My computer causes the entire network at home to crash...!!


I need help ... really. I have tried everything possible, it seems. and researched as much as I could. But the problem does not solve itself.

I recently bought an upgrade package with; Motherboard (MSI z390), CPU (Intel I9-9900k), Ram memory, SSD and CPU cooler. got everything started and it works great. However, I have not been able to use CDs since my computer lacks disk to run dvd / cd etc. so what i did was of course to download drivers for the motherboard and network adapter on USB. But as soon as I got started on the internet, the problem started!

The Internet via LAN or WIFI works great throughout the house on all possible devices except on my newly-upgraded computer(i use LAN cable) ... every time I turn on my computer, the internet dies for everyone who is connected. After only a few minutes, sometimes second. Then the internet is then fed back again on the same path, dies, comes back, dies, comes back ...

HAVE TRIED! with most things I can imagine. Having disconnected the router, changed the LAN cable, installed and removed the drivers, has checked with my ISP if they have disturbances (nope) I have also reset the router from its site via google chrome. Nothing has helped more than a couple of hours. LAST I reinstalled the drivers for my "Intel ethernet 1209-v" adapter it worked. But as soon as the computer restarts, the problem arises again. When I do not use the computer, all other devices and their connection work.


EDIT: I went in to BIOS and shifted "LAN ROM" on. This did not help and i dont know what it does.

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Reporting: My computer causes the entire network at home to crash...!!
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It wasn't long ago

When the Vista Broadcast Flag would crash a router. Some faulted Windows but I faulted the router code.

1. Be sure your router firmware is current.
2. Some Intel LAN chipsets need a firmware update. I can't tell from your post what you have but do check that out.

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What do you need to know that i have? ^^

what is it you cant tell what i have? let me know please, need all the help i can get!

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Have the latest Firmware for my router!

i have the latest firmware for my router. Dlink Dir655 the A type.

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You do realize there are a lot of complaints.
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Problem just arrived

I've never before had problems with the router. It is my computer ever since the new motherboard (msi z390 pro carbon) was installed that the problem started.

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And if you read some history

This is not unexpected. As you are not responding with "yes, my Intel firmware is updated" OR "I tried another router or older router firmware" you are lost until you find time to do the research and work.

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Appreciate all the help!

Yes! I have the latest firmware for the router and yes I have had the problem before I updated to the latest firmware and no, I have not tried with another router.

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That's better.

I can't guess where you are unless you tell.

If you check the prior discussions on that router, you see the only hope may be an older firmware in the router. Yes, folk usually write to use the latest but in this model it appears you want to use the older version for the issues folk yelp about.

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If you read the complaints

You might see if you can use an older firmware. I usually don't advise this but then again, you have this router.

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Need to lower wifi bandwidth and strength on....

...on your computer. That happened with a new laptop my oldest daughter bought, and had my youngest screaming from her room. I increased router broadcast strength from the 50% upward, and the offensive laptop's wifi was throttled back in strength. I can't remember if she dropped it from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz, but think that was done too.

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can you help me out with this?


i have read something like this somewhere, but i dont know where to or how to do this change of setting. is it on the computer settings or on the router settings from the website?

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You seem to be ignoring history.

And may be doomed to repeat it. Look again at the prior complaints on that router and there it is. The problem was made clear with the new PC but you appear to not grasp the past.

-> noted the Intel firmware update but you are NOT responding to my hints and outright suggestions.

I fear you will be lost for a time.

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To be exact

The exact motherboard I have is not the z390 A-pro. I have the z390 gaming carbon pro.

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I don't use wifi, does it matter?

I don't use the wifi, I use an lan cable. Does it have any effection on the lan connection if the setting on the wifi are 5ghz etc?

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You could try turning off the radio in the router.

Worth a try.

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Never heard of this, but I'll check it out, thanks.

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Don't know how to, but tries something else.

I don't know how to do that, so what I did is that I went in on the Http// for the router and made a new auto connection for the wireless setup. THIS did fix the problem. BUT when I upgraded the motherboard drivers and software by MSI DRAGONCENTER the problem showed up again...

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Checked it

I did check the bandwidth and it was on 2,4ghz.

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Given the story

I think you have to get the maker to support you. I've noted many items but can't tell if you worked on them. Yes, the motherboard I noted wasn't the exact model but it appears there was an update for both models.

Also, folk that update WORKING drivers tend to learn that we don't update drivers that work. Yes, that should not be a problem but heck, just read more forums and again and again you read "my machine was working and I updated drivers. What is wrong?"

My advice is to stop fixing when it is working.

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What kind of motherboard do you have?

Please send me screen short.

I think. Very odd issue indeed! Some questions: Is your router modem is combo, or does the router plug into a modem? If you have a standalone modem, have you tried plugging the computer directly in? Are you able to access the modems configuration menu? When the computer is plugged into the network is anything reported in Event Viewer on any of the PC's?

Something I would try doing (if possible). Is logging into the modem and assigning the computer a static IP based off its MAC address. This would be to attempt to rule out any IP configuration issues.

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