itself down while running prime 95, got stuck in a reboot cycle but it never booted up so i cut the power via psu button, opened the case, unplugged mobo + cpu power, re-seated all hardware including the cmos battery and the system booted up. I then ran 10 minutes of large FFTs in Prime95, 10 minutes of small FFts + memtest with no crashes / errors so far. It has crossed my mind that the PSU might be behind this, but in that case the hardware re-seating would take no effect, right? after some research i thought of a bad cmos battery but again, the bios only reseted itself once and it hasnt happened again ever since. (i rebooted the system many, many times since yesterday and even unplugged the power cord from the wall while it was on to simulate power outage)

So what could be the issue here? are these a dying motherboard symptoms? or perhaps just a poor contact between random piece of hardware and the mobo that got fixed after re-seating? I should also note that temperatures are not a issue incase of this build, cpu is hitting mid 50s while under 100% load, gpu high 50s to low 60s.

Full System Specs :

- MSI H97 Gaming 3 Motherboard
- Intel Core i5 4460 CPU
- Kingston HyperX Savage ddr3 @1600mhz (2x4gb) RAM
- Be Quiet Pure Power L8 600W 80+bronze PSU (600W incase of gpu upgrade)
- WD Blue EZEX 1tb 7200rpm HDD

Thanks in advance for all the information and tips and please, excuse my english, it is not my native language.

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Reporting: Mysterious bios reset/pc stuck in reboot cycle, please help
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I see a split rail PSU.. shows the split rail and we avoid those. Especially for GPU upgrades.

Since shows the CPU has graphics, as a test pull the GPU Video Card out until you get it working.

In regards to " It posted with a message "bios settings were set to default" what could have caused this? i doubt that i somehow accidentaly managed to reset the cmos."
I never think twice about entering new values after all that work. I'll reset the BIOS with the jumper to get going again.

Since the PSU is a split rail, I'd change that since .... well that's all over the web. Or just don't run Prime95 and see if the machine works fine otherwise.
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Hello R. Proffitt and thank you for the feedback.

Would you mind suggesting a PSU model for replacement?
Also i dont know if its my not so good english, but you were not clear on that bios reset.
What i understand from what you said is that you personally would automatically reset your bios afer messing around with hardware. I need to get to know what caused it in the first place to reach peace of mind lol Happy also that boot loop was scary ^^

anyway, i ran benchmarks and stress tests yday at night and everything seemed fine, no crashes or errors whatsoever. I left the system unplugged from the wall overnight to let it drain, this morning it booted up just fine. Im glad its not dead, but it would still help very much to get to the cause of this all. (btw i have this psu for over a year and it has never ever acted like this before) Thanks again, have a nice day!

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Sorry I was unclear.
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"i then took the cpu out of the socket to clean it all.."

Uh, yeah, that's exactly what happens! It goes to default.

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That only worked once.

Ive contacted MSI support and the guy told me the exact same thing, that the mobo will automatically reset bios values to default when unplugging/replacing the cpu. However, i wanted to confirm this for myself and did the cpu re-seating process again, but this time the bios did NOT! reset... what am i missing here?

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There are folk that want a sure thing.

Here my view is it may or may not. Either result is not a sign of an issue to be fixed.

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If it aint broke dont fix it, right?

Yeah, since the machine is now running fine i guess ill just leave this be as there is probably nothing to be worried about. Appreciate the help guys Happy

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bios reset

The only time that has happened to me was when something wasn't plugged in. It would be a component not the power supply.

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