To be sure what we had I fetched the manual.

The MacBook has USB and Thunderbolt so I can't guess which exact model as well as how you intend to use the displays. Here's some ideas.

Oddity item ONE! -> These are not 1080 displays. Just 1050. After having a few 1050 displays I junked them. Well, there were "gifted" so we never had to deal with those things again!

2. Connections seem to be DVI-D (ProLite E2202WS only) and 15 pin VGA AKA DSUB. As you wrote you had the w model, I will not explore any DVI-D solution.

3. For ONE display I see the usual at

4. For the second display you'll have to use one of the common USB VGA VIDEO cards. Try the ones by Sewell.

I'm going to stop here but SPLITTERS are the wrong path. Good thing you didn't do that.