multiple Windows Explorer.exe in win 7 ultimate 64bit

I recently installed win 7 ultimate 64bit. I have noticed that if I use windows explorer to view files, save files or search for things very quickly I will end up with multiple instances of Windows Explorer.exe that are each taking about 12% of cpu resources. This is not the iexplorer.exe file but is truly the windows explorer.exe file. This issue only shows up on the 64bit os and not the 32bit os. I had someone tell me that there is an update that causes windows explorer to not release files properly, but I have not had any luck figuring out which one. I use TaskInfo and terminate all the extra windows explorer processes, but since this is my office pc it is really annoying as these processes quickly get cpu to 99.99%. Thank you for any help!!!

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Reporting: multiple Windows Explorer.exe in win 7 ultimate 64bit
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This has been dragged out for many years about how Explorer can do this as messages fly around in the background and well, most seen where there are media files in the views. The CODECs are usually flawed and that happens.

No one has a do this answer and I find that many folk are simple users and not programmers. So your best fix is to use other than Explorer in those setups. There are many replacements today.

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TRUE!!! Maybe, but...

I will research a bit on what you mentioned, however I don't think it is really this issue. It took place since day one on a clean windows 7 - 64bit os. 2 systems, one being 32bit and the other was 64bit. Only the 64bit version showed this issue, and only software installed was antivirus, office suite, firefox along with all MS updates.
I'll try to explain a bit more in depth as it's such a weird issue... Say for example I am using microsoft word and I chose to "open" a file, the browse window opens and I choose a file go about my business. Then later I open a new instance of windows explorer because I wish to copy some files from a drive to a new drive, and I have two windows explorers open. I choose my file in one window, drag it over to a thumb drive (or any drive for that matter) file copy completes, I close out all windows explorer windows. If I choose to "eject mass storage device" it will tell me there is a file currently open". I end up having to use TaskInfo and terminate the extra windows explorer task in order to remove that device.

Here is a screenshot of what I see in taskinfo prior to terminating any of these instances...

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I've only seen this for ... too long.

As I've seen this and tracked it down too many times I no longer go on the swamp rides to find it again and again.

Since codecs are not the same across versions, there's that. And your newer Windows folk that don't code or know why codecs and such matter, well they'll continue to stay on the surface pointing to this and that.

You can keep doing that or use another file explorer. There are other odd areas like WMP indexing but that's just a variation on the same theme about codecs, etc.

A long time ago I demo'd how to fix it by removing Windows codecs with "codec sniper" but then thumbnails and playback in WMP is well, if you are into Windows, you know. But it did fix it.

Note: Edited title.

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PS. It's not a weird issue.

Just something that's been kicking around Windows since 1995 or prior.

Sorry if you feel I shortchanged you but it's one of those older issues.

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multiple windows explorer.exe not weird issue...

I think it's weird as it does not happen on the system running the 32bit version.

I also do not feel short changed with your answer, and I do thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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32 and 64

Those can and do have different codecs so when Explorer scans a folder to make thumbnails the decoder can hang differently on 32 or 64 bit causing the eject and other issues you see.

It's been a bone of contention that Microsoft should correct such issues but my introduction to Microsoft's view on this was long ago.

My story was way back when I was an ODM and at Redmond, WA, Microsoft Campus for some seminars. I thought Microsoft should fix a lockup when a CD was slipped into the drive. I brought copies with me to Microsoft.

When it was my time with a few Redmondites I pulled out the CDs and explained what I was seeing. The response told me volumes about MSFT. The answer was:
"Don't do that."

Here you are seeing codec and explorer failures under some conditions. Microsoft so far doesn't consider it to be bugs in their domain.

Get it?

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