MSI X299 XPOWER preventing me from reformatting

I can not reformat my computer due to my motherboard always asking if i want to go to bios or boot menu. When i try and select reformat it does not work. It says please wait and it never stops.

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Reporting: MSI X299 XPOWER preventing me from reformatting
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I was not aware of the bios having a format option.

Give a step by step of how your getting to some screen that has a format option.

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It just shows up every time i restart. I dunno how to turn it off. In all honesty even if i did not want to reformat it is kinda annoying. The please wait part however only happens when i try to reformat. Oh im on windows 10 if that helps.

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So these are two different problems

1. If you restart you get a question if you want to go to bios or boot menu.
Does this only occur on a restart, or also on a cold boot (after being shutdown)?
Anyway, I don't think it's a Windows issue, so reinstalling Windows won't help.

2. How do you try to reformat?
The usual way in Windows 10 is to boot from the installation disk or stick, or from choosing reset from the Windows 10 settings. And none of these 2 calls it format. Formatting is never done for the c:-drive.

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I get the question regardless of startup method. It happens every time the computer is powered on and has since i upgraded to the mobo.

I tried doing it from the reset option as this version of windows is from the free upgrade to windows 10 from 8.1 which was a free upgrade from windows 8 which was a free upgrade from windows 7 which was a free copy that i no longer have access to lol. (yes it is legit)

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Big clue

You said you "upgraded to the mobo". My guess is that you may have run afoul of some UEFI or secure boot feature. Besides that, you've probably lost that copy of Windows 10 by doing this. I would pull the HD out and see what happens with no bootable OS...or, perhaps you can try some Linux live DVD. In any event, a motherboard change to an OS with a long upgrade path is certain death.

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Try this

The next time you get this bios or boot options.

Enter the bios and select bios defaults then find where you set the date and time and set those correct.

Save and exit.

It's unclear how your getting to some screen that allows a format and what your trying to format.

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this is the screen i am talking about. When i try to reformat through the settings in windows 10 it does not work. This red screen will have a please wait thing and it will NEVER end.
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Did you do what I asked with bios defaults and date and time?

When you changed this mobo did you reinstall w10 or did you just boot up the copy that you had
on the disk?

I don't have w10 so I'll bow out of this formatting stuff.

Does that msi screen just sit there until you do something?
If so what is the something?

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not yet i have not had time to restart. No i did not reinstall windows when i upgraded. That has causes issues and i am trying to fix them now. the msi screen lasts a few seconds then it loads the login screen. UNLESS i try and reformat it then it stays on that screen forever.

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Re: response

It loads the login screen and stays there. That makes sense when you replace the motherboard. Nothing wrong. You'll have to reinstall Windows.

It stays there UNLESS you reformat. That makes no sense, since you can't reformat from the login screen. And if you boot from your Windows install medium to "reformat", there's no need to login so the screen doesn't appear either.

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I have been trying to reinstall windows but i cant do it without going through options Sad
When i go through options the please wait thing happens Sad

I managed to get rid of the red screen and it goes to the windows please wait screen. But it still gets stuck on please wait.

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As an experiment, try a Linux installation

I've recently been struggling with a Windows 10 update that would never restart. I tried a fresh re installation with another hard drive and the same thing happened. I tried to create an image of the original drive and the image software crashed. I'd been able to boot a couple of DOS based utilities but it was Linux that finally gave the answer. After trying two versions of Mint that worked on other PCs, I received a "kernel panic" message on this one. To me, this meant something on the MB had gone bad that the DOS utilities didn't use. You could have a bad board or something not properly connected and may want to consider that.

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Re: option

I agree with Steven. This begins to look like there are hardware issues. Run the makers diagnostics as a start of your investigations.

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I suspect what you have is

A messed up install of w10 on your hdd or rather an install that was designed for your old mobo.

Use the media creation tool and put a copy of w10 on a usb stick.

Set the boot order to usb and boot the stick.

What you want is a clean install where you remove all files.

You will need a product key and your old key is tied to the old mobo so you will need to buy a new key......I'm assuming the new mobo is not an exact match of the old mobo.

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I was fearing i had to use a boot disk Sad

I actually have the key itself so i dont have to buy anything but a big usb.

Still is unfortunate i cant just reset through the computer itself Sad

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