My PC is constantly "thinking"

For the last 2 days my computer has been "thinking" nonstop.
The hard drive is constantly making the scratchy noise as if it's doing some intensive processing.

I've defragged, and done disk cleanup but it doesn't help. I have no malware or viruses either.

This has happened before but I forget what the solution was. I either did something specific or it went away on its own.

The noise is really, really annoying.

Any advice?

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Reporting: My PC is constantly "thinking"
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Is it sharing?
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Hi, thanks for replying

I did the first thing you suggested to not much change..

I would need further instruction on how to do your next bit of advice.

Thanks Happy

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There are many articles about using chkdsk and safe mode.

Use the ones that make sense to you.

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I don't understand what that means.

I don't know how to "CHDKSK /F all drives."

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This is something that's been in DOS and Windows

For decades. Research with Google like this.

"How do I start windows 10 in safe mode?"

"How do I chdksk /F a drive?"

There are so many articles on this, but if you are this new to windows, have your support do this for you. Watch what they do and ask how they do this. Take notes if need be.

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So I figured it out

It didn't improve the noise at all.

So thanks anyway.

But you've been on this forum for entirely too long. Your jaded attitude of telling people to "JFGI" is hardly the way to go about it.


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Cars and pc's

When your trying to figure out how to do something with your car you look at your manual.

When your trying to figure out how to do something with your pc you look at google.
Google is your manual.

It's best to get friendly with both manuals.

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I didn't tell you to JFGI

I wrote that there are so many good articles that you should pick the one you understand. If I wrote how, I can bet it wouldn't be as good as what you used.

OK, HDDs do make noise and as Windows is far from a quiet OS it will seem busy and noisy.

If you solved it before, I can't know what you did. Some folk turn off indexing, disable some specific Windows item but again, each machine seems to need some different fix.

As to malware, I use Grif's advice at

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A little help for you

First, I totally get where you are coming from. Yes, the best thing would have been for this person to google "How do I chdksk /F a drive?" But since you're making stereotypical assumptions about their skill levels with computers, I'll make one about you and assume that your social skills aren't that great and help you out as to why this person probably FELT like you were telling them to JFGI even though you didn't.

It was most likely the condescending, "but if you are this new to windows, have your support do this for you. Watch what they do and ask how they do this. Take notes if need be."

Guess how I got to this forum? I was googling my issue and trying to figure out how to solve my own problem. I didn't know how to CHDKSK /F all drives either and while most of the time I would try and google it, in the moment if I was having a discussion with someone about it, I might slip and ask instead. It's your assumption that this person is an idiot or ssssoooo new to windows that they need to be talked to like a 5 year old. Just because someone doesn't know something you deem basic, doesn't mean they are a total noob. Sometimes computer experts seem to forget what is truly basic and what s not. I am by no means a computer EXPERT. I don't have a computer science degree. But I'm also not a total noob. I'd like to think I'm on the high end of the middle somewhere. I've been using computers pretty proficiently since DOS when I was a kid and I didn't know CHDKSK either simply because I have never had cause to use it or come across it.

It's very possible this person is all the things you assumed about them with your condescending tone. But it's also just as possible that they were just asking for some clarification since you guys were talking anyway instead of googling and would normally google.

Biggest take away, just because someone doesn't know what you know doesn't mean they never try and are and idiot.

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All skill and expectations arrive here.

Tell folk how it might be fixed and they get upset you didn't write a tutorial many pages long. Write a tutorial pages long and they respond it's too complicated.

Then you broach the subject if they actually tried. I've tried asking what they tried and not. Both have folk either tell what they tried which is great since I can think of things they didn't try. Others get upset because they just want the answer.

All types arrive here. There's the challenge. I can't be right but I will try if you will. That is, it's like a car with a flat tire. If you go sit in the car while the helper does the work, they may walk away.

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