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My video files won't play! They say 0 bytes??? PLEASE HELP

Hello, I went to an event last weekend and recorded 18 video clips with my digital camera. When I got home I drag and dropped the video files from the memory card to a folder on my computer. I soon learned that 7 files won't play! Windows Media Player says it can't play the files and when I go to properties they say 0 bytes! What sucks is the clips that won't play are the most important ones! I think it's the memory card because the one I usually use never had this problem. I borrowed a memory card from someone for this event.


My digital camera is a cannon Powershot A560.
The memory card I used is a Lexar 8GB Platinum II 60x

I also wanted to ask about the memory card. For some reason, my computer won't recognize the card when I put it into the memory card slot! I had to use a USB to get the video files off the camera. I need to put some pics back on the card, too, but it won't let me do it through the USB. Why won't my computer recognize the memory card? It recongizes my regular memory card, but not this Lexar card.


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Reporting: My video files won't play! They say 0 bytes??? PLEASE HELP
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If it's 0 bytes ...

it's empty. Assuming you've still got the original file and that that isn't 0 bytes, something went wrong with the transfer. Try all over again, and check the bytes on every intermediate step.


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I don't still have the original files

I don't still have the original files. I moved the files from the card to the folder (not copied).

I hope there's something I can do. I really need those videos.

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SDHC has several potential pitfalls.

SDHC is a SD memory card with Hight Capacity.
Which means it has a capacity over 2 gig.

Some cameras are not compatible with SDHC, but I believe the Canon A560 is compatible.

Some card readers are not compatible with SDHC, and it sounds as if your computer card reader is not.
You are going to need a card reader that is compatible if you want to recover the video files.
You can buy them at any store that sells digital cameras.

You may have made a few mistakes which complicates things.

When you borrowed that 8 gig card, did you format the card with your camera (A560)?
If you didn't, you may have a corrupt File Information Block (FIB) on the memory card.

When you took the files off the memory card you stated that you did a "Move" which deletes them from the card.
As you know now, you should have done a "copy".

You want to put pictures back on the card.
You can do that if you have the SDHC card reader/writer.
No camera will be able to see them.
Cameras write special information into the FIB (File Information Block).
If that special information is not there, the camera can not recognize the pictures.


You may be able to recover some or all of the files that were on the memory card, if you have not overwritten them with more pictures.

You need a SDHC card reader for your computer.
You need special software for your computer.
There are hundreds of recovery programs available.
Some are freeware, some are shareware, some are try-before-you-buy.

Here is a link to a Google search:

Select a program and see if it works for you.

I have never had to use any of the programs so I do not have a suggestion as to which one is better.


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I got them!

Nevermind! I bought an external memory card reader and used a restore program and was able to get the videos! It was just a transfer error.


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Good News

Thanks for the feedback.

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My pictures say they have 0 bytes

What specifically did you do?
and what external card reader did you buy?

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