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My farewell letter to Mozilla aka The great Google imitator

by TWB404 / August 26, 2011 4:06 AM PDT

First I would like to state that I would have sent this directly to Mozilla but they have adopted a new policy of only allowing those who have the latest version installed to contact them. You got to ask yourself what is going on at Mozilla these days. Has the board of directors decided it is time to shut down Firefox. The CEO and his management team seem to be totally out of touch with why people choose Firefox. If the user base of Firefox wanted the Google experience they would have just downloaded it. For some reason, the new CEO and his management team seem intent on stuffing the Google experience down their user throats. In March of 2010, Firefox had a 32.9% share of the browser market. By July of 2010, that had climbed to 33.9%. When they released FF4 in March of 2011 that had dropped to 30.1%. Since the release of FF4 they had dropped another 2.8%. The biggest drop came in the month of May 2011 when they lost a full percentage point. You would think that someone at Mozilla would be paying attention to this and realizing that they are on the wrong track. I can only guess at what is going on but for some reason the lost of market share is not deterring them from the path they are on.

My biggest problem with FF4 was how Mozilla introduced us to the browser being the internet cop. They introduced a new cache structure, that in my opinion, only had one purpose. That was to keep the user form being able to go in and examine what was in it. They also started with FF4 breaking up the video and game files to make them useless to the user. Anyone who wishes to read my opinion, and the push back I received from the experts who were insulted by me having the nerve to question why, can read my post on it.;threadListing

To make matters worst with the release with FF5 and FF6 is that they are
not even caching the video files anymore. They have turned your common
flash videos into streaming video. I did not try any game files on
either of them but I would suspect they are doing the same. Thus they
have completed the journey into making the browser the internet

The bigger push back came from other users who felt the UI ( user interface) was all wrong. Corporate user complained that the new speedy release schedule was causing problems for them. Lets take a second to just reveiw these 2 complaints. The response to the corporate complaints was the most disturbing. They basically said that corporate user was not a concern to them because they were not the target user base that Mozilla was trying to attract.,news-11704.html

Then someone at Mozilla realized that was the wrong response and try to walk it back.

The speedy release schedule would not be that bad if you could release a new version that did not introduce more problems. If the add ons could keep up and the plug ins work. Those who are trying to stay faithful to you have been complaining that you got a big problems with stability, add ons and plugins not working. I know why, just ignore these complaints. Wait, that is what your doing anyway.

Someone at Mozilla needs to go and read up on how public relations works. These missteps do not stop there tho. As I mentioned, a lot of the user push back on how the UI had been changed.This, in my humble opinion, was the biggest turn off to the fateful user. I can only guess that someone at Mozilla decide they needed to anger this group even more and have come up with a even more disturbing UI.

After seeing the new UI, I just wanted to cry. What is going on. Did no one at Mozilla realize just how bad the last UI change affected their market share of the browser market. I guess not.

So I will close this out with these final comments. Mozilla, you are dead to me. You chose to turn the browser into a internet cop with the new cache structure and by not caching our video and game files. You chose to insult your corporate base by stating they are not your target user. Then on top of all that you chose to ignore the complaints about the UI and have come out with a even more hideous one. Please go and take some public relation classes and try to understand that when you start to BLEED user that your on the wrong track. At the end of July your share of the browser market broke down to this. 15% were using FF5, 8% was still using 3.6 and the remainder was using FF 3.5 and below. Please pay attention to that 8% number. They are the one who are trying to tell you something. I wonder if you can understand it or will you just keep on the track your on and be left with less then 15% of the market share and they will be your die hard fan boys who would run anything if you just call it Mozilla Firefox.

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Re: Firefox UI
by Kees_B Forum moderator / August 26, 2011 4:17 AM PDT

I use FF 3.6.20 at home and FF 6 at work (for some automatic update reason unknow to me) and I didn't notice any difference in UI between 3.6 and 6.
Not noticing any changes, I can say I'm not pushed back at all on that subject.

But I don't upgrade at home because I don't want to lose add-ons. That just might happen between 3.6 and 6.


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by TWB404 / August 26, 2011 7:03 AM PDT
In reply to: Re: Firefox UI

I think our definition of user interface is different. I am referring to how the tabs are now on top, the new placement of the refresh and stop button, the loss of the status bar, and many other changes to how it looks and feels to the user. I know that the tabs can be moved back to the button but so many of the other changes are permanent and the new Mozilla rolls on losing their user base.The thing about this is I am not the only one who had major problems with these changes. I would not
worry to much about it, by the time they roll out version 9, oops that is something else they are dropping the version numbers, they will have lost another percent or 2 of their users.

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Nothing I've noticed.
by MarkFlax Forum moderator / August 26, 2011 6:21 AM PDT

I'm up to FF6 now and I'm quite happy with it.

I expect you are hoping that someone at Mozilla will see your post, either because they are regular visitors here, or some Google search. I have no idea about that. However I did a quick Google of my own on Mozilla Contact Us and found plenty of options in the very first link to contact them. This one for example;

Morover, I found two sets of forums;

Any complaint might have been better directed there as I am sure there is more chance of Mozilla guys reading those than this.

That said, a few comments about what you said.

1] Market share.

Inevitable. As soon as Google started getting their Chrome browser in order their market share was bound to increase. Add to that, Microsoft introduced its IE9. With so many browsers in the market now, all shares are going to be squeezed.

I have Chrome installed on my system. Not that I use it much, but it is there and it's good. I'm a long time user of Netscape and Mozilla but I have no qualms about switching if I find anything better. It's a buyers market out there and no 'one' browser has a monopoly any more.

2] New Cache Structure. I agree with you there. I first noticed it when I used CCleaner and it took 50 odd minutes to clean out all the Firefox cache files. I found an easy solution. Every time I close down Firefox it clears its cache. No more problem.

3] Video files. I think you might find that Adobe's Flash has it's own cache. I turned that off as well.

Not sure what you mean by game caches but I play a lot of online games and as long as I retain the games' cookie I have no problem there.

4] Your previous discussion here;;1f

86 posts in it and the argument was going nowhere. Sometimes we have to call a halt.

5] Speedy releases. Whilst I think it's a little strange myself, and perhaps Mozilla could have handled the corporations' concerns better, it doesn't concern me. Why should it concern you?

6] I don't know what an 'internet cop' is.

7] If Mozilla fails, then that's sad, but so be it. I will shrug my shoulders and move on. I did with IE, I did with Netscape, I'm sure I will have to do it again with my present favored choice some time.

Just a note. You have made your point and that is fine, but if this discussion gets too large like your other one did, I will be locking it. It serves no purpose to flog a dead horse.


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Who told you i love bullet points
by TWB404 / August 26, 2011 7:44 AM PDT
In reply to: Nothing I've noticed.

I see you never found the main contact page. This is the page that you use to send email to the company. Why you would Google that is kind of a mystery to me. Any company online that is peddling something has a contact us link somewhere on there web page. Most of the time it allows you to send an email to them. When I go to Mozilla page and click on the about link, then click on product feedback ( which is what i want to to ), I get this message.

Oh! So, you want to offer us feedback on Firefox. Thank you, but you'll need to be on the latest version. To do that, simply go to our download page and install/update to the latest version of Firefox!

When they released FF4, I used this page 3 or 4 times using FF3.6 to send them emails. Now I guess they do not want to hear from us unless we have the latest version. I have also used the forums at Mozilla and found them to locked into the shut up and take what we give you or change browser attitude.

To the bullet points.

1. Since the release of FF4 and you round down and be generous, they are losing .5% a month. If they continue on this pace it will not take long for them to be just an after thought in the browser market.

2 Thanks for agreeing

3. Until the release of FF4 you could find the video or game file in your cache folder. The Adobe cache folder is for LSO cookies. I should state that you bring up a point that I have not checked tho. When I tried FF5 and FF6, I looked in the FF sub cache folders and found nothing. I did do a search of all news file by date and did not find them any where. Maybe Adobe is now caching them in there cache folder. This will be something I will check out later.

4. I am not sure why you would relink what I had linked already in my post unless you wanted to point out that there was a big push back on me questioning the experts. I also stated that in my post.

5. It is a perfect example of how they are no longer being innovators and are just imitating Google.

6. Internet cop was a name given to the new cache structure and the breaking up of the video and game files by FF4. I first read it in the Mozilla forums and have also seen it used in other forums across the net. They demonstrated with the release of FF5 and FF6 that was what they where doing.

7. The day Mozilla fails will the saddest thing I will experience online. They, at one time, was the bright spot of the internet.

I am sad and disappointed that you or any other moderator would feel the need to lock a discussion because it becomes to long. I always felt that forums like this was a place to exchange ideas and to express opinions. I know mine is offensive to the experts who feel that I have neither the education or the right to question them but then again they do not know me. I guess when someone expresses an opinion that you or any other moderator disagrees with, it is just simpler to lock it then to allow the opposing opinion to exist in the public domain. If you got the time please explain why a long discussion is something that is not allowed and should be locked. Did I miss or forget something when I read the forum policy.

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Good Laughs
by gargamel360 / August 27, 2011 10:36 AM PDT

How much time do you devote to this Mozilla smear campaign you run? Laugh I remember your "They are Hiding Something" thread. I really hope you at least posted this on Mozilla forums also, it is kind of pointless to post it here. And it is not as though I do not agree with some of your points, I just wonder what your goal is in this continuing saga of making novel-sized posts. I mean, there are other browsers. Many others. Move on to what you want.

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Just like to express my opinion
by TWB404 / August 27, 2011 11:25 AM PDT
In reply to: Good Laughs

Why does it upset you so. I am not the only one who feels this way about the new Mozilla and their new business model of imitating Google. If you had read my reply to Mark you would have seen where I have been to the Mozilla forums and found the attitude to be is that your going to take it or change browsers. If you had read and and looked at the numbers in my post you would realize that Mozilla is bleeding users with this new attitude. They lost a full percent point in the month of May alone. That alone would tell any business major that the they are on the wrong track. Also take note to the part where I point out this major desertion of user occurred after the release of FF4.

I find the most interesting number is that at the end of July, 8% of the Mozilla's market share is still on FF3.6. When Mozilla released 3.6, it only took roughly a month for 85 to 90% of their user to switch to the new version. Keep in mind that 8% of Mozilla's market share equals roughly one third of all their users. Those 2 facts alone demonstrates that Mozilla made a huge mistake deciding to imitate Google.

Read the link I post below on how one of the old guard from the failed Netscape who is now the Chairperson at Mozilla tries to defend the ever advancing new releases.;main

The more interesting part about that article are the comments. More and more people are coming forward and calling it for what it is.

Firefox is not and has never been a great browser, what made it great was the add ons. With this constant releasing of new version these volunteers who offer the things that make it great are having trouble keeping up. The 2 major complaints I read with each release is about add ons and plug ins not working. I know Mozilla is not going to change its course. They will keep the browser as the new internet cop, keep the constant advance of new releases until the volunteers abandon them, and they will get to the point where they release a new UI with every new update.

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I can't download FF 3 or 6 because
by Chigal48 / September 19, 2011 10:12 PM PDT
"This type of file can harm your computer" message" The only files I can dnld are Safari, IE7 (can't dnld IE8 or 9 because of the message), and Slim Browser.

I can't even dnload Netscape because of the error message.
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Re: can't download
by Kees_B Forum moderator / September 19, 2011 10:28 PM PDT

Same remark as I made on your post about IE7.

What a curious security software you use! I'd dump it immediately, if I were you. FF 3 and 6 are more safe than older versions, just like IE8 and IE9 are more safe than IE7.


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