My download speed drops to 0 when downloading.

So I've noticed a few days ago that I can't download anything from internet browsers. The download starts, it downloads like 10-20 MB and then the download speed drops to 0. After some time, it says Download Failed- Network Error. I'm on Ethernet and have the newest drivers installed. I deep scanned my pc for viruses, I don't have any. I've tried to speedtest when I'm not downloading something, and then it's fine, but when I speedtest while I'm downloading something, the download speed jumps to 650 and I get the message: "A socket error occurred during the download test. A firewall could be blocking the connection or the server might be having some issues. Please try again later." I've tried disabling my Avast web shield and it still doesn't work. Does anyone know how to fix this? I can also browse the internet with no problem, it's just the downloads that are the problem.

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Reporting: My download speed drops to 0 when downloading.
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Re: download

I shouldn't run a speedtest while doing a download. They compete for the available bandwidth (and, seeing the message, maybe other resources).

The first thing to do is to determine if this is an issue of your PC or the connection (router, modem, cabl- or phone line, ISP). Ask a friend with a laptop to come and try.

If it's your PC, then maybe "the newest drivers" are a problem. What drivers, where did they come from and what made you install them (what was wrong with the old ones)? Anyway, try a system restore back to before this issue turned up.

If it's not your PC (so if it happens on your friends laptop also) reset the router and the modem and see if that helps.

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Thanks for the quick response! I connected another PC to the same Ethernet and it had no problems downloading anything. For the drivers, I said "the newest drivers" because, when I checked, it said that there are no new drivers available. I haven't downloaded any network driver on my own. I think I'll try the system restore.

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Re: new drivers

If "it" in "it said" is Device Manager, please note that means that Windows update doesn't know about new drivers. But it's well known that Windows update knows nothing reliable about drivers, so it's worth nothing.

Usually it means "You forgot block automatic driver update, so it's quite well possible Windows installed the wrong drivers".
But I think it's unlikely it has to do with drivers.

Anyway, if it's fine on all other PC's and you can't find the cause, and system restore doesn't work, consider resetting or refreshing Windows 10.

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I'd try it with a clean PC.

No Avast, just an OS and the Internet. I've lost count how many times the PC is fine but it's what the owner installed later or protections installed.

That said, there are downloads that are just broken. I take it you ask because it's ALL DOWNLOADS and not just something like a cracked copy of Office.

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re: I'd try it with a clean PC.

Thanks for the quick response! I've uninstalled all antivirus software from my computer and it managed to download one file, but when I tried to download another file, it went back to the whole stopping the download mid way stuff.
And yeah, it's all downloads that are affected.

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Then try another browser.

As to the uninstall, some like Norton, McAfee and others don't full uninstall so I take a look with SPECCY then go get the maker's cleanup tool if I find remnants.

And try another browser.

Remember I take it this is not just one site and nothing shifty about the downloads. Just tell us where the download is at so we can test.

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Sometimes, the quality of the wire and if its not bundled up in a mess between the router and modem can cause communication errors. Also, if you are on a cable modem, check to see if you have brass-hex crimp RF connectors on your cable. If you do, have them change them to the new style.

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two other things to try

1. do a power cycle on the router. pull the plug for a 10 count. though other computers and devices may work, you may not have a good connection.
2. boot to safemode with network and see if you can download from there. .

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