My tracked discussions

Why do I have to sign in to view this area?
I'm already signed in.

Once I'm into the area it looks like the entries are in random order.
How about arrange the entries by date.
If that's too hard how about adding a date to each entry.
Something that will allow me to see what's old and what's new.

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Reporting: My tracked discussions
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Hi Bob...

Over a year ago we implemented the second reauthentication step (the process of asking a member to sign in again) when they attempt to access their private profile information. The reason for this is for your protection as the private profile does reveal personal information and we just want to make sure that it's you who accessing that information. I know it is an extra step, but we just want your information to be protected.

Now as for the sort order of the track discussions. You are absolutely right, there is no current sort order as it appears randomly in whatever order it feels like it and I apologize for this.

The good news is that we are currently working on moving the forums tracked discussion to another platform and with that said, I am hoping that we will have a sort order by the tracked discussion creation date (the date in which you started to track that specific discussion) sorting from newest to oldest. I do apologize for the non-sorted order, I have a hundred plus discussion tracked and it's pain in the rear to find what's new and old. Angry

I don't have an ETA for our switch over to the new tracked discussion platform, but it will be fairly soon. So stay tuned and thank you for your patience, Bob!


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Staying tuned

You are certainly correct about where the pain is although I was thinking of another word for rear.

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New Platforum????

a couple of features I would like to see in the new platform - mark all read and able to search for new posts or specific topics - Unless it is already available and I missed it.

Real time is great but if you leave and come back later, there are a lot of new posts that are missed and have to go back through the different forums. In addition it would be easier to find replies to specific posts instead of having to subscribe or going to profile. I hate subscribing because you get every single post in the thread instead of those replying to your specific one. Mail box fills up real quick.

If you are able to search for specific topix, it could make it easier to find answers instead the same question being post over and over again. I know it will still happen but for those who are looking for immediate help it would be good.

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renegade600, the new platform is only for...

tracked discussions piece of the forums. We are retiring our old system that ran the tracked discussion and moving to a new platform--this is not a new Forums platform change as we just overhauled our forums platform recently.

We do still have an outstanding bug for the "Mark all read" feature, we will get to that hopefully soon.

As for the forum search ability--have you tried using the Forums search functionality? On any CNET Forum page on the top left hand corner of the page, next to the CNET logo there is a search box labeled "Search Forums". You can do a keyword search and when you get the results back, you can drill through different filter like specific Forums and/or sort by "Date".

As for the real time activity retaining all that has been posted, would it help if we increased the amount of results displayed say like 25? If that would help, I will request it. But I just have to make sure it won't tax the system when returning that many results.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I always assumed the search at the top was to search cnet not just the forums. Now that I look closer, I can see it says search forums. The colors blended together and made it hard for me to see. What can I say, getting old and eyes are not what they used to be Happy

As far as increasing the display results to 25, it would not help. I may only spend a few minutes on here at a time hours apart and during the day, the forums get pretty busy. That is why I thought it would be nice to be able to mark all read (this would take care of those posts I passed on) and then later be able to come back and search for all unread. Got used to this feature in other forums.

Anyway, thanks for getting back Happy

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Yeah but , it's still backwards

as I'm logged and typing this, I can go to My Profile without logging in ,
But ...
I Can't go into My Tracked Discussions , ( even if I have the "Remember me on this computer" box checked . ) without logging in .

And ya know , Really it's a PITA
If I'm logged in, I don't want to have to keep logging in .....
Being a volunteer / member shouldn't be that difficult
Can you dig it ?

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Hey digger!

When you land on your profile page that is the public profile, but when you are logged in as soon as you drill into your settings, account info. and subscriptions tabs, our system will ask you to log in again even if you are logged in currently and have "remember me" set.

I know this is a PITA. Let me talk to our site's security team to see what we can do--maybe just require log in again only when you want to access the "My Account info" tab. Can you dig that? Silly

Thanks Digger for the feedback!

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I can dig it Silly

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I solved it another way

I use a password manager lastpass so I do not have to continuously have to enter passwords. For the most part, it automatically enters the info when asked for.

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That's one way to do it. :)

But I am still going to ask if we can eliminate the need to log in for the My Settings and My subscriptions.

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