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MP3 write protect removal

I have an USB MP3 player which has become write protected. I can not find any way of turning this off. Please can anyone help?

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Reporting: MP3 write protect removal
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Given only what's in your post, help is unlikely.

A make and model might have helped.


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Please Help.

That wasn't my question but I'm having the same problem.
I have a GPX digital media player, model ML759B.
I put music on it one time, and now it's write protected.
How do I take off the write protection so I can put more music on it?

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Check this discussion
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hi any info

Hi m8 i bought a mp3 player and it's write protected could you tell me if you get any info plez tell me thank-u

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Same Troubles...

I also have a problem with the "write-protection" of my MP3 player. I was putting pictures on it to transfer between my two computers. I was able to transfer them, but when i got to the other computer, i was NOT able to delete them, or any of my songs. None of them are read-only or anything like that. I am sure i havent activated any write-protection.

My MP3 player is as follows:
-Egoman by HALDEX
-256 MB
-has radio
-advertises compatibility with digital storage/photos

My computers are as follows:
The one with the original pictures:
*2.6 Gigahertz
*256 MB of RAM
*Running Microsoft Windows XP Home SP1

The comp. which i encountered the problems:
#3.4 Gigahertz
#512 MB of RAM
#Running Windows XP Home SP2

Any help would be great, since this is my 3rd MP3 player... all of my others have screwed up... all with different problems!

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Which one?
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"It is most lilely an XP Registry Hack"

Microsoft in it's "I know what's best" put a lock on SP2 that allows you to set your computer to not allow some one to insert a USP drive into your machine and suck your contents. That hack is detailed in

See:Controlling block storage devices on USB buses
What does controlling block storage devices on USB buses do?
This feature provides the ability to set a registry key that will prevent write operations to USB block storage devices, such as memory sticks. When this registry key is enabled, the devices function only as read-only devices. You can implement this setting as part of a security strategy to prevent users from transporting data using these devices.

This document also tells you how to make the hack if it is not installed or how to disable it if it is installed. This site has A more readable method of how to do it.


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Write Protect by accident - please help!

I also have the same problem with an MP3 player (Visual Land - VL531) with it being write protected. I only received it yesterday, and after a little while it had stopped working.

My pc sometimes detects it and sometimes doesn't. The latest trick is that I can't reformat it, as it says it's write protected, without a hardware switch to do this, so I don't know how it happened in the first place!

There is definitely enough power in the battery, as it switches on, but only the display lights up with a multicoloured background, and nothing else. The fact that it's write protected means that I can't tell if it just needs re-formatting or not.

I was glad to hear that it may be just something that XP does in the registry, so I went off in search of this, only to discover that I can't find the registry entry they mention (StorageDevicePolicies) in the section about 'Controlling block storage devices on USB buses'.

Is there anythign I can do? Or something I'm missing?



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1 day old? That's a warranty issue.

Return it. Problem solved.


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...and Don't I know it!

Yes, I know. I had written to the company to see what they said. They've asked me to return it. I unfortunately made the mistake of buying a cheap china import from the States though! Silly me.

Apple Shuffle next time!

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MP3 write protect problems too after firmware upgrade


My MP3 details: IItronics iMP-11 WMA/MP3 Player 128mb

My PC details: Windows XP Home 2002 edition with service pack, AMD Athlon 1.67 GHz, 256mb RAM

The first time i connected my new MP3 player to my computer via the USB connection it wasn't being recognised even though I have XP so therefore it should have bundled software - however the player was recognised as soon as I loaded the Player Tools from the Windows 98 driver folder on the CD-ROM (!!!)

Then according to the player LCD screen and a pop-up the firmware needed updating - this i did and did correctly before transferring a couple of tracks just to see what it sounded like.

This is when my major problem happened all of a sudden it refused to write anymore tracks or remove any tracks or play any tracks!!!! I checked my registry (as I have other USB storage devices) and write protection has both an enabling and disabling rule!! Dunno what else to try so I'm taking it back to the shop!!


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Very Similar Problem

I have a similar problem to the rest of the users on this thread. I bought a Zen Micro, and it's great. The odd thing is that ~60% of the files i put on it got some kind of copyright protection added to them. What makes this odd, however, is that they were the files i ripped to my computer through various mixes. I'm pretty sure that i can delete them, i just can't add them to my new computer. This wouldn't ordinarly be a problem, but my hard drive crashed. And now due to some annoying copyright, i can't access about two gigs of music that was even more legal than some of the other music that i can access...

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hey you know you said it was write protected same thing happened to me and then i checked and the hold switch was on try and turn it off

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mp3 problems

i brought an IItronic imp-11 mp3 yesterday and after
installing it on the computer and upgrading the firmware the bloody thing went dead the screen of the mp3 started to flash and then the writing dis-appeared and to make things worst my computer keeps crashing on me. bloody technologyyy

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IItronics 128mb write protection


I also have a IItronics 128mb and I've found it will give you write protect messages in XP if you insert the player with the "hold" switch activated. If you turn off "hold" you should be able to access the mp3 player again.

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removing write protection

I had the problem of not being able to delete songs from my IItronics 128mb mp3 player or put any on, I read your advice about making sure that the 'hold' button wasn't on and tried it and my mp3 player is working normaly again! Thanks very much!

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I'm confused

I have a sony 8gb mp3 and somehow it won't let me delete some songs. My laptop says, "Remove write-protection...bla bla bla". What is the "HOLD" button? If I turn it off sort to say would I be able to delete the folders?

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Hold button

That was my problem! Fixed it, thanks!

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Write Protection Removal

Seasons Greetings All, Check your hold button isnt on becuase that write protects it. Other than that get on to manufacturers website.

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Write Protection

I had the same problem, y'know, cant delete or put anything on because the drive was write protected. Turned out that my hold button was on.

BUT!!! Now that I've turned off the hold button and can add and delete content, all is not well. There is one folder that I can't remove. It contains another folder, which contains 2 wma files. When I try to delete the folder, it won't allow it because the folder is not empty. So, obviously, I proceeded to delete the containing files and try to delete the folder now that it is empty. But, I cant because the files are back. It seems no matter what I do I cant get rid of these files. I need help. Thanks.

MP3 Player: IITronics IMP-11 1GB MP3 Player
OS: Windows XP

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remove write protection

i hahe got sony ns11 mp3 player. it is formated FAT32 by mistake. now l want to format it to NTFS. But the device is write protected. pl. advise me as to how to remove write protection and reformat to ntfs

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hey can u extract and send me its firmware. I Pls my sony ns-11 is dead and can't find its firmware. Thanks!

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how to remove write protection on mp3?

I have a phillips mp3, with a 2GB memory. if i try to copy more than about 1.6 GB of music on it, it says "can not copy this file, please remove the write protection" bla bla. what to do? help,please?
(ps: sorry for my english...)

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how to remove write protection on mp3

and the hold button isn't on, by the way...Grin

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Could be the same old thing.

Often the top directory gets full. Try deleting a few items, make a folder and put stuff in there.

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doesn't work!
Sad( actually its's even it doesn't let me copy more than 560 mb of music...think i'm gonna go mad!
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Maybe it's that other issue.

There were so no name brands that used a COMPRESSED FILE SYSTEM to mis-report the size. These would cause such complaints. Sounds like your unit.

Fix? Get your money back.

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