My older laptop is an Acer ter-600. It's not stock. I changed the hard disk from 11GB 4200RPM to 40GB 5400RPM and the 4XCDRW to a spiffy DVD/CDRW that is 24X. It's still a great unit for what I need at times. Added a Wifi card to it's kit. Yes, the unit's CDRW failed in month 3. Acer offered me 2 options, give me a drive for me to install or ship it back and forth. I replaced the drive myself and that's all that ever happened.

The office is moving to 64-bit capables. We have a pair (soon more?) of the Compaq r3000s. Very nice desktop replacements. The office is full of Dell. There is a failure here and there, but 99% of the time it could be the user.