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Mr. President. Is this true?

Lowest ever military vote turnout expected

You've had your picture taken with these folks over and over while promising them your support. Shouldn't you want them do all you can to encourage them to participate in the upcoming election? They are a minority of the vote. Shouldn't you be seeking to include them in the election process with the same fervor that other minorities are being sought? You would like to see their voting numbers improve, would you not?
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Reporting: Mr. President. Is this true?
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(NT) Shakes head
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I suspect they toss them in some states

I've heard of military people requesting ballots from back home and never getting them. We've seen incidences where military absentee ballots the Democrats have tried to toss out, and have tossed. Those which manage to make it back to the states, often go uncounted. Not all of it is the states' fault, and I personally would like to see them make it mandatory for soldiers to show they've ordered ballots from home, perhaps by having them dropped off at military headquarters where stationed and those delivered then by the headquarters to the various states. If they can make sure all military get their flu shots each year, they can also make sure they get ballots, by making it a requirement they file for them.

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I think it was Ohio

an election or two ago that waited until two weeks before the election before they even MAILED them out to the military and got a pass on it by the Federal Election Board.

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According to my son

just the opposite it true since the OBL kill.......with all the government leaks coming out, the military are really PO'd at our 'leader' what with giving access to Hollywood for that movie, getting our informants killed or jailed by giving out enough details so that Pakistan and Yemen could ID them, ratting out the fly route for Israel to get to Iran, leaking that computer worm information, just NOW dropping all charges after four years of the CIA agents regarding interrogation methods after ruining their lives and careers, cutting the Pentagon budget so severely already with another huge cut on the brink coming knowing it's costing millions of jobs all over and not just with the military personnel who will be on unemployment lines, announcing to our enemies when we were leaving Iraq making everything we did there mean next to nothing and doing the same with Afghanistan (why wait....just bring them all home right now and save a bunch of lives), and now going after a SEAL for writing a book when there has been NO indication that he broke any confidentiality agreement according to military sources who have read it except the one or two who are under the BO glare to say what he wants them to say (you'll notice that the official statement given is that they "MIGHT" do something about it, not that they "WILL" so it's nothing but scare tactics which is what Chicago does routinely in order to bully somebody into submission). You'll also notice that it's months already with only a handful of people who COULD have leaked all that info, and the investigation is barely talked about now but 'still ongoing' long does it take to talk to maybe twenty people to find the source?. The military are also ticked off that it's two years now since Terry was killed on the border via Fast and Furious and THAT'S going nowhere fast, too.

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Well, the story is dated from two days ago so I'd guess

it comes from current information. It does seem that today's treatment of the value of the military vote has changed over time given that Abraham Lincoln is said to have "issued an executive order "declaring a cessation of military operations in order to allow military personnel to travel home so that they could cast their ballots"and "In order to make sure that those serving in the Civil War had access to the franchise, many states authorized elections officials to travel to units in the field to set up polling locations and to collect ballots from soldiers."

So what could be a sound reason for not allowing those whose lives are more transient and who also serve in defense of our voting freedom to not be given a small amount of extra consideration. If Lincoln could set up polling stations near the battlefield sites, why don't we just do the same for military today rather than require two way mailings for those overseas or otherwise unable to get to their civilian home addresses? If anyone shouldn't be allowed to feel "disenfranchised" it should be our soldiers, IMO. Good grief...we try our best to include criminals and the many who haven't even cared enough to make an effort to register to vote. I'm sure those "grass roots" community organizers also do their best to tutor these prospective voters to make sure they know who promises to butter their bread. I'd think we owe our military personnel at least as much.

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(NT) The biggest leak is from one of their own
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Yes, the Commander in Chief ...

and his staff BUT Obama really isn't "one of their own".

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He's as much "one of their own".... **** Cheney was.

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(NT) I was talking about the leak to Wikileaks
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RE: NO indication that he broke
NO indication that he broke any confidentiality agreement according to military sources who have read it except the one or two

NO indication EXCEPT for one or two?

HOW does THAT work?

A simple question that you should be able to answer without naming anyone, or calling anyone a puppet master.

North of the border one or two exceptions IS and indication. (at least in their mind)

How many exceptions do YOU want before something is an indication?
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There were others

who were retired military commanders, from what I understand, among other officials who read the book and said he didn't cross the line. The only two who ARE saying there 'might' be a problem that 'could' be prosecuted are two of BO's henchmen still on the payroll. This is another 'investigation' that will huff and puff publicly and end up doing nothing.......unless it's a state they want to hassle.

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Asking a retired person what is going on today?

You think they are privy to new intelligence info, OR how events that happened a couple years ago can affect what is going on today?

Unless they get a daily briefing, they might as well ask me my opinion of the threat the book poses.

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