The method I use is to insert columns for Start, Actual Start, Finish & Actual Finish & etc., the Start & Finish are your baseline dates. Please note, if you mark a task 100% (complete), the Actual Start & Actual Finish will default to the Start & Finish (baseline) & you will have to manually enter the Actual Start & Finish dates.

As far as using different colors, it can be done but to me it?s much more trouble than it is worth. The method I use is to utilize the autofilter function (looks like a funnel with an = sign next to it on the formatting icon bar) & create a view. Once you have turned on the autofilter, click on the Actual Finish autofilter or other dropdown & click on custom & enter the parameters that you need. You could also create a customized view, select view, more views, edit. Also, look a, MS Project section they have some decent (not great) tips & templates that might help. I hope this helps, good luck.