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Muslim world falls short on tsunami aid - Wolfowitz

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Parts of the Islamic world are "big on talking about jihad" but have fallen short in aiding Muslim victims of the South Asian tsunami, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said on Thursday.

Speaking to a Senate hearing about the international response to the massive earthquake and flood that left some 300,000 people dead or missing, Wolfowitz also said the European military response could have been greater.

"There's been very little generosity so far from parts of the Muslim world that are big on talking about jihad and other things, but when 200,000 people -- all of them Muslim in the case of Indonesia -- died in this catastrophe, there's not much help forthcoming," Wolfowitz said.

Jihad is a broad term in Islam and generally means a struggle for the benefit of the Islamic community. It can be anything from an internal struggle to be a better Muslim, to a violent conflict in defense of the faith.

"I hope those people might think a little bit about what they've done and what they haven't done," Wolfowitz said. He did not specify who he meant.

seems to me the friendly muslums have no feelings for there own"

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Reporting: Muslim world falls short on tsunami aid - Wolfowitz
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(NT) (NT) Yeah, there's an enlightened and humanintarian source !
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its just stateing the obvious

but then that goes against your hate of the usa and its leaders

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I doubt if 100

million Muslims will ever hear that critism on their news media.

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(NT) (NT) "no feelings for there own". Yep!
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CHARITY, the eyes can and cannot see?

But of course, Wolfowitz is so accustomed to all the limelight, the spotlights, the shadow of the Barbie dolled guys in a Tuxedo, the Bow Tie club, standing tall up the podium bowing up and down, nodding right to left, ears flapping every time the crowd starts clapping, the awards, the recognition, the standing ovation accompanied by the fading-in and out orchestral sounds of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

?Another $1M cheque coming from Enran?, round of applause can be heard among the crowd.
?Hold on folks, here comes $2M from Hellahburton? a round of applause if you would please.
?Here?s more?Aramcoe, Chevran, Shelllah, Intellah, Nortellah?? applause and more.

It?s great,no? --- But of course, I wish I may, I wish I might see all the crooks get caught tonight.

What?s obvious is cultural and religious ignorance...and the the lack of EXPOSURE around different people of the world. Happy
But first, what did my grandmother (Christian) used to say?

"God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble [James 4:6]"

Humble yourself child!

Why does the Muslim appear to be stingy?

?Oh, believers, do not void your freewill offerings with reproach and injury as one who bestows of his substance to show off to men and believes not in God and the Last Day? (2:266).

?If you publish your voluntary offerings, that is good; but if you conceal them , and give them to the poor, that is better for you, and will acquit you of your evil deeds? (2:272).

?Whatever good you do surely God has knowledge of it. Those who expend their wealth night and day, openly or secretly , their reward awaits them with their Lord? (2:275).

The right hand gives what the left hand conceals --- Give and do not calculate, so calculation will not be made against you.

I suppose there are people who love to be recognized and seen at the SHOWTIME MATINEE for every contributions they made ? ?I did this and I did that --- Now hand me the trophy.? And I suppose it makes them feel holier and mighty good in the eyes of their adversaries.

Arrogance, bossy, competition, show-offs, pride, foot/mouth disease, etc. etc. ---------it's a CULTURAL THING.


"Hey! I just gave the homeless dude a piece of banana", broadcasted CL.

"What an arrow-gant piece of crap you are CL!", somebody out there thinking out loud for themself.

Me thinks, "Hey! What do you expect, I'm an American/Canadian" Devil If you know what I mean.

Somebody who saw and knew me thinks, "I see you gave more than what you disclosed"

"Oh yah!, now....hushhhhhhhhhhh!, let it be our little secret", me thinks.

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No man is an island...
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I'm gonna reply based upon my loose assumption of what you meant by your rant... it was a little hard to follow.
The recent tally of aid donations is not simply an issue of the givers announcing their donations, as you seem to imply, but instead a report by the actual aid agencies of what organizations and nations have given aid.
So, unless there are a lot of Muslim nations sneaking aid into the country, Wolfowitz's challenge stands true. And somehow, if any nation or organization is sneaking personnel and equipment into the devestated nations, I doubt it is for humanitarian purposes.

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You said...

I doubt...
Posted by: dirtyrich

There isn't much left to talk about then eh!

Still acknowledges his feelings

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A grunt

would have sufficed, been about as significant, and saved you time typing.

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You should have followed your initial instinct.

You called my post a rant (you made up your mind to be sarcastic), and now you're expecting a sweet jelly beans?

...but by all means....Grunt away! I'm not the one to suffer the stress.


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Why in the world do people say these things?

We just got done being all upset at that UN Norway dude who said the United States was stingy, then this guy pretty much says the same thing about these other countries.

No one knows what citizens of any country give privately, and any amount given by anyone is appreciated and good.

Why do these people always try to discredit others? I'm sick of it.

Speakeasy Moderator
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While I would normally agree ...

... especially on matters of charity and aid, it is rather sickening that Saudi Arabia had a telethon to raise some measely pittance. Among the donations were a paultry couple of million from Princes with net worths in the hundreds of million that spend more than that on holiday jaunts in the south of France.

Evie Happy

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It is still their choice

To spend their money for themselves, for humanitarian aid, or to light their cigars with it, just as it is your choice to spend your dollars where you want to.

That they gave *something* makes me thankful.

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I guess the 'glitch' ...

... is that the high and mighty over at the UN will not be calling these nations on their stinginess Sad I agree with you, it's a personal choice, and frankly I think government aid ought not to be given precedence over personal contributions. Just get tired of the US being bashed for not doing enough for Muslims in the world.

Evie Happy

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thats why i posted it

dont see them bashing any body else but the usa

but then were used to it they allways bite the hand that feeds them

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(NT) (NT) Do they give any aid at all, for anything, to anyone?
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(NT) (NT) only the least amount

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