i bought the s500i last fall. its a good phone, good call quality, easy to use, cool style but thats all it is. it is extremely gimmicky...there are lights the show up on the side when you use the phone (slide it open, go into the menu, basically when you're using the phone at all) at first its cool but then after a week or two you kinda want to just shut all the lights off. I've had it for almost a year now...I would get a different phone but I'm a college kid and have no money.

The phone does play music, but you need a microSD chip, which is another thirty or forty bucks, depending on the chip memory size. Also, the headphone buds that come with the phone SUCK...they do not stay in your ears.

No video really.

I would say that this phone would be great for the younger (as in 18 minus crowd). you get a "wow!" factor from friends but then it works just as well as a basic thirty or forty dollar phone.