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My mouse pointer disappears

I recently bought an HP dv6000 laptop from a big box store. 1 gig RAM, dual processor, nvidia graphics card. Vista home premium was preinstalled. I am using both the built in mousepad and a Logitech trackball. My problem occurs when I use a program that runs in full screen, such as a Windows slide show and a train simulator, the mouse pointer disappears. The mouse is still working, because when I run over a radio button it reacts. When I run IE, windows explorer, go to control panel, or run a program that isnt full screen everything works fine. Any ideas what I can do to fix this problem.

Thank you

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Reporting: My mouse pointer disappears
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Not entirely unusual...

Many programs are designed to hide the cursor when entering full screen mode to give you a better multimedia experience. IE is a primary exception because they assume you'll still have use for the mouse, not be using it solely for multimedia content.

However, moving the mouse is usually supposed to display the cursor again, for a limited time. If that's not happening I would suspect a problem with the mouse driver and attempt to download the latest version from Logitech. Also, if you are using custom cursors, try disabling them and using the defaults temporarily.

One other thought is to disconnect the trackball and uninstall the Logitech software, reboot, and see if the same issue occurs while just using the mousepad. If so, it's likely a conflict between the two devices.


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Problem is bigger than that -- this is a real bug

It's either something in the HP laptop build or something in Vista, because I have the same irritating problem. It is not limited to full-screen applications, although the activation of HP Autoplay or Windows Media Center seems to force the issue.
My cursor most often disappears in dual monitor mode, where the monitor selected as the main monitor loses the cursor but the extension monitor supports the cursor without a problem. But in single monitor mode, the cursor will disappear as well.
This is really limiting use of our new HP and we are considering returning it unless this addressed.
I would be very curious to hear if this is limited to this series of HP laptops or if it is a general Vista bug.

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vista pointer disappears

I have an HP6253cl with Win Vista home premium, with a second monitor attached for extended desktop. When returning from sleep-standby-hibernate, the pointer disappears on the laptop screen (primary)but appears on the secondary. Have to restart to get it back on both screens. A big irritation! I wonder if it is the nvdia driver. Any ideas appreciated. Thxs.

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Found Fix - Mouse disappearing after hibernation or sleep

I have a HP Pavilion TX 2000 laptop, Nvidia internal card and 17" ViewSonic. My mouse disappears on the external screen when I come out of hibernation. Very frustrating until I found an easy fix on these posts. Go to Mouse Options in Control panel and enable Mouse Trails. You can set it as low as you want but it fixed my problem.

I also played with some of the other buttons but this one seemed to be the only one that worked consistently.

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This one works in Vista!

Enable Pointer Trails in Control Panel. It works immediately.

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Re: pointer trails

It's a workaround, but I hate hate hate hate pointer trails, even if they are as short as possible. Would like a fix.

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Pointer disappeared

Thanks mate,worked immediately

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disappearing mouse

been fighting this off an on for a couple of years, reboots, new drivers, etc. Thanks for the fix!

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Just received a new Dell Dimension 9200C w/ ATI X1300 Pro, Vista Home Premium. Same problem; pointer disappears or flickers on any full screen apps (Windows Media Center, Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars). Searching for a fix....

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Solution Found, Problem Fixed
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Still no fix for disappearing pointer?

Sorry, that did not solve my problem. I already had trails disabled before posting on this issue.

Any other fixes, explanations out there?

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mousetrails: a workaround for missing pointer in vista / hp

I am experiencing similar problems where the mouse pointer disappears on one display in a dual screen setup. Recent HP tx1000 pavilion running Windows Vista.

My workaround is to turn on mousetrails (can set to shortest - to minimise anoyances)

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dual screen causes mouse pointer to dissappear.

Thank you so much, i was having the same problem with my vista home laptop when i extended the screen. the mouse would randomly stop showing on one of the displays. turning on pointer trails has fixed it.
good job!

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Mouse trails worked

Thanks, when I enable mouse trails, the mouse does reappear. Not optimal, but at least it keeps me from having to reboot every time.

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Go to video properties for your video card and set the video acceleration down one notch and try it again.

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Worth a shot...

I have an HP dv6000 running Vista Home Premium, and my cursor was would also occasionally go AWOL. My fix: so to the Nvidia Control Panel and changed my display configuration from HDTV + Laptop to simply Laptop. My pointer seems to be around to stay... Hope that helps!

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On how to correct disappearing mice, among other things.

I was having the exact same mouse disappearing problems with my HP Pavillion tx1308nr laptop. I've narrowed it down to some hardware or driver getting flumoxed with a dual monitor setup, even if the other monitor wasn't designated as 'attached' (it was grey'ed out). It didn't matter which was 'attached' or which was primary. I was getting a whole host of other problems as well, such as getting Windows Media Center to display movies on my HDTV. Definately a bug with dual monitors enabled.

For things to behave smoothly, set the display adapter to a single monitor only. Either external or LCD, but not both. It's cured all my display related issues so far on my laptop.

Good luck,

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Turning On mouse trails can fix it.

I found that turning on Mouse trails can fix this problem. I have a Compaq V3000 w/ 2gig ram and Vista Home Premium. I just upgraded the other day from XP Home.

I actually had the same problem w/ the pointer on my HP Entertainment PC running MCE '05 that I have hooked up to my plasma in the living room. Turning on cursor trails fixed the issue. However I just upgraded this as well to Vista Home Premium and I haven't had any issues.

It's a wierd and annoying issue, however it goes to show that I'm very happy Microsoft has still included ways to navigate through a modern GUI simply using arrow keys, enter, and the tab key!

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Turning mouse trails on and off did not help me

turning on mouse trails did not fix it for me Sad

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Same problem:

My mouse pointer disappears after returning from sleep mode when in dual monitor mode, although only on one of the two screens. Like several previous posters, I too have an HP laptop (DV9300) with an Nvidia graphics card. Would love to solve this problem as it requires a restart to temporarily fix.

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mouse pointer disappears dual monitor

I've started calling my Vista laptop Jane - since it is really nice, can't live without it, but it is unpredictable and frustrating.
However, re the pointer, I have had success not losing it when returning from the sleep mode if I first turnoff the ext monitor before going to sleep. Like I said, just like Jane.

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Mouse pointer Dissapears when computer wakes from sleep mode

I just bought a new gateway computer and hooked my
19inch LCd monitor to it and the mouse pointer also dissapears when I wake my computer up from the sleep mode.

I had the same monitor hooked to another Gateway laptop running XP and it worked fine.

I keep checking back here to see if anyone has found a "fix" for this problem.

I talked to Gateway support and they were no help, they suggested I contact my monitor company for a new driver, but I could not find any new drivers.

Anyone solved this??


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Mouse pointer dissapears

I have an HP Pavillion dv600 and in the mouse settings under Pointer Options, see if "Hide pointer while typing" is checked. That may be the problem.

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Mouse Pointer Dissapears

Thanks for the reply.

"Hide Mouse Pointer while typing"

It was not checked, I checked it, I'll see what happens


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Thanks for your help! I have an HP Pavilion d4650y Core 2 system and I've been plagued with the disappearing mouse pointer for the past 18+ months. HP Tech told me I had to reinstall my Media Center which I did - twice! WRONG! Pointer still disappeared. I just went to my Mouse Properties, Pointer Options, and unchecked everything except the last box (Show location of pointer...) and I've now have my pointer in Media Center for the first time. Many many thanks!

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Vista or Nvidia

Turning on mouse trail (shortest) fixed problem for me also. With my first monitor, the problem was worse and the HP dv9000 would completely freeze (black screen). It was a ViewSonic VA2012wb monitor. Viewsonic tech support said it was a known problem with the graphics card with no solution yet. Changing the monitor stopped the freezing, but the mouse disappeared on the 2nd monitor after sleep mode, but only sometimes. With trails on, the cursor appears to be back.

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mouse pointer

i have a HP laptop 6000 which had the same problem rigth from the beginning,what i did was switching several times between mouse pointer trail on and i am having pointer trail on , and it is not dissapeart again.hope it help you too

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try unchecking Hide pointer while typing

I had the same problem with a Gatway laptop in Vista Home premium. Try unchecking the "Hide pointer while typing," it was an immediate fix for me.

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Still happening, however less often.

Since I posted last, I have only had this problem one other time. I don't let my computer go to sleep, in fact I only use hibernate since it seems to take just as long to hibernate as it does for it to sleep.

A suggestion that I have for some other people:
First off, I just want to clarify that I upgraded from XP to Vista (Clean install wiped the HD and did a clean install). Since I went this route I didn't have any bloatware or useless utilities on my computer.
I have noticed that some newer HP laptops come with "Intel graphics media accelerator" or whatever. Basically it is a useless utility that manages dual monitors and such. I have found that it tends to mess things up and it does stupid things. I would suggest first stopping that program from running on startup using msconfig from the run/search menu. That might help some of you.

Lastly, I wanted to say that I don't keep my mouse pointer on pointer trails, I only turn it on if for some reason the pointer disappears and I don't want to restart my computer right away.

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HP + Vista + Nvidea = problem?

I'm also using Vista Premium. Any experiences one way or the other with an HP laptop when using XP or with a non-Nvidea graphics card? If doing a clean Vista install does not solve the problem that eliminates HP-specific software as the cause.

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