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My Firefox 3.0.10 problems

I'm having to use clunky old IE 7 because Firefox, which I've heretofore been using with no problem, updated to 3.0.10 and now I can't even get it to load. It will load the Google page but my hard drive will churn and churn and if I click on the title bar "program not responding" will be added, altho I can X out of the program and the "this program has quit responding" box will pop up on the desktop (Also it wants to send an error msg to MS). I've read the other FF3.0.10 threads but those don't sound like what I'm experiencing. I'm using WinXP Sp3 on a 1.81 Ghz machine with 1GB of ram. Help?

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Reporting: My Firefox 3.0.10 problems
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Re: Firefox 3.0.10 problems

Well, personally I don't have any issues with this version. So just some suggestions.

1. In the future, save (and backup) the downloaded version of a newly installed program. That way, you can always go back to it. With all the automatic updates going on, download the installer of a working version and save that.
2. Delete the Firefox profile to see if maybe that is corrupted. in XP it would be in C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles.
3. Go forward to 3.0.11 from and see if that works with you.
4. Uninstall (and delete the profile). Then reinstall any old version you like from (column at right). I assume they do have the English version, not all 60 other languages.

Please tell what worked.


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Version correction v3.0.11 v. v3.0.10

Hi, thanks for answering. I did as you suggested, looked under c:\documents and settings\<myname>, but under <myname> there is:

+My Documents
+MyConnection PC
+MySpeed PC
+Start Menu

There is no "Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles" listed under any of these or in the "C:\Programs\Mozilla Firefox" file.

And I think I need to correct which FF is the problem. I had 3.0.10 which worked fine, so it's 3.0.11 that is the problem.

I was just reading over on mozillazine in the forum (With Opera) and some people are saying that FF v3.0.11 and Java are having a problem.

I looked in the Java file and this program never deletes it's old versions so I have 9 of them. The latest, JRE6, has a copyright date of 3/16/09 and a "patch.err" date of 6/10/09 so I guess it's the newest, altho the complaints on the mozilla forum have the java version of Java-1.6.0_14. Before the JRE6 my last Java file was 1.6.0_07 with a copyright date of 6/10/08. So now I'm getting confused.

Shall I just download FF v3.0.10 and have done with it, or is there anything I can salvage here?

I see, also, that there's a Ff v3.5 BETA and I don't usually do betas, but might it be worth it to download and install that?

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It may be a "Hidden" folder.

Try this. Open "My Computer", and go to Tools > Folder Options > View tab.

Scroll down until you see "Hidden files and folders", and select "Show hidden files and folders", then try again.

I hope that helps.


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Re: Firefox versions

To see that folder, it seems you should active something like "Show hidden and system files and folders" in Control Panel>Folder Options. Most people don't, indeed. I always do, and forget about it.

Java: it's safe to uninstall all but the latest version from Control Panel>Add/Remove. The latest Sun offers is Version 6 Update 14, but you may still have an older one. It's quite annoying: every version taking 100 Mb and no auto-delete option. Also quite annoying: their version numbering.

What I would do now:
- Uninstall all but your latest Java (unless the troubles started at the date you downloaded that). Just to keep the system clean.
- Show hidden files and folders and delete that profile. Note it contains your add-ons also. You might have used the (very useful) FEBE-addon to make a backup of them?
- If that doesn't help: uninstall 3.0.11 and install 3.0.10.


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Okay, here's where I am

I unhid the hidden folders and files and found the Application Data folder and sub-folders down to the Profiles folder as mentioned in the second post. Now, was I supposed to delete the =whole= Profiles folder or some type of file within the sub-folder, 7xfhpckw.default, beneath the Profiles folder? Because when I deleted the Profiles folder Firefox no longer works. A window pops up and says that Firefox is already running and I'd have to close one session before opening another. But it's not running.

Because I really don't know what I'm doing here, I copied that Profiles sub-folder over to a Cruser mini so I wouldn't lose all my settings.

If I just remove v3.0.11, go find v3.0.10 and reinstall, can I get all of my settings back from the folder saved on the Cruser? I won't do anything until I hear back from the helpful folks here.

And thanks for letting me know that I can uninstall all those old Java installs.

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Re: Firefox

I've never done it, but I think it's safe to rename or delete that 7xfhpckw.default folder.

Another (and surely safe) way to see if it's a corrupted profile is to make a new Windows account and logon to that to run Firefox. If it's OK then, it's your old profile or Windows account settings. If it's still wrong, it's Firefox itself or some global thing on your PC.

As long as you don't toucht tha subfolder, I think 3.0.10 will just pick it up if you uninstall 3.0.11 and then install 3.0.10 again. But having an extra copy on your USB-stick doesn't harm at all!


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Firefox profile directory...

-> You would just want to delete (or, alternatively, rename) the subfolder, 7xfhpckw.default, not the parent Profiles folder, though reinstalling Firefox would automatically recreate the Profiles folder if missing.

-> If you copy that Profiles folder (and its contents) back to the original location and reinstall Firefox, it will load the bookmarks & settings automatically.

-> If you copy the Profiles folder back to the original location and reinstall Firefox (old version) but the problem remains, close out of Firefox and try entering the following command in the Run dialog box (press Windows + R): firefox.exe -safe-mode (with the space). You can then choose to run Firefox with all extensions disabled and using the default settings, to determine if a faulty extension or corrupt settings file is to blame. (We can narrow it down from there.)

Hope this helps,

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The end of the matter...all's well that end's well

Well, I took the option of downloading FF v3.0.10, moving the Profile folder back where it belonged, uninstalling v3.0.11, and installing v3.0.10 and everything seems back to normal. Things are a little halt-y, but I may just have to reboot to smooth everything out. And the first thing I did when I opened FF is to go into Options and change auto-download and install, to ask me what should be done, and wouldn't you know it, I just saw a little pop-up announcing v3.0.11. Thanks, but no thanks.

I like to thank everyone who helped me with this over the last couple of days. I missed FF something awful, not really liking Opera that much, and IE7 even less. And I'm glad I came here instead of, you know, over there, for help.

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