My laptop is turning off, but its not overheating

Jan 21, 2017 3:00PM PST

So hello, ive seen posts like this before, i know they exist.Ive tried many things to see what the problem is, but no progress is being made.Last post on this topic was from 2014(at least from what ive seen)
So the problem is that whenever I PLAY GAMES on this laptop, everything goes well (temps aroud 83c) and little to no throttling.ive had this laptop for a year and a half and it was around 93c doing fine without problems.But few weeks ago, it started shutting down on itself.Of course it was shutting down without any warning, just typical thermal throttle.So first thing i cleaned it up, the problem persisted.Then ive taken it apart and replaced thermal paste (the temps went down 10c) but for some reason, the problem still presists.Also ive deleted drivers in safe mode, and reinstalled them, it made a progress,now i can play for about 20min but still it shuts down.The temps are stable 83-85c.

I have taken it to the service center, they said theyve fixed it, but not at all...they never test games, and well this pc never fails at anything but at gaming.I cant find the problem, it was going without any problems for so song.

Im writing here asking for help, i have no idea what should i do if anything at all.I dont wanna take it to service center again, its annoyment at best.The last thing i can try in the book is fresh install of windows,but im not sure what difference coudl that do

Msi gs70 i7 4710hq gtx 870m 16gb 1600mhz ram 256ssd 1000hdd

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Reporting: My laptop is turning off, but its not overheating
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That sounds like heat and power issues.
Jan 21, 2017 3:38PM PST

It's years old so if the battery is gone, replace that and begin a daily canned air routine for a week and then back to monthly.

If you didn't keep up the canned air routine, the motherboard has aged.

Try setting the maximum number of CPU cores in the OS to 2 for test runs and put it on a cooling pad after the battery is replaced.

I've see folk write it's not heat or power but then it's going to be even more expensive (new motherboard.)

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About your comment on heat.
Jan 21, 2017 3:39PM PST

BTDT that, too many times, too many clients. You want it to be heat related. Otherwise the news is expensive and bad.

The temp you noted is just for that component. How do you know about the rest of the machine?

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im trying to observe everything as good as i can
Jan 22, 2017 12:46AM PST

Well,i downloaded hW monitor and im looking at all the temps while gaming.Which is very interesting,last night it shut down after 1 minute of playing a game.The gpu wasnt even heated up.
But i forgot to mention, few weeks ago when all this started,the battery died for some reason.It didnt seem like it just had too many cycles, im usign this laptop for desktop use only.So that was weird,but ive taken the battery out and the problem is still here.(yes i see you actually mention this).
Of course i could buz new battery, but do you think it would make a difference?

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About the power
Jan 22, 2017 3:51AM PST

So just a quick update, ive calculated the power from AC plug, and its 19.5V which is in check.
that means the last thing remaining is the whole mobo? :/

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Sorry if you feel shortchanged here.
Jan 23, 2017 10:00AM PST

If this hit our tech's bench I would have the tech tear it down to replace all the heatsink compounds (this is cheap work!) and button it up. Our techs know how to test if the heatink is down and not lifting up on a corner.

If the battery is not in great shape that must be replaced because some models can tap more Watts than the charger. Rare but the battery acts as a buffer for power and if the battery is gone, we won't repair without a good battery.

This can really P O some folk since they want it to be a setting, virus or such.

After that work, if it still shuts down, the machine is factory reset, tested and depending on the outcome sent back to the counter for pickup or a call to the client to see if they want the new mainboard.

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