My computer is a "bit" slow considering what I have inside.

My computer is running
i5 2500k 3.3GHz -CPU
Geforce GTX 960 -GPU
one 8GB Dimm -RAM

from my knowledge it should be running most new games fairly well but in a lot of games like GTA V it fails to run it on the default settings with a constant 60, its 45 if I'm lucky half the time. My computer struggles with most things even though it should fly through with no problem... Has anyone got any ideas of what the problem could be.

Side note(s);
The computer was put together by me with no outside help (alright job considering my age, cable management is garbage though)

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Reporting: My computer is a "bit" slow considering what I have inside.
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I'll write that the 960 would deliver about 45

With the default settings. To get more FPS you're going to have to reduce effects.

Remember the defaults push the cards hard and many get about 30 on defaults. So 45 on defaults sounds above average.

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I find only 45 is a bit odd

My friend is running a GTX 760 and he gets 60FPS in GTA V and In almost every other game he gets A LOT more frames on most of the higher settings

Battlefront EA for example, he was on ultra and was getting around 50 while i was hitting a 45 on the lowest settings!

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This area is a black hole of variables.

Different drivers, could be out of date BIOS, throttling due to well, I won't list it since I can't see your PC.

All it takes is one different setting and wildly different results. I am going not list these settings because I can't guess if it will pay off but you can find long dialogs on optimizing this card for that game. There is no such thing as "ultra" on its own. That is, I can run ultra in the game but have changed a graphic card option and my results would not match the next PC.

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This is interesting.

I do not understand why you would make a newer card and yet have it worse then ones before it, unless it is just meant to be a cheep one for people (like $50 less >.&gtWink but I wasn't aware nVidia did that with these line of cards.

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Just curious

Why would you build a gaming rig and then install ram in single channel mode?
Seems like an anchor to me.
It would be best to fit the machine with 2x4GB@1333.
That should enable dual channel with the fastest ram the cpu supports.

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I was planning to get a second one.

I was, when I got the ram dimm, planning to get another 8GB dimm but at the time my money had to be put to other things (I did have the money to get a second one at the time)

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Part of the overall speed loss can be this.

There are many priors about single vs. dual channel speed loss. I rarely get to test this out but it is a factor.

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Okay, I will take this into consideration.

Thanks for informing me on this, I will try to get a second dimm as soon as I can. ( I will probably grab a 4GB dimm.)

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In order for dual channel to function proper you need matched pairs.
Same make...same model...same timing...same size..etc
That's why the ram is sold in kits.
If you mix this up either dual channel won't function or you'll have stability problems.

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well >.>

Guess I'm saving up $118 then.

xD thanks for telling me.

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Dual channel

Just to be clear.
On this machine when I enable dual channel I see a big jump in ram data rate.
How that effects gaming might depend on the machine and the game.
I doubt any game will play slower and if I pick up a few extra fps on some game that's a bonus.

I don't game so I can't test.

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