My master volume is automatically reset to zero

Hello! All,

My master volume slider automatically resets to zero often muting, have searched the entire internet for an answer and found no solution to this nuisance. There is no pattern when this incident would occur and initiates at random. No videos can be watched nor listening to music; as this automatically allay the master volume sound and finally mutes the application. Bringing the volume slider to the maximum and on leaving the slider head, merely glides the same back to the minimum or zero level. Occasionally, the slider head may remain at the maximum for a variable span before it reverts to min. Tried to upload a video in .wmv format but was not permitted.

Measures taken

1) Have run my laptop with Avira antivirus with Malware bytes-anti malware and Super anti spyware with no luck. Later, online ESET antivirus program and Microsoft malicious removal software which too proved futile. Slider head usually stays stable for a variable period of time before it reverts, Am at the end of my tether.

2) checked for any faulty touch pad; In fact the touch-pad operates duly without issues. No mouse attached

3) Ran a check disk with no resolution whatsoever. The slider head glides down whenever likely.

4) Endeavor to reset the BIOS but there was no option to do so nor am I aware as to how to reset the same. I am a bit skeptical about this procedure as the same BIOS had the master volume running duly before the issue manifested. BIOS version is provided at the end of the message in the post-scrip-tum

5) Searched several forums and internet before I came here.

Any help regarding resolution to this misery is well appreciated and welcomed. This particular issue surfaced around a month back. Till date no resolution was found. I entreat anyone to provide me a concrete solution this impediment.


My Laptop's Details

MotherBoard: HP pavillion DV 6838NR
CPU Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU
T7700 @ 2.40GH
Memory: 2*2Gb memory cards DDR2
Bios Version: F59. 11/25/2008
Sound device card: Real Tech High Definition Audio
Video Card: Mobile intel® 965 Express chipset

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional version 2002
Service pack 3

Feel free to ask for more details regarding the Laptop details or any other.

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Reporting: My master volume is automatically reset to zero
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Sorry in advance.

I really can't add much here as we excised XP (all versions) over a year ago BUT I want to add that Audio in XP can be a PITR.

For example, did you keep notes on how to clean install XP w/SP3?

I mean, I want to help you remember how we would install Microsoft's MSUAA to get it working? This varies from machine to machine and we CAN NOT RELY on Microsoft's Driver Update Buttons. You SHALL remember how to install this for your PC or you may have issues that no one may know how to fix.

That said, we did take similar Core2Duo machines all the way to W10 without much ado. To make them current and usable at the office we swapped out the HDDs for 240GB SSDs. Yes there are smaller drives but we don't want to incur any "Low Disk Space" issues. 240GB SSDs were had last week for 30 bucks so we're cheap about tech support. We run a business, not going to do IT much.

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Thank you very much for responding Proffitt

This issue was prevalent earlier during the 2004 period, There was a solutions then, perhaps a change in certain keys in the registry did abate this impediment. I am rather not certain as to which registry key or so. Those days this issue did not surface and turned a blind eye towards other software crises, unfortunately this brewed up currently and I am in a dilemma.

The repertoire for win XP solutions are currently replaced by Win 7 and later OS's in most servers and therefore search results by google are rather limited for XP.

For the moment, this is the only nuisance that this OS provided me after 8 yrs of termination of its support. Although browser compliance was another, which was remedied by migrating to Firefox.

Win 10 requires change in hardware and software which is a cumulation of expenses. Perhaps, I may not have this type of infections in Win 10 but other unknown horrors more like wiping out data or the like, am not well prepared to anticipate. To me a known culprit is better than an unknown murderer.

Oh! by the way, had changed drivers for the sound card considering that may be the reason for this agony, but proved a futile attempt as a counter measure.

Ah! thank you Proffitt for the concerns and initiating a response, Perhaps, someone like you might shine a light under tunnel.


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I gotta ask.

If this was important to keep running, where is the full image backup ready to restore? It's not as if there wasn't time to get this done.

As to cost to W10 our only cost was the W10 license and 30 bucks for the new SSD. At the office we pay staff by the hour so these are good investments.

W10 is what 97% of the machines run so we have a monoculture (almost) and very very few problems. No more hunting for product keys which is time and money lost so win-win.

That aside, we never had to tinker with registry keys. Just install XP, SP3, update it then MSUAA, the audio driver and then the other drivers and it was up. This routine is no longer an event here so I only keep my mental tabs on it and hope they close soon as a tab on Chrome.

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Am having an image backup and had currently employed that to circumvent this issue. Earlier had endeavored to to do install repair the set on booting presented a BSOD and the boot process was never completed. Wanted rather a solution as this may reiterate on another occasion. Backups are there alright.

Eventually had to conduct a clean install and restored from a backed up image. It is running fine the master volume appears to be stable for the moment but may revert back perhaps, uncertain when...

Win 10, perhaps may not need a product key. What about the motherboard replacement, It would become twice as expensive. Replace the MOBO and buy a second license for the OS. The privacy issue does stand as well. Several older programs, my Office 97 does not operate on the newer OS. Many macros associated with this application are to be abandoned or rewritten, a greater pain. My 4Gb RAM is insufficient to have Win 10 running.


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I've run Office 97 on W10

So that must be one of those things where research on the web on how to is required.

As to privacy, if you have a smart phone your privacy is blown. W10's privacy issues are well, not so severe as a smart phone.

-> 4GB RAM! Super. My mom's laptop was an 1GB RAM 2006 Dell e1505 Inspiron with an 120GB SSD to kick it up to speed. It ran W10 which booted and was able to from dead cold to a web page on screen was right at 35 seconds. You have 4 times the RAM.

Since Chrome, Office 2003 (we have that at the office so many licenses) and such ran on a pitiful 1GB RAM and dual core 32bit Intel CPU I'm the wrong person to say 4GB is not enough.

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That is odd! Earnestly, can Office 97 be run on Win10?

Office 97 cannot be run on Win 10 was the general consensus that is prevalent in our vicinity. Had made several enquiries before I had blurted this heresy.

As per privacy is concerned is not for smart phone alone, in Win 10 several music and video cannot be downloaded due to patency or Copy rights. Furthermore, those that downloaded music or videos painstakingly from the net had either their downloaded data unusable for playback or erased from their hard drive. The data collected from a user for Win 10 is much more than that was when the same was collected whilst using Win XP. There are horror stories that M$ has an eye on what you do or download on or from your computer. More rather like a captive always watched for any anonymous download. Therefore, had stated I would rather take chances with a known culprit rather than an unknown murderer. Infection from virus or malware can be flushed if likely but when user agreement turns stringent and restricts the rights of the current user, second thoughts does escalate...

I had read the System requirements for upgrading to Win 10, hoped it would fall anywhere near my laptops norms. A minimum of 6 to 8 GB of RAM is a necessity for the OS. SSD is a bit expensive at our venue currently. Am astonished and perplexed, your parent"s laptop could be run on barely 1.2 GB of RAM. With the current RAM, my XP takes a minute and 30 sec to boot into my desktop.

Was thinking to migrate to Linux Mint Cinnamon, if cannot keep pace with XP in due course.

Ah! there is another good reason updates consume your hard disk space. Earlier the disk space was a pain in the ****. After 2014, had ceased the downloading of updates, Space in the hard disk turned to be copious. Occasional infections with PUP variants and no other major issue was prevalent. Any infestations of such would be flushed with appropriate programs and the inconvenience would be effaced duly. I had resisted to upgrade to Win 7 for the same reason as well. Moreover the Win XP was the OS that was distributed with the current laptop and served me faithfully all these years flawlessly.


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I want to know more about.

" in Win 10 several music and video cannot be downloaded due to patency or Copy rights."

That's news to me. Can you share some write up about this. Not once has W10 burped when I copy a music or video file in from USB or the web.

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Catch the last post on any Windows 7 users switching to Linu

Kindly read the topic that was open for discussion on "Any Win7 users Switching to Linux" a heading similar in CNET forums. In that, Dennis, a member had pointed her reluctance to upgrade to Win10 for a reason similar. As I had deleted the topic from my E mail client I cannot quote her words here. Please read her posts it would give a fair picture of win10's brutal intentions.

I am fairly amazed you had posted on this topic too, but missed the information posted by other members.

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Let's hear more about your claim about video/audio blocks.

Here, a file is copied without any interference by W10.

You state that W10 blocks downloads of music or video yet don't supply me with a link about it or how to duplicate the issue.

Your reply appears to be deflection so back to my query since I want to see this in action.

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These are experiences stated by others after enduring cons

Remember! These are experience stated by others after enduring devastated consequence, either by word of mouth or by writing in the forums like here. I cannot gather such information as these information were read by chance and several pieces were lost when recovering from backup and the like.

The piece of information I had posted above on "Any Win7 users Switching to Linux" do read that as mentioned and read the post of the member as well to visualize the extend of reluctance and resistance several had against Win 10.

I haven't used Win 10 and refrained from it therefore cannot reproduce any direct evidence, but believed their tales as they resisted to upgrade to the M$ preferred OS. If it was as flawless as you mentioned, they would have embraced the same wholeheartedly. Many turned to Linux distros and a few chugged to Mac OS.

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Thanks for that.

At the office with dozens of laptops on W10 I can write it's been a real time saver with all its new features. The one that saves us time and money is W10's new activation system.

Now Linux doesn't do that (unless you get into Enterprise Linux) but your claim about audio and video blocking on downloads is one that I found to be very interesting yet I read you can't back that up.

Now that you are relying on third and farther removed claims I take it that you are parroting rather than sharing your findings.

That's OK. At least I know where you stand.

Be aware that we also have Linux at the office. Nice where it works and fits.

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My reasons for not upgrading

Before you indulge into any venture like upgrading, a review of comments and critics are indispensable. I wad deterred from the same for the expense incurred and the views and comments posted by others.

If you consider me parroting, is because others have done that and I merely brought that to your notice. Frankly, I haven't tried that on my own. Was intimidated by the fact if this incident were to occur to me, I am doomed. Am rather not prepared for such disasters and hence refrained from upgrading, and therfore did state as horror stories. Moreover, I did encounter several people who after an update, brought the laptop to the service personnel cursing and blurting these stories while awaiting their laptop's revival from the dark screens that had enveloped for days after the update. It is here partly, that I heard the dreadful tales of win10's restrictions in downloading and the like by word of mouth. Partly from the forums here, were people post their complaints. I believe them as they would not brag under such agonizing crises.

If you consider me exaggerating, then it is from these people that the pieces of information had brewed up.

Last day while I was striving to copy a CD of my Win XP for slip streaming, a certain "98 MAPI" data could not be copied to the installation disk since the OS WinXP was newer than the current file. The file indicates the copy dialogue box with the bars progressing to half and a failed error is reported for a split of a second. the file cannot be copied. Eventually abandoned the futile effort. If this can develop in XP then why not Win10 can restrict music and video downloading as stated by others (experienced).

Hence this post.

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I found XP CDs to be twitchy to copy.

And that copy failed in Linux as well as Windows so this is my finding and how I worked around it.

I went and used ROADKIL'S UNSTOPPABLE COPIER and it managed to get those last files off the old XP CD. At the same time I went and duplicated the old XP CD a few times because it was a sure sign some bit rot was occurring on the CD that looks to have been made in 2002.

Now there are folk that want to show this as proof that Windows 10 is blocking the copy. Since Linux couldn't copy it I wonder if they would say the same about Linux.

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Thank you for that information!

I thank you for that information regarding coping or extracting files from CD program.

Was intending to beget a bootable USB from my old WinXP CD, taking precautions, in case the CD turns faulty.

Whatever experience we encounter we share that through these posts. such that others may be made aware of these little accidents, It may seem trifling to experts but to an amateur, this is an experience he would never forget if the degree of adversity is enormous, and communicate the same to others, perhaps deter from this incident if the consequence is devastating.

If you find this post anyway promoting negative effect on your subjects (readers), feel free to delete the post. You are a moderator and can exercise those powers to the best of your judgement. I explicitly stated the XP CD but forgot to mention the OS it was Win XP too.

Nevertheless, thank you again for the information on application to copy resistant files from CD or the like. It would come in handy for future retrieval of such obstinate files.

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No, Thank you.

I feel you've been more than kind in this discussion. My hope is that by kicking it around and sharing that everyone (and us) learn a thing or two.

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That is the right decision!

Indeed sharing the post can enable one to anticipate or to be aware, others can learn from it. Some may concord and others may discord with the ideas conveyed, it depends on their experience and the ambience they encountered the effect.

I had made a re research on Win10, It appears to support my System requisites. Nevertheless, a hand on the new system Linux is a necessity before a concrete decision to migrate..

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a tripping point

as I recall then was making sure the newly burned image of CD was given the exact same label or volume name that the original CD had.

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Windows on Linux

Here's some links showing how I've had both W10 and W7 on Linux using VMWare or Virtual Box. I use a "shared" folder between the Linux host system and the sandboxed Windows OS, through the router. That keeps Windows off the internet, but also able to share files to Linux outside that boxed system, which can then be sent out using Linux and incoming files accepted by Linux and scanned before use in the sandboxed windows OS. This way windows OS can be protected from internet while still using windows specific programs one might need.

Also notice in one image there's information about my system, it had "only" 4GB, of which half could be shared to the windows OS.

It's not that difficult to set up, and the added advantage is you can make complete backup of the vhd or vdi file which contains the system if by some reason the used vhd/vdi file gets corrupted, and just copy it back, import into Virtual Box and be right back without having to reinstall windows, ever again.

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Thank you James, am indebted to you for these informations.

I do not know how to thank you for these pieces of information.

As I am quite new to this Operating system, any suggestions or tips are warmly received. Although I have not gone through these links due to sudden increase in the domestic chores, am aware these valuable pieces of information will assist me in due course.

I haven't installed the Linux system yet, but have downloaded Linux Mint 18 distro and found there is a later version 19. Moreover, these versions are to be evaluated for integrity and authenticity. Currently, am engaged into it. Once I get the general idea of the software then shall I proceed with your instructions. I deem that I can count on you if any unclear matter (doubts) arises.

At the moment the current OS takes almost a GB pf RAM for page file, remaining 3 GB is available for application etc,the effective RAM available is 3 GB to be precise.

Once again, let me express my immense gratitude and appreciation for your interest in helping me through those little handouts (information provided). It may take a while before I can exercise these information into practice. I intend to take the chance.


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You're Welcome

I'm still using 18 on my main computer, but do have 19 on a second one,that dual boots to Windows too. I don't use the Windows anymore, but left it there rather than move files over, which I can access from Linux anyway.

Version 18 can be upgraded using the update manager in future when you chose to do so. My 18 was upgraded from 17 in same manner. My 19 version I had to downgrade one driver (called a mod in linux) for my ethernet chip to work right, so 18 is probably best for you, maybe avoid hitting similar problem,especially if your ethernet chip is a Realtek. I can help if same problem happens after an upgrade to 19, but 18 is still a supported version till April 2021.

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18 is the Version I had downloaded but...!

I did download Linux Mint 18 but while recovering from a BSOD had to restore from a backup file during which the website address that I had downloaded from was lost. The restoration was from an older backup. I had searched the web and found a different site.

You do recommend me to install Mint 18 version. I need to re download the same from the current site and then verify the integration and authenticity of this mint 18 version before I can create a bootable CD or a USB.

Once I am consistent with the general ambience of the system, I intend to create a virtual box for my Win XP as you had mentioned.

Thank you James, I may disturb you for any vague instructions or procedure that requires clarification in due course.

Your Ethernet chip comes in the device manager ---> Network adapters ----> Realtek PCle FE Family in windows I assume? If so, mine has the same Realtek driver for the Ethernet as well. Or is it another???


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Just A Thought.. Is The Keyboard Audio Minus Key???

Have you checked to see if the keyboard's audio mute, plus key (+), or minus key (-) are stuck?

I have also read where a Bluetooth conflict might cause this. Have you tried turning off Bluetooth as a test?

Hope this helps.


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Keyboard Audio + and - keys were running flawless.

Keyboard Audio + and - keys were operating duly, when this misbehavior of the master volume occurs. I could control by tapping or sliding the volume button & bar to increase the volume to maximum. once stopped tapping the slider head glides back to zero. I did not find any faults with the bar or the button.

My Bluetooth is seldom deployed and remains in the off position often. I could see the icon on the tray changing colours when the same turns on or off. Moreover, conflicts can be read from system information of my Win XP. This issue tend to occur frequently when bluetooth is off as well. IRQ"s appeared to be normal nor there were any additional indications in the device manager either.

Thank you Grif for responding to the topic.


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Thanks a million Grif Thomas for pointing out the glitch

It was during one of the sessions when the master volume slider reverting to minimum, had I accidentally tinkered and twiddled with the keyboard + and - buttons and the volume bar, the slider head responded immediately to the gesture and the automatic reversion of volume head gliding to minimum was cancelled. Currently it remains stable, occasionally it may revert but again tinkering with the +&- keys does magically halts the mishap.

I deem there is a hardware issue near the volume button and bars, perhaps, I may need to evaluate this area with the assistance of a professional when time permits. Currently the slider head remains stable and respond to commands as expected.

My notion was that this ado was either a software glitch or an infection from a malware or a virus. Scanning computer with appropriate applications gave a clean chit to my bewilderment. This inconvenience had me spinning my head for the past fortnight.

Thank you once again for pointing towards the right direction, was at the end of my tethers. This saved several days of commitment and sacrifice.


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