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My Device Manager is no longer "seeing" integrated devices

I updated my RCA W101v2 (Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU Z3735F @ 1.33GHz) tablet with the spring update to Win10. Now my tablet no longer believes it has a speaker, integrated graphics, a micro sd slot with card in it, temperature monitor, battery monitor, or even a touchscreen. Please don't tell me to download the drivers for these things, because if the device manager can't see that you have them - THERE IS NO WAY TO UPDATE THE DRIVERS. I need a registry fix or something to make my tablet see it has all these built in things before drivers will do me any good. I do have the drivers, but as I said I have no way to install them.

I will give you any further info you need about my system, just ask. Cool I am a newbie here so if I've missed any regular protocols here, I apologize in advance.

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Reporting: My Device Manager is no longer "seeing" integrated devices
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more info
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willing to try

But won't I lose everything if I try to install Linux? Won't that wipe the hard drive and not work with my Micro SD?

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Can you reach the windows file manager?

Does it work OK? See folders and files? If so, you will need a backup drive or USB flashdrive which can hold your personal files, like documents, pictures mail files, exported favorites or bookmarks and so forth. You should already been backing that stuff up anyway.

Linux distros usually have two installation methods. One is to shrink windows partition and install as a dual boot system. The second is to wipe the drive and install Linux only.

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Also, there are many youtube videos on linux

4.15 million videos on "linux".

52, 000 on Lubuntu

54,000 on Puppy Linux

74,800 on Mint XFCE

150,000 on Mint MATE (if you have 2GB or more of RAM)

Here's a couple videos on Mint MATE version 18.3, the latest LTS release (Long Term Suport)

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Maybe Rob (Moderator) has run into this too?
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It's dead James.

That machine was a loner PC at the office and it died in service. Sorry folk.

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I was hoping. Did yours also fail a Factory Reset? That would be an option for her.

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End of the line. The ride is over.
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Another thought since this is a tablet

Why not use android on it instead? I have an older Samsung tablet I rarely, very rarely use, and it's an android.

You would probably need a USB hub and a standard keyboard, since this is a tablet.

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Ahh this docks to a keyboard already!
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Keyboard came with it

It's a thought, but I've been using my tablet as a mini-desktop with some Steam games and other things that probably wouldn't work on Android. I'm trying to upgrade an old desktop computer, but until that's done - this is my desktop.

Normally, I'd consider backing everything up to my actual desktop, but when I try to hook them up using USB they never recognize each other. I have an earlier Win10 installation on the old one and it's not connected to the internet at the moment (I need a Wifi adapter for it). Do you have any suggestions?

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good news
Linux now runs Steam too.

You want wifi for the desktop? I use this one, it's very powerful receiver.

Is the USB cord actually a 4 wire with data, or simply a 2 wire charging only cable? A 2 wire charging cable is good when using charging stations at various places other than home, so nobody can have the charging station also set to download data from your computer, or to install malware. For home use though, you might prefer one with data wires in it too.
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Awesome receiver!

I had looked the Steam/Linux bit up before I posted about Android, but thank you!

The receiver looks awesome and just a tiny bit more expensive than one I was looking at. I'm on a fixed income, so every penny counts. However your recommendation makes the small price difference well worth it!

About the USB connection: I've been having to do this round about thing where if my desktop needs a file/program, I download it onto the tablet use the USB cable to transfer it to my phone and then to the desktop - since they both recognize the phone, but not each other. Silly, really.

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odds and ends

The phone charger cable probably has the 4 wire so it can have data accessed off it. Have you tried using the phone cable between the desktop and tablet yet?

That wifi receiver works in both windows (with drivers installed) and in Linux (out of the box, no driver install necessary).

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That was the 1st thing I tried with the USB cord, but absolutely nothing happened. No sounds, no blinking icons, nothing showing up in the My Computer screens - it's just weird and my luck. Wink

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Probably due to newer UEFI BIOS with secure boot

in the tablet and the desktop being probably older and not able to access the data on it due to some setting in BIOS that blocks it, for "security". Once you have wifi on the desktop, you can maybe link the tablet and desktop together in a "sharing" method, like a LAN, and do access between them.

Of course if you move to a different Operating System, the game changes again.

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Thanks for that tidbit...

If I really like Linux on the tablet, maybe I'll consider it for the desktop.

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1 am here

off to bed now, will check back tomorrow.

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Thank You!

Oh my goodness! Only just after 11pm here.

Thank You, you've been really helpful!

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