I think it needs a new keyboard - one that doesn't have a stuck CapsLock key. It is very difficult to read your question when you type in all Caps.

Next, after you've repaired the keyboard, can you tell us more about the events during and after the shut down. What did the shut down look like? Did the screen just go black? Did the computer turn off (the fans stopped and the lights on the front turned off) or did the computer still seem to be on but nonresponsive. You say you were just surfing - what was on the website your were at when it failed? Was it a game or some little Java applet, or just text/graphics and the usual advertisements, or maybe you were downloading something at the time? Were any other programs running at the time?

About the attempt to restart: the monitor say WindowsXP - do you mean the initial black screen with the colorful letters and the little blue or yellow dotted line zipping back and forth? or does it get past that and shows something else? You say it won't go to the internet, does it do anything else?

It sounds like a pretty dramatic failure, but if you can tell us a bit more about it we can try to figure out what happened. And before you do anything, check with us to be sure it won't completely wipe out your data. Generally, data is recoverable if you go about it the right way. Unfortunately, the "solutions" that are often offered (even by computer technicians) are for a system restore - which gets the computer running again but loses all the user data.