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My thread on Windows Update problems is locked

Dell Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E7500 Computer
Inspirion 545s 00
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
6GB Memory
750GB Hard Drive

I was going to ask some more question in the thread I started on the situation I was having with WU.

Bob gave suggestions what I should do. I did that and still am having problems. I ran the cleanup utiity and got the full install version of Net framework 4.0 and now it will not install.

It gives me a mile-long error report -- one place it says Net framework 4.0 is already on computer; another place, it says Windows7 will not support it. Most places it says not applicable.

So, any suggestion what to do now?? I do not know how this will affect my computer at this point since I ran the cleanup utility. Have I lost all those files now --- or if I do a system restore to a previous date, will it bring them back. At least I can still get on the Internet (LOLOLOL).

Help please. I'm sorry to start another thread on this, but no choice since the previous thread was locked.


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I don't see any lock.
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Did you remove 4.0 with this tool? (link only)
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I realize about the cross posting

I've already apologized about the cross posting. Last night when I posted originally the post did not take -- it eventually did evidently, but not for awhile I guess. I actually do not know what happened but nothing ever came up on it until later. Now we have 2 posts -- is there anyway you an delete one so we can make some sense. Again, I'm sorry, but the damage is done and I cannot fix it at my end.

Too, someone has since unlocked the thread I was try to post in -- sure I could post there now, because of that event happening, but we're here, sooooooooo, all I'm trying to do is gte some help on this situation -- no bickering please. We've done the past and get no where.

Anyway, I have used the tool that you showed me and it would not work. The end result was the mile long log that I mentioned earlier.

Should I do a system restore -- and if so, will it get back whatever I had wrong to begin with???

This is the thread I would prefer to use and I hope you will use this one too -- like I asked - maybe the other could be deleted, combined or something. I have a feeling it can't be due to the way the forum is set up -- I don't know.



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If the net 4.0 claims it is installed.

All I've had to do is to uninstall it with the removal tool I noted. Then I reboot to be sure.

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Thanks for trying to help me

For some reason doing what you have suggested does not work on my computer. I've not had any issues until this, so I don't know why or what, but something is certainly wrong.



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I did think of another question.

Now that I've run the cleanup utility, it evidently ridded pc of files and such.

It's the .net framework 4.0 that won't install.

Now, that I've the utility and can't get this installed -- what will happen? Is it bad?

That's why I ask if is necessary to do a system restore to try and get back whatever I had to begin with?

Or will a system restore do that?


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I read your last 2 posts and can't tell what you did differently. It appears you didn't use the tool indicated, then you did or didn't.

Sadly we must be clear here. I've see the net install issues many hundred times now. Most of the problems I encounter are when folk second guess the instructions and say they used the tool but didn't. What I eventually discover is they were afraid to use it or it was confusing and they were hoping for some other answer.

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OK -- here's what I did

I downloaded 2 utilities -- one was the cleanup tool (dotnetfx_cleanup_tool). I ran this one first.

Then I downloaded the full install of the .net framework 4.0 (dotNetFx40_Full_x86x64.exe) and tried to install.

The cleanup utility went like clockwork. The full install would not finish installation and presented me with a mile long report of why it would not install. I mentioned some of the reasons in another post.

Does this clear up any confusion? I thought this was your recommendation unless I misunderstood.


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I read one missing step.

I uninstalled .net 4.0
I rebooted.
I then installed the latest version.

But why install .net 4.0 at all? There are very few .net 4.0 apps.


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The reason -- because that was your suggestion

Here is what you told me:
1. I used the .NET CLEANUP TOOL to remove all of .NET 4.0
2. I rebooted.
3. I went on the web to find the latest full install of .NET 4.0 and that installed without trouble.

Therefore, I did do just that. If I don't need 4.0 what are we doing all this trying to converse and not getting anywhere?

Now, this brings up another question. Evidently I have "cleaned up" whatever files were on my computer due to running the cleanup tool. I do not know what that does -- I'm guessing cleans it up as it implies.

Do I need Net Framework at all is now my question? What does it do? I do remember getting updates to it quite often with XP, but with Windows7, it sounds like it just won't work ------- yet you say that you were able to install it.


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Here is another reason

here is what's said in many articles including one at Microsoft --
The .NET Framework 4 Client Profile is optional on Windows XP and recommended on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

It came down as an update for my computer. I thought WU's gave you those that were needed for your computer. The Windows Live update that came with it was optional; the Net Framework was not an optional update.

Again, if I don't really need it, you're right -- why have it -- but I got the idea it was needed.


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If the step is:

rebooted -- yes, I did that, I just didn't say that I did.

You can close this thread out or whatever. It seems we're just going in circles. If I really don't need 4.0, why didn't you tell me that in the beginning? It doesn't matter Bob -- I've found a forum that will help me. Sorry to have bothered you.


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Just for info

The report which I saved is 45 pages long, for what it's worth.


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Just for yuks

Control panel>programs and features>turn windows features on or off

Untick> .net 3.5


Visit winup and see if it wants to feed you the .net 4 profile thing.

If so.....give it a shot.

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I'd need some of that to see what to do next.

It is possible to create that error with firewalls and security software but I have no reason to point to that today.

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Situation solved

I met with a real live friend today who is a techie and everything is squared away. Case closed.

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