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Feb 29, 2016 9:19AM PST


I have an interesting situation that I've come up against over this weekend. I did some research to find a utility that would help me do a cleanup on my iTunes and came back around to an old product that I had used several years ago and enjoyed and found useful at the time. The program was called tuneup and it was from a company called tuneup media which to my knowledge had gone out of business but seems to have come back into business again. I chose to purchase the one time license which was a steal as opposed to purchasing a subscription. I downloaded and installed the software and I currently have a request for support out to them on the same issue but I wanted to post on here and get some information since I found a related post that was very ancient as in year 2010 on here in an old defunct forum that was still locatable through Google searching.

The issue is as follows: when I attempted to install the software my Norton flagged it as crapware or malware (OK Norton didn't exactly call it crapware but it's the same thing). Norton flagged the file as being infected with something called and it caught it in two ways: number one, it flagged it as being bad as in an infectious file and two, after I chose to go ahead and install it anyway (because I am a helpdesk technician I can pretty much get myself out of almost anything) it also got flagged by my firewall by saying it was trying to contact that website ( upon which I which I went into my firewall and put a block on it so it can't reach it.

I Googled that exact website and even tried to go to her directly it seems like that website seems to be defunct as in when I tried to access it directly it comes up that the server can't be reached and all of the googling that I have done has yielded very very ancient results as in dating again back to the year 2010. I have sent support multiple requests asking tuneup media to directly and specifically answer my question about why their software contains this particular thing and what it is. Their initial result was very a generic answer of their software does not contain any malware. I have replied to their reply telling them I want a direct specific answer back and I'm waiting to hear from them and by specific I told them I want them to identify what the specific item I told them about is (again that being and why their software contains it.

I am seeking to find out if anybody has a more recent experience with the same malaware that I just spoke about more recently than 2010. I am also seeking to find out if anybody has experienced the same exact situation I have about the tuneup product and the fact of the malware that it may in fact contain. The additional situation I am experiencing with the software and also again I do have a support request out to the company about it is the fact that the software is not working on my windows 10 computer which the company states on their website is supposed to work on Windows 10 computers. When I say it does not work I mean the window refuses to come up when I open my iTunes and the program and when I finally do get it to maximize which I have to manually do the window comes up 100% blank an empty of all program controls. What I also need to mention is that I went into my firewall and I created a block so that the firewall is not to allow the software to access that place on the Internet as in and I am wondering if that is the reason the program refuses to function in anyway shape or form. Has anybody experienced this program with a Windows 10 computer and if yes have you had any problems with it? Also any New information about that potential malware would be appreciated. I also would appreciate if anybody has a rival product that they have used to do an iTunes cleanup of both duplicate files and also album artwork I would love to hear about it because this is not a must have programm it is something that I did enjoy using successfully in the past and thought that I would use again. But if there is another program out there that does the same thing and is less aggravation I would love to hear about it.

Thank you,
Wonder Woman

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Reporting: mybrowserbar resurfacing
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The only thing I am seeing
Feb 29, 2016 9:37AM PST

Is some sites finding old apps and then wrapping them in some installer that adds toolbars or worse. This isn't new to me but I'm seeing it more and more.

I have a hard line when it comes to such apps since they could install a backdoor and yes, you have a firewall but we're never sure that the code could be smart enough to work around that. That's why I'm very hard line on spyware, malware and download sites that do this.

-> on the topic of iTunes cleanup, my thoughts are to get into the habit of backups (more than 1) then work on cleanup when in the mood. Given how much damage I've seen with automatic cleanups, I have yet to recommend any title to date.

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I agree but manual iTunes cleanup is harder than it's worth
Feb 29, 2016 9:47AM PST


Although I agree with the shame on them comment, a manual routine cleanup of iTunes is beyond agrrevating and a losing proposition. I am still awaiting a reply to my reply of their reply of my support requests.


Wonder Woman

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Here's a thing.
Feb 29, 2016 10:00AM PST

Sometimes the iTunes user wants it all cleaned up in one go. I learned early on to put up with a messy iTunes and clean as I use it. That works for me but there are folk that want it clean now. For that, I have yet to find a good answer.

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