Do you know the release dates in Canada?
*Unsure, but I think soon. Should be this month or early April.

How does video look, comparitvley to the Ipod Videos playback?
*Video playback is decent, though not really comparable to video iPod because of screen size difference.

Is the screen large enough to watch say a 30minute tv show such as Family Guy?
*Personally, I wouldn't want to watch anything longer than 2 minutes worth of video on a screen that size, but then I'm spoiled by this: Happy
Honestly, I think 30-minutes would be the top time limit, and even then may be a bit of a strain on the eyes.

Does the video lag, stutter and is very unclear during playback?
*No lags or stutters, but I did notice some pixelation.

How many songs realistically will fit on a 4gb model, at standard size?(right off limewire into WMP converted to Sandisk e200 format)
*Sandisk will support MP3, WMA (including DRM10 = purchased and subscription tracks), and WAV.

Say each song is about 4 minutes. You can fit more than 1,050 WMA tracks encoded at 128kbps. Expect about half that in MP3 encoded at the same bit rate.