My Pc's onboard audio's optical output stopped working :(

My Pc's onboard audio's optical output stopped working Sad
My pc has an old Gigabyte X38-DQ6 motherboard. For years I have been using it's(has a Realtek High Definition Audio chipset) Spdif optical out(toslink), connected to a Pioneer VSX-519V-K a/v receiver.

A few days ago my dvd-writer went bad(mostly not recognizing media though rarely it recognized, I think it's normal for a 4 year old optical drive).So today I bought an internal bluray writer for my pc.Before installing it into my desktop pc,I removed all the cables of course.Then,after installing it,I reconnected every cable but I had problems connecting the optical toslink cable as usual,I am not sure why but most of the times I had trouble connecting it to pc, finding the right position for optical toslink cable has always been difficult for me.(though it was always easy to connect that toslink cable to my a/v receiver)

Whatever, I ran the pc, I put an audio cd into my new bluray writer, but I heard no sound.I ran Winamp and tried playing a mp3 from harddisk, still no audio.Checked the cables,tried disconnecting-reconnecting again and again(trying with different cable-insert positions) still no audio.On the a/v receiver's display it seems there is no signal.Then I tried using an analogue cable , audio worked without problems.

I looked inside the Spdif port and it seemed there were a few broken little pieces.I took a few pictures of the Spdif port :

I don't think there is a problem with the a/v receiver or toslink cable because I tested them with my satellite receiver and it worked without problem.Another note: Under audio settings on Windows 7, "Realtek Digital Output" is the default one as usual.

Do you think my motherboard's SPDIF toslink port got broken or maybe I did something wrong while installing the bluray writer and somehow cause optical audio to got corrupt?

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Reporting: My Pc's onboard audio's optical output stopped working :(
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Clarification Request
Did you get the red light?

I just try the old plug in transmitter side and use my phone's camera to see if it's outputting. If you have an old optical cable that has been bent a few too many times, that can cause issues.

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When cable is not connected there is red light

Thanks for your answer. I get the red light in the Pc's spdif port when the Pc is running if I don't connect the optical cable...Are you asking if I get the red light when the cable is connected or not?

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A test I use

Is to see if the cable passes that light. I don't look directly at it. I use a camera or shine it on paper (plug in optical cable, point end of cable at phone or paper.) Since I find some cables pass the light but fail, I try a good new cable as that's a few dollars and we charge 150 per hour troubleshooting so we move fast.

I take it you know your PC, settings and drivers so I didn't touch on that here.

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No red light from the cable unfortunately

Thanks for your answer.

"Is to see if the cable passes that light. I don't look directly at it. I use a camera or shine it on paper (plug in optical cable, point end of cable at phone or paper.) "

I tried that a minute ago, unfortunately the end of the cable don't have red light(I directed it towards a white paper).

You suggested me to try with a good new cable, but the same cable is working when connected to a satellite receiver(instead of to my pc) without problems...

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To me that's a failure.

If I don't get a signal out from the cable I have to fix that.

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I will try with a new cable

Thanks for your answer.

Before I wrote my previous message, I tried with the cable, one end of it plugged to computer and the other end free, directed towards paper and no red light.But I was sure that if I would do the opposite, I mean if I connect one end of the cable to a/v receiver and the other end free, directed towards a paper the red light would be seen on paper.I tried it a few minutes ago but no, again I couldn't see the red light on paper.

So, I decided to buy a new cable and see if it works. I will write the results here.

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No optical cable I've used

Has a right or wrong end. I think that's a clue this cable or the port has issues.

BIG NOD to AmazonBasics for this cable. Not expensive.

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Mechanical suggestion WAG here

Just seeing your pictured port suggests that maybe the port flap/door is busted. That being the side posts or hidge where you plug-in allows the flap to move out of the way and thus pass the cable head thru it. It's basically a simple dust cover. In other words, MAYBE??? the alignment to pass "light" 100% isn't so good or slightly damaged. This is a very small area. One reason you find in other OEM supplied SPDIF ports have a "pullable cover". And yes, these have to be "fully seated" to be 100% capable. Replacement of port is possible funds are available, but cheaper to replace mtrbd. of similar capabilities.

I would at least clean the tip of cable and that of port, with lint free material and use electrical cleaning fluid as last resort.

tada -----Willy Happy

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